Thursday, November 29, 2018

Breaking :Israel Denies Jet Was Downed by Syria & Drones Shot Down

Clearly something is going on in the skies over/around Syria.
It appears based on recent reports that Israel did strike southern Syria, but, is denying being shot down. 
I've updated since first published.

Israel denies report its jet was downed during Syria raid as ‘bogus’ 

The Israeli military has described reports that one of its jets was brought down while carrying out airstrikes in Syria as “bogus,” amid reports that the country’s air defense systems engaged and downed several “hostile targets”.
Israeli Defense Forces have refused to comment on the country’s alleged role in the attack, with a spokesperson saying that they’re not commenting on reports in foreign media. Yet the IDF has denied a particular report that it had lost a warplane during the raid on Syria.
A Syrian security source earlier told RIA Novosti that an Israeli jet was among the targets downed by the air defense. “Our air defense have downed an Israeli jet and four rockets before they could reach their targets,” the source said.
Meanwhile, Syria TV reported that a missile strike against Syria was deflected, without specifying what the downed objects were. The incident reportedly occurred in the Kiswah area, located 13 kilometers (8 miles) south of Damascus.
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Syrian air defence forces shot down an Israeli war plane and four missiles, Russia’s RIA news agency said on Thursday citing a Syrian security source.
“Our air defence forces shot down an Israeli war plane and four missiles before they reached the targets”, the source said, according to RIA. The source said all the missiles targeting the town of Kiswah were struck.
Drones near the Russian airbase shotdown" 

Telegram channel Directorate 4 reported, citing the Syrian media, that there were explosions in the sky over the city of Jableh, where the Russian Khmeimim airbase is located.
According to preliminary data, air defense systems located in the base fired two rockets on militant drones.
If Israel was firing on Syria, at the same time, militants launched a drone attack on the Russian airbase- Should we assume it was coordinated? 

JP:  IDF confirms projectile fell in Golan as Syria claims it downed 'hostile targets

The IDF spokesperson’s Unit confirmed that Israel’s air defense system identified a one Syrian surface-to-air missile projectile fell in open territory in the Golan Heights after the Syrian regime said it had downed “hostile targets” over the southern part of the country on Thursday night.


 Israel carries out airstrikes in Syria reportedly targeting Iranian militias

Israel has reportedly carried out airstrikes in Southern Syria targeting Iranian militias, in its first publicised strike since September.
The attack was first reported by Jordanian media channel Al-Hadath around 10 pm Damascus time. The strikes targeted the region of Al Kisweh, south of the Syrian capital, hitting Iranian militias’ targets, according to Al-Hadath's sources.
Syrian state media said Syrian defences has foiled the attack and continued to shoot down “enemy targets.”
Israel has denied reports, however, that one of its planes was hit by Syrian defences:

Al Kisweh has been hit by Israeli airstrikes at least twice before, with a big raid carried out last May.
Israel is NOT denying that they've attacked Syria. They are denying one of their planes was shotdown

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  1. On September 11, 2018, MI6 intercepted Saudi communications pertaining to plans to kidnap or eliminate Khashoggi. They notified the CIA and had three meetings in connection with these intercepted plans.

    The day before?
    Exclusive: Saudi king's brother is considering self exile

    Does sibel explain the "recording"?

    Coup reports in Saudi.

    G20 meeting Erdogan meets MBS

  2. Hey anonymous:
    don't know if sibel explains the recording...
    gotta be honest here and admit to not paying much attention to her.

    It would be interesting to know if Erdogan or the other guy meet with MBS... and if so what do they discuss?
    Reality being Turkey could be pressuring Saudi Arabia for reasons all of their own.

    There is a very interesting quotation from Erdogan in that al monitor article..

    The Turkish leader has in recent speeches indirectly accused Washington of using the Islamic State if not outright manufacturing semblances of it as an excuse to remain in Syria. “A disgusting game is being enacted,” Erdogan said Oct. 30.

    During an address to the Turkish Parliament this week, Erdogan expounded on this theme: “I am telling the whole world from here and saying there is no IS in Syria. There are only various small gangs being trained and equipped and allowed to survive in order to divide, disrupt [Syria] and the region. … If the terrorist organizations and the forces that support them who use IS excuse to continue their occupation and exploit its oil leave these areas, the problem will be automatically resolved.”

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