Sunday, November 18, 2018

Foregone Conclusion: CIA says MBS Ordered Khashoggi Assassination & Another Wife Appears.

Couldn't let this pass- Let's call it a foregone conclusion.
As had been expected: Fitting the intelligence to the agenda.
Also interesting, another Khashoggi wife has come out of the shadows

The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul last month

The CIA’s assessment, in which officials have said they have high confidence.

Concluded with high confidence 

In reaching its conclusions, the CIA examined multiple sources of intelligence, including a phone call that the prince’s brother Khalid bin Salman, the Saudi ambassador to the United States, had with Khashoggi...
A phone call. No mention of what was said, but, a phone call.

"people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity"
So, say people. What people? Familiar people, of course. Speaking anonymously. Of course. 

Disputed by an actual named person, who gives their actual position:
 Fatimah Baeshen, a spokeswoman for the Saudi Embassy in Washington, said the ambassador and Khashoggi never discussed “anything related to going to Turkey.”
She ( named person, holding an identified position) added that the claims in the CIA’s “purported assessment are false. We have and continue to hear various theories without seeing the primary basis for these speculations.”
The CIA’s conclusion about Mohammed’s role was also based on the agency’s assessment of the prince as the country’s de facto ruler who oversees even minor affairs in the kingdom.  The accepted position is that there is no way this happened without him being aware or involved,” said a U.S. official familiar with the CIA’s conclusions.
Another unnamed official. 
A spokesman for the CIA declined to comment.
The Washington Post article reminds me of a post by fellow blogger Yaya:

The Fine Journalistic Art of Innuendo


 The entirety of the Washington Post article can be boiled down to one word: Innuendo

 Common Dreams... whose credibility on many things is sorely lacking is happy to extol the virtues of the CIA report as long as they can take pot shots at Trump- That's some real journalistic integrity in action over there.

Happy to Gobble Up Whatever Saudis Say, Trump Reportedly "Skeptical" of CIA Determination That Crown Prince Ordered Khashoggi Hit

"All the circumspection,laughter , and Trump administration statements that even at the time seemed bizarre and gullible, say critics, appear even more damning on Friday night after the Washington Post reported that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency believes the evidence shows that Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, directly ordered the murder of  journalist Jamal Khashoggi."
 Common Dreams, pathetically, extols it's readers to actually believe the CIA, based on an appeal to ridicule tactic.  Because the CIA is not known for extreme manipulation. Or abuse. Lies. Fabrications. Manipulations. Human experimentation. And other horrific activities.
Nah............... We should take the CIA's word at face value because.. HA HA HA Trump administration?

Jamal Khasshogi had a wife!
An Egyptian woman says she married Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in a religious ceremony in the United States this year, months before he was killed at a Saudi consulate in Turkey while seeking papers needed to marry a different woman.
The disclosure of the marriage, which Khashoggi appears to have kept hidden from his Turkish fiancee and even members of his family, adds to the complicated timeline of Khashoggi's final months before he was killed by a team of Saudi assassins in October.
In an interview, the woman said she was coming forward to reveal her relationship with Khashoggi because "as a Muslim wife, I want my full right and to be recognised".
She spoke on the condition that she be identified only by her first initial and last name, H. Atr, citing concern for her security and her job.
Atr provided The Washington Post with text messages that she and Khashoggi exchanged and photos of them together, including some from their wedding ceremony, which took place in June in a Washington suburb.

If she were to establish that she was Khashoggi's legitimate wife, Atr could be in a position to claim part of any compensation that his family collects from the Saudi government.
Atr said that she has provided photos and other evidence of her marriage to Saudi and Turkish officials at a consulate in the Middle East. Some of those photos surfaced online this week in a series of posts to a Twitter account supportive of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Atr said she is 50 years old, resides in the Persian Gulf region and spent time with Khashoggi mainly when business travel brought her to the United States. She said they met nearly a decade ago at a media forum in the Middle East, but that their romantic relationship began over the past year.
She said she saw him for the last time in early September, and that while he sometimes expressed concern that the Saudi government might retaliate against him, he did not believe his life was in danger.
"He never thought they would assassinate him," she said. "He knew they could kidnap him and beat him, but he never thought they would go as far as to kill him."
An imam who presided over the ceremony, Anwar Hajjaj, did not respond to requests for comment. He is listed online as a professor of Islamic studies and education at American Open University in Virginia.
Greencrow:  CIA has moved its lips....Ipso facto we are now assured that MBS IS INNOCENT of Khashoggi False Flag Murder 

Scott at Nomadiceveryman: Bernie Sanders (once again) Promotes CIA Khashoggi Propaganda on Behalf of Neoliberal Oligarchs of America


  1. Thanks for posting the link, Penny. The bit about the "second wife" jumps the shark. They now feel they can say anything they want...the "morons" [aka sheeple/Americans] will accept it as fact.

    1. Hey GC: I actually see the second wife as a spy agency vs spy agency act.

      One has the fiance who props up the official narrative
      the other has the wife who confuses the entire plot

  2. thanks for the link. I had not seen the Common Dreams article. good find.

    1. You are welcome as well- the common dreams article demonstrates quite clearly that the alt media walks in lock step with the msm
      Or as I call them the 5 eyes alt/msm
      They are promoting the idea the CIA report is accurate and truthful. That's plain nuts!

  3. I feel like Vinnie Barbarino in "Welcome Back Kotter". I'm zo confuzzzzed. NOT. Good one, Penny, and thanks for the link.

    Listen, I have to confess. I met Khashoggi when he came to Canada to visit Omar Abdulaziz and I just knew he was a one-woman man, so I married him. Also, YayaCanada is not my real name.

    1. You're welcome. And be sure to submit your wedding pics etc. to the Saudi's for compensation as a good wife of Jamal Khashoggi- LOL, good one Yaya!