Friday, November 9, 2018

It's Snowing !!!! November 09/2018

Yah, today, November 09/2018. IT IS SNOWING. And it's snowing pretty good too! By that I mean not a dusting kind of snow. Larger flakes a bit more heavy. And has been snowing for better then half an hour now.
The golden leaves are still on my maple tree. 
The mulberry tree still has it's leaves as well. 
And winter is officially weeks and weeks away. 

6 weeks away, to be exact, on Friday December 21/2018.

The more usual/normal time for snow to begin falling is late November to early December.
So we're earlier then the norm. By two to three weeks.
Which shouldn't be a shocker since it's been cooler then usual this entire fall season.
Recall my mentioning we put the heat on in the house mid October?
F-f-f-f-f Freezing! Yup, the heats on in the house...

 Maple Tree in the Snow

This image is a reasonable likeness of my Maple Tree with golden leaves as the snow falls.. this morning for going on 45 minutes now.... As my rambling continues on.

Want to mention, the location the image was taken at got snow too early also.
Again, I ask, for the unknown number of years in a row.... AGW?

Snow is in my local forecast today, tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday thus far...

Yaya? How's the weather round your part of Ontario?

It's now 8:30 am. Getting ready to publish the post and it's still snowing. Closing in on an hour of snowfall- Thankfully the ground is still warm enough to hold off on accumulations.

One last thought... It snowed right up to the end of April here as well... late snow and early snow adds up to extended cold.

Yup, It's Snowing! April 29/2018

From yesterday

Thousands of corpses from US-led airstrikes found under Raqqa rubble, says diplomat


  1. That is a gorgeous photo, Penny! Like an impressionist painting. We've got 1C (with a possible high of 3C)and threat of snow or rain, but right now it's just cloudy, and yes I've had to turn the heat on for days now.

    From Env.Can. for this region Nov. 9: Averages and Extremes:
    Highest temperature (1944-1994) 16.7°C 1975
    Lowest temperature (1944-1994) -9.4°C 1976

    In other news, in case you haven't already seen this:
    "Terrorists, cultists – or champions of Iranian democracy? The wild wild story of the MEK"

    1. Since I don't have a 'smart phone' I couldn't take a pic of the snow falling here, but, that was close enough to represent snow falling on my golden leaf maple tree.
      I do have a little point and shoot camera but didn't want to go outside

      It's still snowing as I reply!!

      As for the MEK- Haven't read that article, but, I'd say terrorists and cultists is more like it.

      btw: check your email I sent something regarding the perv Tony Clement for you to read