Monday, November 26, 2018

Is The US Pivoting the Fight In Syria Toward A War With Iran? YES!

Is the Trump Administration Pivoting the Fight in Syria Toward a War with Iran?- New Yorker

Selected excerpts:

The number of U.S. military personnel in-country has steadily grown, and the rhetoric of the President and members of his national-security team continues to escalate.
"The largest American military base in Syria covers more than five hundred acres, but it can’t be seen from the road. When I visited in mid-October, on the condition that I not reveal the exact location, I thought my taxi-driver had brought me to the wrong place. All I saw were a few Kurdish soldiers standing around a barricade. But, past the checkpoint and up a hill, a vast encampment spread out before us. The perimeter was constructed of dirt berms, sod-filled gabions, and razor wire. The runway was more than a mile long, and sunk below grade, so that planes would seem to disappear as they landed. There were hastily constructed wood buildings, huge clamshell tents, stacks of shipping containers, rows of white trucks and sport-utility vehicles, prefabricated trailers housing showers and latrines, and a dusty athletics field where soldiers were jogging around a track in the desert twilight.
 The American intervention in Syria, now in its fourth year, (incorrect, the intervention is in it's 7th year by my own count and likely longer still)  began as a small Special Forces mission of the kind the Pentagon is currently running in a dozen countries. In the fall of 2015, when President Barack Obama deployed fifty commandos to advise the Syrian Kurds in their war with the Islamic State, his Administration denied that he was breaking his promise not to put “boots on the ground.” “We have run special ops already,” Obama said, “and, really, this is just an extension.” Since then, the number of military personnel in-country has steadily grown, first to two hundred and fifty, then to five hundred, then to two thousand, and there’s reason to believe the true figure is now twice that. (During a press briefing in October, 2017, an Army general let slip that the number was four thousand.)"
I'll bet the number is still higher? 
"Congress has not authorized military action in Syria, nor is there a United Nations mandate permitting the use of force. Nevertheless, over the last three years, the mission has morphed into something more like a conventional ground war. 
The United States has built a dozen or more bases from Manbij to Al-Hasakah, including four airfields, and American-backed forces now control all of Syria east of the Euphrates, an area about the size of Croatia.
Turkey is still a wild card, but the once-cluttered battlefield map is increasingly divided between just two coalitions: the Russia-Iran-Assad alliance, in control of two-thirds of the country, including Damascus, Aleppo, and Homs, and the American-backed S.D.F., in control of the rest, including Raqqa
But, because Operation Inherent Resolve, as the Pentagon calls its mission here, falls under the authority of the Joint Special Operations Command, known as JSOC, basic facts are kept classified, including the cost of the mission, the units involved, where they are located, and the number of wounded, which is believed to be substantial.
The belligerent talk from Washington might be a ploy to intimidate Tehran, a calculated move to turn Trump’s unpredictable nature into strategic leverage. But the Iranians appear willing to respond in kind. On October 1st, Iran fired a volley of ballistic missiles across Iraq and struck an ISIS position in Deir Ezzor, not far from American troops. It was in retaliation for a terrorist attack on an Iranian military parade, but afterward, Bolton’s counterpart, Ali Shamkhani, issued a statement to the United States: “John Bolton said we should take you seriously. The commander of our aerospace forces took you seriously and landed missiles within three miles of you.” A similar incident could give Bolton and the others a pretext to convince Trump to launch a bombing campaign on Iranian military infrastructure. If Trump strikes Iran, the American forces would be engaged in a Middle East war zone that would span four contiguous countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, stretching nineteen hundred miles from Damascus to Kabul (to say nothing of Yemen, Somalia, Libya, and Niger).

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  1. There is still the possibility that the whole conflict was managed. I found it suspicious that as ISIS disappeared along the SAA/Russia side of the Euphrates, the so-called SDF was taking the territory on the opposite bank at exactly the same time, "ISIS gone and went like a fart in the wind" ;)

    I still haven't forgotten Putin's various stand downs over the years and given the nice little de-facto partitioning of Syria at present, then I trust none of the major powers at the moment. There's no way people can claim the war is winding down (various alt-media sites) when a third of your country is occupied by the prime Zionist Satrapy, the US.

    Unless something changes in the longer term then I think the Syrian people will have been screwed over by the powers that be; exactly in the same way Europeans have been tortured with fake wars and partitioning for centuries now. I include Assad in such a conspiracy.

