Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Recharging soils with carbon could make farms more productive

Hold on just a minute.....
I thought carbon was a deadly poison? And it has to be reduced in order to "save the planet"
Yes, I've actually seen it claimed that carbon dioxide is a deadly poison doing things like- killing our brains- as opposed to the basis of all life on our carbon based life form planet.

Considering the mind numbingly dumb main stream narrative.. imagine my shock to read this article:  

Recharging soils with carbon could make farms more productive

Carbon is great for the soil. That's obvious. Despite the usual rhetoric. 
However, this article is clearly a new product promotion for the petrochemical bio tech industry.

Turning crop waste and discarded paper into a material called biochar could help to capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil while also helping to enrich farmland.
Agriculture has historically been a circular industry where crops use nutrients in the to grow which are then replaced through compost or manure.
- Yes, agriculture has historically been a circular, self sustaining type of production.
But globalisation and industrialisation of the has disrupted this cycle, driving farming practices that have helped degrade a third of the planet's land.
 -Until the industrialization of the food supply destroyed the normal, tried and true practice of growing healthy food.

Scientists are now looking at ways of tackling this problem with an approach that will not only restore nutrients to the soil but also help to offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced by agriculture.
"Farm land could work as sinks," said Dr. Jan Mumme, an agricultural engineer at the University of Edinburgh in the UK. "This probably wouldn't work with intensive livestock farming, but sustainable crop production and integrated farm systems (a balance between crops and livestock) could do it—and biochar is one way to help."

-Biochar: a product undoubtedly created by the giant petrochemical companies to accompany their round up ready crops and chemical fertilizers..

"Biochar is a substance formed of biomass—such as wood and crop waste, sewage sludge and paper waste—that is heated to 400-800°C under limited oxygen conditions to make a charcoal-like product. This can be then added to soil, where it not only stores carbon, but also interacts with microbes in the soils to improve their ability to capture additional nutrients and
Until now, however, biochar has received mixed results when tested for its effects on soils and crop yields"
Etc., This biochar is most likely a total fail to actually enrich soil. Soil being a complex living organism- 

Yes, soil is alive:

One practice that was employed more broadly and still is today on smaller farm operations is growing cover crops. We see that around this locale still. 

To grow a cover crop means the land has to rest a while- Then the cover crop is tilled into the soil and all the nutrients including carbon and nitrogen feed the soil.  Along with the compostable materials which feed all the worms who then poop into the soil... Feeding all the microbes and good things that give life to soil

Pretty sure bio char was created to avoid the practice of allowing the land to heal.  Alongside the fact it's full of sewage sludge and other toxic waste- it won't feed the soil anything but toxicity- despite the presence of carbon, which the plants do need to grow. 

And  carbon is not a 'deadly poison' damaging our brains- Unless one is referencing carbon monoxide- But that's not what AGW and the whole green house gas/pollution/poison is about.

PS: One a smaller scale we do employ this circular practice in our home garden- saving veggie peelings, coffee grounds, egg shells etc., for the composter and we then till it into our soil- yes with a roto tiller. We add additional composted manure. And there are a ton of worms in the garden soil. After we turn the garden over, the birds, who are already waiting on the fence for us to walk away... fly down and start feasting on the worms. It's a whole circle of life thing.

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