Monday, November 26, 2018

Khashoggi Case: A Massive PsyOp Concocted by CIA-MI6-Mossad

I've long been ambivalent about Sibel Edmonds- Here work has only appeared at the blog a few times.  An exception has been made for her latest report. In my opinion it's worth reading. She seems to have filled in some gaps in info.
 Sibel claims she is the only person who reported on the Egyptian wife- She’s not.
I picked up the report from a media outlet just over two weeks ago -Foregone Conclusion: CIA says MBS Ordered Khashoggi Assassination & Another Wife Appears.  

As for her debunking the fiance’s claims- That's not difficult. Those claims could not be believed at all- The ever changing story. The family not even knowing who she was? She was the sole connection to Khashoggi and his ‘murder’-  The image taken outside of the consulate does not inform us of anything nefarious. Only Hatice does. This was discussed here at length previously Last time in this post: Khashoggi "Body Double"? Or not? Fiance Fabrication

Khashoggi/ CIA/Osama Bin Laden ties- Been there done that on October 07/18 :Missing "journalist" Jamal Khashoggi? Or Arms Trader Like Namesake Adnan Khashoggi?
He (Khashoggi) interviewed and travelled with Bin Laden at times between 1987 and 1995, including in Afghanistan where he wrote about the battle against the Soviets.

Khashoggi ties to ARAMACO ? Wouldn’t doubt it, but, don’t know.


After 55 days covering the Jamal Khashoggi Case, 24 X 7, on the ground, in Turkey, with over 600 reports and analyses, via my pinned thread @sibeledmonds on Twitter (due to not having access to my computers and being equipped only with one cell phone), I am ready to conclude and publicize my investigative report.

The Khashoggi Case is a massive PsyOp concocted by MI6, CIA and Mossad, with the cooperation and participation of certain high-level Saudi Government intelligence officers.

For the first 53 days of my investigation of this case, while posting reports and analyses via Twitter posts on an almost hourly-basis, I had refrained from a definitive conclusion, partly to protect my sources, but also due to fulfilling the requirement of having documents and at least two direct named (and vetted/legitimate sources).

Yesterday I broke the news on the bombshell revelations by Former Director of the Turkish Military Intelligence Services, General Ismail Hakki Pekin, via Oda TV Live Coverage on Nov 21. See the 6-min video clip below

General Pekin, an insider with a long career in Intelligence who has high-level contacts and sources within MI6, CIA and Mossad, made the following statements (Summary Translation) while risking severe backlash from the government here in Turkey:

    -There has been intense behind the scenes competition between the UK and US over ARAMCO and it’s coming IPO, scheduled for 2020, via either the London or New York Stock Exchange (Many billions of dollars’ worth)
    -Jamal Khashoggi was/is very close to certain ARAMCO Board Members, and has been a prize sought by both US and UK players due to his connections
    -UK (MI6) concocted the plans (or fakery) to kidnap Khashoggi
    -The CIA and Mossad got involved in this UK plot
    -The Fiancé was some sort of honeytrap most likely connected to MI6, or possibly the CIA, and is not who “they” claim she is- not genuine
    -They may have selected Turkey as a secondary target to damage its reputation- -With the US aiming to set up a Kurdish State in Northern Syria and the possibility of ending its alliance with Turkey
Geez, I've been writing about that for years and years.....
Whether or not the facts come out about what has happened, regional fallout will likely follow, and the existing camps of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, versus Qatar and Turkey are likely to become even more entrenched His disappearance has both revealed and heightened tensions between the two sides of the Gulf crisis    

 Newsbud continues: I’ve been seeking a second legitimate “Named” source for the above information, which I had already gathered weeks prior to General Pekin’s revelations. On November 1, a trustable source, a newspaper editor and investigative journalist with history and expertise in Intelligence matters in Turkey, Ergun Diler, based on multiple high-level Intel sources, leaked explosive information revealed by General Pekin with added details and specifics- See translated summary highlights:

    The behind-the-scenes clash between the US and Britain has shaken the foundations of global intelligence.
    On September 11, 2018, MI6 intercepted Saudi communications pertaining to plans to kidnap or eliminate Khashoggi. They notified the CIA and had three meetings in connection with these intercepted plans.
    MI6 also sensed that the CIA might actually be a participant in Khashoggi plans intercepted from Saudi communications
    On September 15, MI6 actually contacted Khashoggi and warned him of the plans against him (possible kidnap or elimination in Turkey) by the Saudis. Khashoggi was fully briefed, and was aware of the plans.
    Why would Khashoggi go to the Saudi Consulate despite being warned of the plans weeks in advance?
    Since no body (or body trace) has ever been found or seen, there is the possibility of Khashoggi being alive, and the possibility of this being a joint MI6-CIA concocted game with him as an active/willing participant.

