Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dead Frozen Sea Turtles In A Warm Ocean? Contradiction

Of course the agenda pushing media is pretty much ignoring the deaths of all these sea turtles. Washing up on the eastern shores of the US. Some of them frozen. That's what you do when reality doesn't fit the agenda- Ignore it, in favour of pushing the desired narrative.
Really just a handful of news reports when compared to anything pushed AGW rebranded as 'climate change'

Cape Cod Times
WELLFLEET — Low temperatures and high winds killed most of the more than 80 turtles that washed ashore Thursday morning in Brewster, Orleans and Eastham.
Jenette Kerr, communications coordinator for Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, said most, but not all, of the turtles coming into the sanctuary are dead.
“We are at well over 400 cold-stunned turtles (for the year) — 82 today, the vast majority of them frozen solid,” Kerr said. ”(Wednesday) we had 87, the vast majority of them alive. Drastic change in the weather overnight. Most of the turtles are coming in from Brewster, Orleans and Eastham. We fear we may get more frozen turtles on (Thursday night’s) and (Friday’s) high tides.”
Fifty turtles were stranded between Wednesday night’s high tide and Thursday morning. “Most are dead,” Kerr said.

Turtles freezing in a warm ocean?  Because the warm ocean claim is one pushed relentlessly by the AGW cult... lead by big oil/banks and their big greenwashers.

Even the Guardian had to admit  to the "flash frozen" turtles 

Though they put it in their wildlife section vs their climate change section.
 Could have caused cognitive dissonance to the sect?
 An unusual number of sea turtles have washed ashore in New England in the recent cold snap, many dead and appearing to have been “flash-frozen”.

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