Monday, November 5, 2018

MBS Circling the Wagons? Abdulaziz Double Trouble?

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The conversation (with Maloof)  took place following news reports that Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, a younger brother of the reigning King Salman, has returned to Saudi Arabia from exile. It was reported that he traveled to the kingdom with some guarantees from US and UK security agencies.

Circling the Wagons?

 Look for protection, get defensive, get ready for an attack

MBS surveying the scenery?

Why Mohammed bin Salman is now circling the wagons

The Saudi crown prince's position is no longer secure. Whoever takes over would have to apply the lesson of his demise

Mohammed bin Salman's universe is shrinking quickly. After a prolonged absence in London, his uncle and nemesis, Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz, returned home to a hero’s welcome.
Senior princes have flocked to greet him, at the airport and receptions held afterwards.
The welcome includes heavyweights like former intelligence chief Khaled bin Bandar, former deputy defence minister Khaled bin Sultan, and former crown prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz. It is telling that no photographs have emerged so far of Prince Ahmad with Mohammed bin Salman, although there are reports that the crown prince and his brother, Khaled bin Salman, greeted him at the airport.

 Since his return this week, Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz has held many meetings with his brothers and senior al-Saud princes. There has been open discussion about how to deal with the current crisis. But this would not have been the case a few weeks ago when bin Salman was in a position to impose total censorship on the family.

Abdulaziz, Abdulaziz, Abdulaziz

hattipin Yaya:

I'm not suggesting he's coming back as Abdulaziz, but is it a coincidence that Canada's protege of Khashoggi, Omar Abdulaziz, has the same last name?

Thanks Yaya: I hadn't connected the two Abdulaziz persons. Both "exiled" from Saudi Arabia
One here in Canada who was, coincidentally, in regular contact with Khashoggi. 
And the other Abdulaziz, nemesis of MBS, was presumably a person known to Jamal Khashoggi. Are the two Abdulaziz persons related? Entirely possible.

Links to Yaya's posts on the subject

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the revised tales of Omar


 Israeli spyware used against Saudi Arabian dissident in Canada 


Quebec-based Saudi activist Omar Abdulaziz.

 Omar Abdulaziz

  The Herzliya-based NSO Group uses its controversial Pegasus spyware program to turn smartphones into listening devices. It has been accused of selling the technology to countries, including Saudi Arabia, who use it to spy on dissidents, journalists, and others.

This spyware was on Abdulaziz's phone? Allegedly.
 Herzliya based group has been accused of selling the technology to Saudi Arabia? An accusation doesn't mean what is claimed is true. It's just means an accusation has been leveled. 
Was the spyware present? If it was who really placed it on the phone?  Were the Israeli's trying to stay ahead of a situation they were being left out of? Israel has seemed reluctant to accept the fate of MBS?  I guess, the question is, we're the Israeli's spying on a plan that may have been cooked up between the US and certain factions of Saudi Arabia?

Jamal Khashoggi Wanted to Launch a Pro-Democracy Group.

 Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) in January.

Perhaps the overthrow of MBS simply couldn't be put off any longer?


  1. Recent history has shown that "once you go Russian, you never go back". Witness Erdogan and Assad. Once they put their nations in military alliance with Putin/Russia...they never returned to the Anglo/Zionist alliance. I believe it will be the same with SA...although, if you can believe it, a lot messier...because the SA bureaucracy is riddled with Ziofascist moles.

    1. Yah, Pompeo had some interesting stuff to say about Turkey.. which will be subject of my next post.

      Going by the information I've come across it looks as if this will be a cooperative coup, with US/UK help.
      But will be presented as an internal overthrow- Much like the US had hoped to pull of in Turkey..
      I expect the US has solid footing in the Saudi Military.

    2. Wouldn't the Saudi Military, like any other military, want to get the state of the art weaponry? I keep repeating as often as I can how significant Putin's March 1st speech was. India and other nations are now beating a path to the door of the "better mousetrap". Eventually, the US will have to have regime change I almost every country on earth...with the possible exception of the vassal we live in.

  2. Hi Penny: Just letting you know that I've finally been able to reply to your thought-provoking comments at my site.