From day 5 of the case I’ve been in the position of debunking the mainstream media’s narrative and reports based on researching the case and Khashoggi comprehensively, contacting sources here in Turkey and in the United States, including former and current intelligence and law enforcement experts, insiders, and journalists’ under-pressure here in Turkey. In fact, since day one of this case, unanimously, the media has been feeding the public around the world nothing but false and concocted information.

Khashoggi is/was Not who the mainstream media has been portraying. Right from day one the media published and marketed a false portrayal of this so-called victim, and did so intentionally. Jamal Khashoggi was not a journalist. He contributed less than a handful of fluff opinion pieces for the Washington Post (Of course a newspaper with a long history of CIA partnership). He was Osama Bin Laden’s partner and confidante throughout the 80s. He’s been on the CIA team since 1982. In the 90s he worked as a liaison Intel officer for Saudi-CIA cooperation. Starting in the mid-2000s he was an active Arab Spring operative for several NGOs, many of them funded by George Soros and the CIA.  Pretty much everything fed by the media giving Khashoggi and his background almost a saint-like status has been false. Intentionally.

I was the first and only person to debunk the media reports on the alleged Turkish fiancé. Only a few months before coming to Turkey, Khashoggi, while still married in Saudi Arabia, married an Egyptian woman in the US/Canada, with a public and publicized wedding- a sharia wedding. I obtained the pictures of his wedding and his new wife. The media, despite being fully aware of this, omitted this fact from their coverage. How could he meet this alleged Turkish woman and get engaged to her while on honeymoon with this new wife? Then there is the background of this fiancé as an active member of the Muslim Brotherhood, her time in Egypt, and her connections to Soros-Funded Arab Spring NGOs. And let’s not forget her ever-changing story and timeline for the day Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate. Again, for all the relevant documents, pictures, analyses and timeline on this alleged fiancé please go through my Pinned Khashoggi Thread with 600+ entries.

Instead of detailing all my Khashoggi coverage and making this a lengthy and complex article I am going to direct you to my twitter thread with hundreds of facts and analyses. In the next few days I will begin producing a series of videos talking about the case in de


  1. Hi Penny:

    Excellent take. Poor Sibel...having to do all that work and all those tweets...when I arrived at exactly the same conclusion just by paying attention to the rising of small hairs on the back of my neck...which I did when the story of this "assassination" took place!

  2. lol without all the hoopla I determined [and posted several times] that Khashoggi was a MosCIAd patsy and that the entire event was a psyops to vilify Turkey and Saudi-Arabia...with a view to SA regime change. Why?

    Because both Turkey and SA are purchasing the Russian state of the art S-400 anti-missile system. Now why doesn't Sibel figure out the reason for the regime change psyops like I did????

    1. Yah, I see she didn't mention that. Nor the OPEC stuff covered here- oh well. She's a star, darling ;)

  3. The kaSHOWggi must go on -- and on and on and on.

    A spook said some things about the spook whose murder by spooks was recorded by spooks. Other spooks said that the recording by the spooks of the spook being murdered by spooks, was true...well-groomed spooks in the spookish MSM reported all this stuff by spooks about things done to a spook by spooks and recorded by spooks.

    Lol. The whole episode should be dismissed out of hand. I wonder if it is an intra-spook joke.

    1. It is an intra spook joke- On the masses
      Done to manage our perceptions and directs us away from reality and into the reality of the spook created and directed world
      Is it any wonder the CIA looms so large in Hollywierd?

    2. same/same

      Yah and yah.

  4. To paraphrase Shakespeare:

    "First thing we do....Kill all the Spooks!"

  5. Yah, she's quite a 'detective'...
    Many of her talking points are literally months old from here now..

    I would like to know if Khashoggi was connected to ARAMACO though?
    Since MBS didn't offer that up when he said he would?