Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Coalition Troops and Turkish Backed Rebels Exchange Fire near Manbij

Getting back to that which I've neglected.
US military has delivered new weaponry to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that stationed in ‘Manbij’ city, during the past few days

I saw the news on the deliver of weapons to Manbij- along with heavy equipment for the Kurds to dig in..

They can only be doing that as a means to keep Turkey from moving east- so much going on.

I see what Lavrov said- I'm not surprised at all by his statement

and in fact will be posting it

My reference to Lavrov's statement became this post:

Lavrov: Easier for the US to Fish in Troubled Waters- Unifying Kurdish Held Territories

 It's being reported that coalition troops and Turkish backed rebels exchanged fire on the 15 of October...........

"A US official confirmed coalition forces exchanged fire with armed groups on October 15 near Manbij as suspicions rise that they were Turkish-backed rebel factions.
“They [coalitions forces] received gunfire from undisclosed persons and returned fire, and it ended quickly, skirmish at best,” Army Colonel Sean Ryan, Spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), told Kurdistan 24.
“But we don’t know who fired and it was during a US-MMC [Manbij Military Council] patrol,” he added.
Syrian Kurdish journalist Hosheng Hesen posted a video on his Twitter account that reportedly showed the clashes between US troops in Manbij and armed rebel factions backed by Turkey.
“US troops stationed in Manbij clash with the Turkish-backed armed factions. On the 15th of this month, the armed Turkish-backed factions targeted the village of Bughaz in Manbij,” he wrote on Twitter.
Prompting the US troops there to respond to the fire sources and enter into clashes with the attacking factions,” he added"
 Turkish backed rebels and the coalition troops, alongside their proxy forces have been eyeballing one another for months now.  The additional weapons and heavy equipment deliveries sure spoke to me of fighting to come...

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