Monday, September 10, 2018

No Big Battle for Idlib, Present Time: Updated.

Following up from today's earlier post- It's a must read if your watching the Idlib situation via the many, many media reports.

Monday, September 10, 2018:" I Prowled the Front Lines of Idlib & Found No Massed Syrian Troops"

 Confirming the report linked in the above post:

*Rebels, Turkey prepared for battle, but assault could be delayed

 While Syrian forces and rebels step up preparations for battle for Idlib, sources say all-out attack may not start soon.

But although both sides have stepped up their military preparations, there could still be some time before the start of such an offensive, according to a current rebel commander and a former one.
"I don't think there will be a [large-scale] attack on Idlib, in any [point]," said Tariq Sulaq, commander of the Second Coastal Division, part of al-Jabha al-Wataniya lil-Tahrir (NLF), one of the two main armed opposition alliances in Idlib.
"I think we are in a period of [searching for] a solution for Syria," he told Al Jazeera.
Can't exclude a false flag on the eve of yet another 9/11 anniversary.
Think of Benghazi... as the second 9/11

Comment I left at Yaya's
Hey Yaya:
yup, skripals ties to false flag
and coincidentally, not, 9/11 anniversary is tomorrow
also keeping in mind the Begnhazi attack took place on 9/11 (different year but same date)
so False Flag Syria- tonight (September 11 begins earlier there then here in Eastern day light savings time)
perfect to hit the news cycle here on 9/11- selling terrorism and that desired war- It could happen

Today's there is news that Germany is considering bombing Syria should there be a chemical attack
I'm pretty sure Germany has moved shop out of Incirlik, Turkey and into Jordan..
Yup, Germany is considering bombing Syria alongside the allies...  
Germany is in talks with its allies about a possible military deployment in Syria if the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Idlib but a German deployment is very hypothetical, a government spokesman said on Monday.

We are in talks with our American and European partners about this situation. There has not been a situation where a decision has had to be made,” German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told a regular press conference. "
Long story, short- If chemical weapons are deployed we'll be there! 

As if on cue, Germany get's a warning- via Janes- about a potential for "blowback" from all their Kurdish/German citizens that headed off to terrorize Syria 

German left-wing foreign fighters in Syria and the potential for blowback
"At least 183 ( but probably many more then that) German nationals have left the country to join Kurdish militant groups fighting against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, suggesting a potential escalation of the European domestic left-wing "terrorism threat.
 Love the left wing terrorism threat- left wing/right wing. What a psyop! 
In the end many innocents die. Terrorism is terrorism. Despite the spin.

Russia requests UN SC session on results of Russia-Turkey-Iran summit

UNITED NATIONS, September 10. /TASS/. Russia has requested an extraordinary session of the United Nations Security Council on the results of the latest summit meeting of the leaders of the three Syrian ceasefire guarantor nations, Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Hassan Rouhani of Iran, a spokesman for the Russian mission to the UN said on Monday.

"Russia has requested an open session of the UN Security Council, bearing in mind the interest demonstrated by a number of Security Council members to the results of the Russia-Iran-Turkey summit. Our position is rooted in the fact that the situation around Syria’s Idlib governorate, where key forces of terrorists are currently concentrated, is in focus of attention," the spokesman said.

We reiterate that the imperative for the international community is to continue fight against terrorists in Syria until their complete elimination and liberation of the civilian population from the yoke of terrorism," the spokesman stressed.

Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia, Hassan Rouhani of Iran and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey held their third summit meeting on Syrian settlement in Tehran on Friday. The first such summit took place in Russia’s Black Sea resort city of Sochi on November 22, 2017. Another trilateral summit was held in the Turkish capital city Ankara on April 4 and yielded a joint statement where the president expressed their commitment to further settlement efforts.
Russia, UN begin consultations on Syrian constitutional committee in Geneva

 Russia, UN begin consultations on Syrian constitutional committee in Geneva

And, yes the Syrian nation is represented through a 'special presidential envoy for Syria'

"GENEVA, September 10. /TASS/. High-ranking Russian diplomats have begun consultations with United Nations Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura on the formation of a Syrian constitutional committee in Geneva. The Russian delegation includes Special Presidential Envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentyev and Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin.  
 The two-day consultations will involve various discussion formats. On Monday, the UN envoy is scheduled to hold a meeting with representatives of the three guarantors of the Syrian ceasefire - Russia, Iran and Turkey. De Mistura said earlier that the parties planned to discuss ways to assist the Syrian parties in organizing the committee’s activities.
The Syrian government and opposition have conveyed their candidate lists for the committee to the UN envoy. Besides, there is also a list containing the names of civil activists.

De Mistura considers consultations with the three guarantor countries as an important step in diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syria issue planned for September. He will hold a meeting with members of the so-called "small group" on Syria (Great Britain, Germany, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United States and France) on September 14, as well as with representatives of the European Union and the Arab League. On September 20, the UN envoy is expected to present a report about developments concerning the Syrian political process to the United Nations Security Council"

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