Saturday, September 22, 2018

Russia’s Defense Ministry to Publish Detailed Report On IL-20 Downing

The minute-by-minute timeline of the tragedy will be given with a presentation of objective data from the radars’ data handling system about the air situation.

Might this be a rebuttal to Israel's claim?
 MOSCOW, September 22. /TASS/. Russia’s Defense Ministry will publish on Sunday detailed information on circumstances behind the downing of the Russian Ilyushin Il-20 military plane off Syria on September 17, the ministry told reporters on Saturday.

"The minute-by-minute timeline of the tragedy will be given with a presentation of objective data from the radars’ data handling system about the air situation in Syria on September 17 and actions of Israel’s air force in the area of the crash," the ministry said.

On September 17 night, a Russian Ilyushin 20 (IL-20) military surveillance turboprop plane was shot down over the Mediterranean at a distance of 35 kilometers off the Syrian coast, when it was returning to the Russian air base Hmeymim. 
The Russian Defense Ministry said that the aircraft was brought down by a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile system when the Syrian air defense opened fire at four Israeli F-16 fighter jets in response to their strikes on facilities in Syria’s Latakia province. 
The defense ministry pointed out that Israel’s F-16 fighter jets used the Russian IL-20 as cover and put it in the line of fire. The tragedy claimed the lives of 15 Russian military personnel.
Going back to the idea of the attack on Latakia being retribution for the Idlib deal
Another analyst considered the possibility without explaining why it is Israel would feel  the need to deliver vengeance on Syria and Russia

Sputnik article via translate:
the original url is available via the translate link
"As he emphasized, "at this stage, it is necessary to condemn completely the actions of all participants in this operation. The Syrian air defense system made a mistake, was provoked by Israeli military aircraft. "
The expert ruled out the possibility of deteriorating military cooperation between Damascus and Moscow. "Both sides know that Israeli aggression was the answer to the conclusion of the Sochi agreement between Moscow and Ankara in the Idlib case," he added."
the expert has a name- check the link for it

As stated he doesn't mention why it is Israel would want to exact revenge.
I have, do and will again. Regional remake for Israel's benefit. What version will succeed is an unknown- But this is, in my opinion, what the Usreal tag team is up to. France as well.

Blood Borders: A Proposal To Redraw A “New Middle East”

 My personal thinking is the Usrael tag team is going for a Kurdistan that covers the area of Assad's 4 seas strategy. Covered in numerous posts, previously:
In a map that looks like this:

 In this version Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 has access to all the vital/important/beneficial water ways. The Black Sea. Caspian. Mediterranean. Persian Gulf. Ally to Israel. With the ability to reach well into Asia, Europe and the Russian borders.. 

From yesterday:

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