Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Trudeau's Gun Control Ideology Doesn't Apply to Ukraine: Sniper Rifles Ready to Go

 The Trudeau government -
 As they force through new gun laws that go so far as to require changes to the criminal code in Canada. Perhaps even employing a prorogue?  Making it more difficult to be a lawful gun owner.  While ensuring the existence or even increase of criminal gun ownership.  This same gun grabbing government has no problems sending sniper rifles over to the Ukraine.

Trudeau Government Prorogue in August in order to "remodel Criminal Code" and....

Yup gun 'control' here and a whole pile of Canadian sniper rifles for there.
Double standards abound.

Ukrainian servicemen: Mariinka 2015.
Canadian Sniper Rifles Expected to Be in the Hands of Ukraine Military by this fall

I personally can't wait to see Trudeau spin the new legislation and changes to the criminal code while arming the world.....
A deal that will put Canadian-made sniper rifles in the hands of Ukraine’s military will likely see the weapons delivered in time for any new outbreak of fighting with Russian-backed forces this fall, according to the Conservative Party’s defence critic.

Few details are available about the proposed sale of weapons, as the Canadian government says such information is commercially sensitive. (and politically sensitive as well- bad for the self righteous/gun control/ sunshine  and bubbles Trudeau government) It has declined to name the company selling the guns or indicate how many rifles would be sent to Ukraine. However Conservative MP James Bezan, who has been in contact with the Canadian company that has the agreement to supply the rifles to Ukraine, confirmed the deal’s likely timeline. He declined to name the firm since the sale still has to be finalized.

Ukrainians have been fighting each other since 2014, with government troops battling separatist rebels in the Donbass region of the country. Russia also annexed the Crimea and has provided support to the separatist forces.

Nicolas Moquin, a spokesman for the Canadian Joint Operations Command Headquarters, said the Canadian military has been providing sniper and counter-sniper training to Ukraine’s security forces since September 2015. He said Canada is not looking at this time of providing additional sniper training to coincide with the delivery of new weapons.

“If everything goes according to plan I would expect Freeland to sign off sometime this month,” he said. “I think the goal is to have (rifles) in their hands by the time of any fall-winter offensive in Donbass.”

Global Affairs Canada official John Babcock would not say whether Canadian taxpayers are financing the sale, and would not provide any other details about the arms deal.The government has an obligation to protect confidential commercial information,” he stated in an email. “Further details related to export transactions (for example, names of exporting companies, financial values of individual contracts and transactions, and details of the specific technologies being exported) are protected due to the commercially confidential nature of such information.”
Canadian taxpayer can't even know if we're paying for these very expensive, undoubtedly, sniper rifles
In December, the House of Commons defence committee recommended the Canadian government provide lethal weapons to Ukraine provided it demonstrates it is actively working to eliminate corruption at all levels of government. Senior officials from Ukraine’s ministry of defence had told members of the House of Commons defence committee last year they would welcome arms from Canada, including anti-tank weapons. They also told the committee that the Ukrainian military’s sniper equipment is obsolete and needs to be replaced. “In part to alter the situation in eastern Ukraine in a significant manner, the country would be interested in acquiring Canadian sniper equipment — rifles, telescopes and related items — and receiving sniper training from Canadians,” said the committee’s December report.

But Peggy Mason, a former disarmament ambassador to the United Nations and a security advisor to the Mulroney government, told the committee that providing lethal weaponry to Ukraine could prompt “escalatory actions” by pro-Russian separatist groups “because each side feels it must respond to a show of force by the other.” Sending arms into the ongoing conflict is the wrong direction for Canada to take, she argued.

Canada’s past decisions to ship arms into conflict zones have met with mixed results. The government approved the export of Canadian-made rifles to Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, but those weapons have since been turning up on the black market. Earlier this year, Turkish commandos battled terrorists in that country’s mountainous region , recovering one of the Canadian rifles.
Turkish military battling PKK  terrorists recovered a Canadian rifle that was supposed to be used in the fight against ISIS. Oh, my how did that happen? The government must be just wringing it's hands over that?! I'm sure it was all accidental that the Canadian arms ended up in PKK hands, right? ;)

"In 2016 the Canadian government came up with a plan to arm Kurdish troops with anti-tank weapons, sniper rifles, mortars and other equipment to battle Islamic terrorists. That scheme was scuttled after Kurdish and Iraqi government forces started fighting each other in the wake of Kurdish plans to separate from Iraq.

The $10 million worth of weapons earmarked for the Kurds and paid for by Canadian taxpayers is still sitting in a Canadian Forces warehouse in Montreal."

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  1. When the government [Trudeau Liberal Regime] acts so independently from the people it is supposed to serve...that in fact there is no co-relation between the two then we know we're living in a tyranny. Who is the Tyrant? That is the question. We know that Trudeau and Freeland are puppets. Who, or what is the puppet master?