Monday, November 12, 2018

Are Turkey & Syria Coordinating Operations In North Eastern Syria?

I have to ask this question because.......

From the previous post: Raqqa Assassination of Influentail Sheik May End Dream of Independent Syrian Kurdistan

"All this while there is a greater advancement of the Syrian regular army from the south and the Turkish army from the west."
Advancing Syrian regular army from the south and Turkish army (regular army) advancing from the west.

Could there be coordination? 

That was the question posed Friday. It's Monday and the question is still the same.
Two fronts to keep the Usreal backed Kurds busy?
One from the north west? One coming at them from the south?

This news was reported yesterday, as follows:

Syrian Army to Reinvigorate Positions Near Kurdish Militias in Raqqa

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army is planning to deploy thousands of fresh forces along the contact lines with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Raqqa province in Northeastern Syria, well-informed sources reported on Sunday. 
The sources said that the army is planning to station almost 5,000 fresh forces and more equipment at contact lines with the SDF from the village of Sho'ayb al-Zekr in Western Raqqa to the village of Dahlah in the East.
The sources further said that the plan was decided after intensification of tensions between Raqqa's residents and the SDF and growing insecurity in the region.
Tensions have been rising between Raqqa citizens and SDF militants during the last week after Sheikh Bashar Faysal Al-Huwaydi, a leader of Arab tribes in Raqqa, who had opposed occupation of Raqqa by the SDF and the US-led coalition, was assassinated.
In the meantime, at least 10 SDF members have been killed or wounded in attacks by unknown raider in Raqqa in recent days.
Again, I'll state- Attrition: It's a bitch 
The killings of some SDF members was mentioned in the Friday report
Last week, the tribal leaders in Deir Ezzur and Raqqa provinces, in a statement, called on their fellow Arabs to fight against the SDF in Eastern and Northeastern Syria.

The Arab tribes accused the SDF of assassinating him.
To the coordination aspect.
 It appears to be more then coincidental that the Arab tribes are calling for an uprising at the same time as Syrian regular army and Turkish regular army are advancing on two fronts?

Flashback: Friday, October 5, 2018- Syrian and Turkish Security Meet in Tehran

The Aydinlik Turkish newspaper has revealed that a meeting between security officials from Syria and Turkey was held last week in the Iranian capital Tehran.

I'll close with the same question: Is their coordination between Turkey and Syria?
In cooperation with these Arab tribes? 
In my opinion this seems a very plausible, very necessary,  occurrence if Syria is to get back their territory.

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