Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Record Snowfall Wallops Calgary! AGW?

From earlier:

PhD Physicist Says Evidence Of Major Human Role In Climate “Is Lacking” …Sees “Abuses Of Science” 

The snowfall, today in Calgary, was much more then a dusting and is expected to continue: 


Road conditions west of Calgary remain in poor winter driving condition, according to RCMP. Mounties are asking motorists to avoid travel west of Calgary on Highway 1, as westbound traffic near Highway 22 is at a standstill.
Vehicles are “scattered all over the highway and in the ditch,” RCMP stated."
A man trudges through snow in Confederation Park in Calgary Tuesday morning
“We’re dealing with an unseasonably harsh dose of winter very early in our season,” Sampson said. “The primary problem with this snowfall was that it accumulated in the early hours of the morning on the road to the extent that we had trouble with the drive-to-work show.”
He said this is the most snow Calgary’s seen this early on in the season in about 60 years.
“All the forecasting models underestimated the amount of snow we got,” he said. “It’s here and we’re dealing with it.”

The models underestimated the amount of snow.....
Similar to how the previously mentioned models overestimate the AGW?

From the earlier post:
 Not only did the models overestimate the warming rate by two or three times, they wrongly predict a hot spot in the upper atmosphere that isn’t there, and are unable to accurately reproduce sea level rise.
We  officially entered fall a little more then a week ago... 

 Record snowfall wallops Calgary in 1st storm of season
"A record-breaking 15 to 25 centimetres fell in Calgary overnight, CBC meteorologist Christy Climenhaga told the Calgary Eyeopener Tuesday morning. The previous record for Oct. 2 was set in 1954 with only about five centimetres"
 "What that's doing is it's colliding with an extremely cold air mass … that has been set up over the Prairies for weeks, really … but you're seeing a steady, steady line of moisture hitting that cold, cold air."

And the weather is showing no signs of letting up early, as Environment Canada has much of southwestern Alberta under more snowfall warnings.
According to the agency, general snowfall amounts of 15 to 30 centimetres are expected, but up to 45 centimetres could fall in the mountains.
Also from today:

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  1. Check out this map of planet-wide Lows & Highs to see the weird shit going on, HAARP is obvious on some days.


  2. Polar vortex?
    Beaufort Gyre?
    I read a local geo physicist
    he tracks systems.. that might mean a bit more to him then me?
    I know there is a lot of cold arctic air sitting over the west of Canada.