Wednesday, October 17, 2018

F-f-f-f-f Freezing! Yup, the heats on in the house!

And it has been since this Sunday. October 12/18.
With colder then usual weather getting off to an early start.
We've had two frost warnings this week with night time temps hitting 32F or 0C
Tonight we have our second frost warning- with rain or wet snow depending on how cold it gets. Yes, I said snow. We are below our so called seasonal norms or averages.

I reside in an area of Canada, atop the escarpment, that should have some buffering from this early cold because the two great lakes, Erie and Ontario,  both warm over the summer and generally moderate the climate in this area. 
The Niagara Escarpment

 I've said before and I'll say it again the trend is colder where I reside.

We garden, forage etc., and notice the later garden starts, from say 20 years ago. 
Spring comes later and later. Summer is short. Then it gets too cold too soon.

This is what I've observed over an extended time period.
The brow of the escarpment

btw: I love this area. It's Beautiful.

Great for hiking and biking. Lots of open spaces and beautiful places and did I mention wineries?
If not? Wineries!

The images are from this article
Discovering the Escarpment through photography

Balls Falls

 Of course Niagara Falls- and all kinds of  other waterfalls, big and small, left from the retreat of ice and the melt waters. Did I say ice? Why yes I did. Ice and lots of it, covered this part of Canada. Then it warmed and the ice retreated and melted. (no "big oil" assistance. I expect for what ever reason the sun warmed the earth more then it had been- makes sense)
Carving the land and leaving behind so much beauty- That's our planet!

 If carbon was a 'greenhouse gas'  that warmed the globe. I would not be experiencing a trend to cooling.
Pay up or the earth get's it!
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  1. Sure enough it was 0C or 32F when I got up this am
    And there was a good hard frost and possibly some snow on the roof of my porch- very light- but it was there. nothing on the ground- thank goodness!

    Our daughter told me it was -2C where she lives this morning

  2. From south-eastern Ontario: It's 4C here with a mix of sun and cloud. I, too, have had to turn the heat on the past several days.

  3. Hi, Penny! Thanks for voicing my thoughts about the way we keep getting colder, the more they calim we're getting warmer! Yikes! We had freezing and snow already in September BEFORE the autumn equinox, therefore, in summer. And why can't they understand what we all learned in grade school; that plants NEED CO2 to grow and produce oxygen for us. I, for one, would not complain about a little warmer weather trends! (though right now I'm not unhappy with the return to more seasonable temps where we live.)

    PS: You live in a VERY beautiful area!

    1. Hey Canadian Wildflower- snow in the summer- yikes!

      I think Canada has lots of great areas.
      The mountains etc., Heck I'd even go to the Yukon!
      And most people sort of look down on where they live, but, it is really nice here!

      Why people don't understand CO2 is for plants is beyond me- I think it's because most people are out of touch with the planet/reality-- too busy with gadgets and phones and other unreal stuff.