Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Global "Media Hero" Aleppo Toy Smuggler:Rami Adham-Guilty of Fraud

Never did come across this perception managing 'hero' pushed by the always lying media... 
Not surprised that the story is just another lie, pushed by the "global media". To give us all a hero. Someone to cheer on. Admire their virtue. And other such nonsense.
 Pay attention to the fact that this guy has an extensive criminal record. Including drug offences! 
Which suggests he was most probably, drug smuggling, under cover of  "smuggling toys" to children.  And of course the media sang songs of praise for the criminal. 

 Fake news from the 5 eyes, yet again.
 Rami Adham found guilty of fraud

The court said a prison sentence was required because of Adham's previous convictions, which according to Finnish media, are tax fraud, drug offences and assault.
Previous convictions, which according to Finnish media, are tax fraud, drug offences and assault.

"A Finnish-Syrian man who became a global media hero for smuggling toys to children in Syria has been found guilty of fraud.
Rami Adham was given a 10-month prison sentence for misdirecting charitable funds and failing to have the correct fundraising permits.
Adham was dubbed the 'Aleppo Toy Smuggler' for his supply trips into Syria at the height of the conflict.
But questions were asked about the Finnish-Syrian Association he founded.
A court in Helsinki heard that not all of the $340,000 (£265,500) funds raised for the association went directly to help the people in Syria as had been claimed.
Around $70,000 was spent on a cabin on a community allotment in Finland, and some money ended up in a bank account Adham had opened in Turkey."
Finland has figured larger then one would expect in the Syrian conflict.
Adham claims to be innocent- Bullbiscuits!
Wouldn't doubt he smuggled weapons as well.

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  1. Who invented the "cover" toy story in the controlled M$M? Likely Adham was/is a CIA asset as well.