Thursday, November 22, 2018

Extreme Cold Warnings Issued- Cold, cold, cold- Record Breaking

Got up this morning to a frigid 13F /-11C. Not including windchill factor.
It's freezing! And we're a month away from the official start of winter. That said.. It's been cold since November 9/18. With snow.  In fact it's been cold since October.
While out and about, gabbing with people in general, observations went like this:
October felt like November.
November has felt like December and worse still, January.



While this week's systems are lightweights in terms of actual snowfall amounts, they'll pack a punch when it comes to tumbling temperatures, ushering several reinforcing waves of Arctic air down into the province.
Under the core of the cold air, overnight lows will dip to the -20C mark over northern Ontario Wednesday -- and that's without the windchill making it feel more like -30. Southern Ontario gets off lightly by comparison, but it'll still be some of the chilliest air of the season so far, with overnight temperatures creeping down to -10oC by Thursday morning.
As recorded by environment Canada it was -11C or 13 F overnight where I live.
"Record cold is likely overnight [Wednesday into Thursday] -- The record low of -12.4oC at Pearson is in jeopardy -- with temperatures dropping into the minus teens and a few spots away from the lakes reaching -18C with a wind chill into the -20s," Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

Ottawa Public Health Issued Frost Bite Advisory

Meanwhile, Ottawa Public Health issued its first frostbite advisory of the season Wednesday afternoon with a wind chill in the -20s expected and the threat for exposed skin freezing in less than 10 minutes.  
During extreme cold weather conditions, residents are urged to visit vulnerable family, friends and neighbours.

The potato harvest here in Canada has been adversely affected by the cold weather- From Manitoba through to PEI. 
 The Manitoba weather was wet and cold for the last 10 days of September and most of October, so potato growers didn’t have enough time to dig up the entire crop. Plus, below normal temperatures froze the soil the second week of October, making it nearly impossible to dig out potatoes.

Ditto for Brussel Sprouts- I happen to like Brussel Sprouts
 'It's been quite a while since we've had winter come this early'

My neighbours to the direct South are feeling the chill as well.
Cold Thanksgiving.

 Northeast U.S. faces most abnormally cold weather on the planet on Thanksgiving

Temperatures in the Northeast U.S. will drop to record lows on Thanksgiving as a punishing blast of Arctic air plunges south from Canada. The intensity of the cold in the Northeast, compared with normal, will be the most extreme on the planet.
The mercury will plunge about 20 to 30 degrees below normal. In some places, these temperatures will mark the coldest ever recorded not only on Thanksgiving but also in the entire month of November.
Global Warming DOES NOT equal severe cold- that's gibberish. 

Propaganda is the Art of Overwhelming Logic

specifically  Contradictions (A and not-A)
That purple is cold-  


  1. At 9AM it's -16C where I am a couple hundred miles NE of you, Penny. (Actual forecast -6C) Highest recorded temp: 1992 10.6C ... lowest in 1972: -11.7C. Fairly light snow cover. Temp predicted to rise over next couple of days to 3C and then to 6C, with rain predicted for Sat.

  2. Here's a stupid question. I read the brussels sprouts article and got confused about freezing. I have only myself to cook for, and I LOVE brussels sprouts, but I have to buy them frozen so they don't go bad in the crisper. Do you see where I'm going with this? Is there a step in the freezing process that gets overlooked by Ma Nature? Blanching, maybe?

    1. Yah, I think the blanching could be the part missing?

  3. Final thought for the day ;-}
    Today is an 11/11/11 day. Some small part of of my brain half expects some sort of "terror" event.

  4. Important to observe, is how the media is controlled to give out a certain slant, a propaganda message interwoven into the alleged reporting of what's happening in reality.

    Cold weather is always
    -under reported
    - 'under forecasted' (ie the weather forecast for a cold snap will almost always fall one or two or more degrees short of what ends up happening)
    - rarely reported singularly as a temperature with windchill (which makes it colder, but does in fact reflect reality more astutely), rather, the temperature is simply reported alone, and maybe half the time they add "with windchill, it's ____degrees"
    and it is portrayed as
    - an outlier (usually an EXTREME outlier)
    - unusual
    - a variance which has occurred as a result of Climate Change

    Hot weather, on the other hand, is always
    - over reported
    - 'over forecasted' (usually the temperature predicted in the forecast is never reached)
    - most often reported at first with the humidity factor, so that the first number heard isn't the actual temperature (lower of course), it's the higher number with the humidity factored in
    - reported as a common occurrence, "another record high", etc
    - the new normal
    - totally, 100% occurring as a result of Climate Change, as reported by this imaginary consensus of scientists

    This is the way propaganda works.

    1. Hi slozo:

      Yup, this is the way propaganda works!
      I've seen exactly the type of reporting your mentioning over and over.
      Claims of heat records being smashed, only, to quietly admit later- that these record breaking temps were never reached.

      The common occurrence thing- all the time
      the new normal- always

      Cold weather is always under reported which is why I report it- And when it's mentioned the cult quickly states- that's not climate- hate to break it to them
      weather over a period of time = climate
      and where I live climate trend = cooler

      then there is the anomalous claim and all the other excellent points you've made

      I can't disagree with one thing you've written because I've observed it all

  5. grrr... the battery on my car is dead..
    double grrrr......

  6. Like I said: it's an 11/11/11 day. Something horrible was BOUND to happen! Sorry it happened to you, though, Penny.