    Note I am only speculating because I'm in a cynical mood :P As an end note to this post -- I notice Putin never did change the Russian Central Bank's status as declared in the Russian Constitution. Perhaps it is still too soon to make such a move against (((International Finance))), but for crissake how long, how long do we have to wait.

    In fact, to continue in this cynical vein of thought -- what if the New Middle East plans are still afoot (remember, for the purposes of this thought experiment I am including Russia as a nefarious player)? They, the powers that be, have Syria partitioned but according to "the plan" Iran, Iraq and Turkey have yet to be chopped up.

    Thus any future war with Iran will also be managed so as to drag in Turkey and Iraq. What we could be witness is just the next step in another orchestrated bankster-run war designed to remake the region for the Zionists.

    End of speculation; back to the prayers :P

    1. "What we could be witness is just the next step in another orchestrated bankster-run war designed to remake the region for the Zionists"

      That is what we're witnessing- And myself and few others are the only ones talking about it

      "There's no way people can claim the war is winding down (various alt-media sites) when a third of your country is occupied by the prime Zionist Satrapy, the US."

      I've seen those claims and don't support them.
      But know exactly what you're speaking of?
      And how about the ones that endlessly blame Turkey-
      (Canthama at syper is top notch for this)
      While never mentioning that mass of occupied/full of bases/including Israeli's part of Syria..
      while claiming if turkey leaves it all resolve itself- Which it will the Usrael kurds will roll right through to the Mediterranean- Syria will be atrophied and denied access to Iran and resources- and Turkey and Iran can be further targeted- That's some nice zio shilling to behold! And it goes on and on..

    2. Yup. There is a bigger picture and that framing includes a partitioned Turkey; so Turkey's actions can be seen defensively, if one is aware of the New Middle East plan et al. Funny how Turkey is painted in a negative light in both Western and Russian media. Very interesting and was never fully aware of Turkey as an independent actor.

      I got fed up with Ziad when he kept pushing the kaSHOWggi b*ll*cks. Canthama is extremely informative but I got fed up with his pushing of Elijah Magnier - why keep pushing the same pundit? A writer who, quite frankly, has published some double-speak at times. And, yes, the language against Turkey is too extreme.

  2. Yah, Elijah Magnier is... less then enlightening and often contradictory.

    I don't bother with him much.

    He's much like Robert Fisk- see the last article of his posted here- contradictions etc.,

    The only reason his article was here was because of his idea of behind the scene dealings- It seemed plausible.

    The few times I've read Magnier...he feels like I've been there and done that. Ya know what I mean?

    Shrugs shoulders- he's just not that informative- what else can I say?

    Back in the early days of Syper Canthama used to cheer for the Kurds, endlessly. Claim they were 'fighting for Syria' IE unified Syria. I set the record straight.
    Allied with the US. Allied with Israel. Completely duplicitous.

    Turned me right off of anything he said permanently.
    Very much the obfuscator. Always has been, always will be.

    1. "Back in the early days of Syper Canthama used to cheer for the Kurds, endlessly."

      Aha; well there you go. Was he as taken in like many of us by those Marxist Female Fighters of Kurdish Freedom? They were broadcast on RT so, make of that what ye may. Personally I'm starting to distrust both narratives, i.e. the Western and the Russian. Anyway, Canthama doesn't strike me as an idiot, so why sell the Kurds to everyone right up until it is too late?

    2. "Anyway, Canthama doesn't strike me as an idiot, so why sell the Kurds to everyone right up until it is too late? "

      I guess only Canthama know why he's opted to push that agenda?

      Pay attention to what he writes and see if you notice anything off, then decide for yourself.

      One thing I notice is everything, according to Canthama that occurs in Idlib, happens under the watchful eye or the protective eye of Turkey- this is disinfo, plain and simple-
      You have the outposts of three nations present- Russia has bargained with HTS on behalf of the Syrian government in numerous instances in Idlib- Iran has a presence. There is obvious connectivity between HTS and the coalition- The smuggling HAS TO BE through the roof.
      There is no one watchful eye- There are multiple eyes watching. Multiple parties in the region. Multiple presences... and undoubtedly a whole lot of crime (extortion etc.,) which would see ordinary folk turn a blind eye to some of what is happening

      It's just not a simple/black vs white situation

      That's my take on it. Like I said, read and decide for yourself.