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Too Many Cuddly Global Warming Mascots Threatening Inuit Peoples

I've covered this topic previously.
Polar Bears are and have been thriving in the Arctic.
They have no predator other then an armed man/woman to fend off an attack or reign in out of control populations- One wonders if the seals can survive an over abundant polar bear population?
An unarmed human stands little to no chance of fighting off a polar bear attack
Just the facts. If you want spin, go elsewhere.
World's Largest Land Predator
Polar bears are the world's largest land predators. They top the food chain in the Arctic.
they spend most of their time on the pack ice or in the water, hunting down their favorite food - seals

To say they are fierce would be an understatement 

Two Behemoths Fighting
And the cutesy coca cola drinking polar bear is for people out of touch with the reality of nature. And life on this planet.

 There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut and climate change hasn't yet affected any of them, says a draft management plan from the territorial government that contradicts much of conventional scientific thinking.

The proposed plan -- which is to go to public hearings in Iqaluit on Tuesday -- says that growing bear numbers are increasingly jeopardizing public safety and it's time Inuit knowledge drove management policy.

"Inuit believe there are now so many bears that public safety has become a major concern," says the document, the result of four years of study and public consultation.

Public safety concerns, combined with the effects of polar bears on other species, suggest that in many Nunavut communities, the polar bear may have exceeded the co-existence threshold."

Polar bears killed two Inuit last summer.
The plan leans heavily on Inuit knowledge, which yields population estimates higher than those suggested by western science for almost all of the 13 included bear populations.
"suggested by western science" So those numbers are suggested? The real question is are western science numbers accurate!

Scientists say only one population of bears is growing; Inuit say there are nine. Environment Canada says four populations are shrinking; Inuit say none are.

 Its position is strongly supported by the 11 Inuit groups and hunters' organizations that made submissions.

"(Inuit knowledge) has not always been sufficiently incorporated by decision-makers," says a document submitted by Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., the Inuit land-claim organization. "The disconnect between the sentiment in certain scientific communities and (Inuit knowledge) has been pronounced."

This is very frustrating for Inuit to watch ... We do not have resources to touch bases with movie actors, singers and songwriters who often narrate and provide these messages," it says.
The Inuit do not have access to/or the privilege of  endless tax payer dollars to manage or manipulate perceptions in order to push specific agendas

"We know what we are doing and western science and modelling has become too dominant."
Oh, more of that computer modelling......

The management plan doesn't propose to increase hunting quotas immediately. It contains provisions for increased education and programs on bear safety for hunters and communities.

It does say hunting bans would no longer be automatically applied to shrinking populations and that "management objectives ... could include managing polar bears for a decrease."

Derocher doesn't dispute potentially dangerous bear-human encounters are becoming more frequent. But he, and other southern scientists, insist that's happening as climate change reduces sea ice and drives bears inland.

It's a given Derocher 'insists' on pushing the agenda.  Money talks.

 However.... it is just as likely that the polar bear populations have grown so large, they are coming into more regular contact with humans because of their expanding population growth  and they are becoming a danger to the human residents of the area. Keep in mind the reality of polar bears- they have no natural predator. They are the top of the pile. No unarmed person can go toe to toe with them and have a really good chance of surviving.

Just the facts.

Flashback to 2012:  That's six years ago

The man made global warming agenda: Control. Currency. Profits

Just last year, the World Wildlife Fund’s climate blog headlined that “Polar Bear Population in Canada’s Western Hudson Bay Unlikely to Survive Climate Disruption.” But it seems that since then this subpopulation, previously believed to be among the most threatened subpopulations due to global warming, has made a miraculous recovery. According to aerial surveys released by the Government of Nunavat this month, their numbers are at least 66% higher than expected.

Or how about in 2016?

"Manitoba government documents suggest polar bear encounters with people have reached record levels on the shores of Hudson Bay with more of the mammals ending up in a specialized jail in Churchill.
Polar bear activity reports from the past three years show the number of documented cases in Churchill has jumped from 229 in 2013 to 351 last year"
 The article from 2016 pushes the AGW meme. But, it could just as well and is actually better documented, for years now, that the polar bear population is growing. 

 "The majority of people believe in incredible things which are absolutely false. The majority of people daily act in a manner prejudicial to their general well-being."
- Ashley Montagu, American anthropologist

From Yaya:


One last item: Those same researchers that push the  AGW 'threatened' polar bear meme- And will not allow for the Inuit to protect themselves as they push an agenda are, as you would or should expect, armed and will shoot polar bears if necessary.... 

Polar bears 'a nightmare' for Arctic scientists

 Always take a gun

In March this year, one attacked a sleeping Czech tourist, causing injuriesto his face and arm before fellow campers shot the animal dead.
Every new arrival at Ny-Ă…lesund must learn to shoot if they wish to leave the base.

The most important message: "always be vigilant; bears could be anywhere and they are unpredictable," Sebastien Barrault, the scientific advisor of a Norwegian company running logistics at the site.
"A gun is your passport for leaving the town," he said.

From earlier today:

Are Turkey & Syria Coordinating Operations In North Eastern Syria?


  1. Hey, Penny. Thanks for link! I swear I didn't know you'd done that until I had linked on my own site to this article. Then I came here to actually read. If the polar bears aren't themselves harbingers of climate TRUTH what can possibly be, eh?

    1. For years now the locals, to the Arctic, have been reporting the polar bear population is fine.

      "If the polar bears aren't themselves harbingers of climate TRUTH what can possibly be, eh?"
      And growing.

      This should send us a message loud and clear that this commonly spread mind control, is just that, mind control.

      The other day we saw a hawk had caught, either a squirrel or a rabbit. We slowed to look at it in the ditch- but we did NOT exit the car. Nor did we linger.

      However... someone who should have stayed in their car, didn't- I could see the hawks stance- fierce- hostile
      It wanted it's prey- It may have taken that bird hours to finally capture something, but, he was threatened by the man..

      Did that man cause the hawk to loose his meal?
      To allow a maimed animal to suffer?

      I wanted to yell at the man to mind his own business- but didn't want to cause any more distress to the hawk then he already had.

      Dogooding often times does not darn good!

      I hope the hawk ate- because what ever he had protectively covered was already in terrible shapes

      Hawks have sharp, sharp talons

    2. Dogooding often times does not darn good!

      should read

      Dogooding often times does not do any darn good!-

    3. A real live hawk with its prey! That would have been something to see. If he was interfered with, I hope he taught the guy a lesson. Around here I see mostly seagulls and they don't seem to have any pride left at all. They hang around food joints and eat what people toss away. Nor do they seem to have self-protective interests anymore. You can walk through a whole crowd of them and they hardly move at all. It strongly suggests that people food isn't healthy.

  2. Hi Penny. Aangirfans gone! The old ones still there, the new ones vanished like it never existed. This scrubbing of the internet is really sinister.

    1. Hey john!

      Holy smokes- Aangirfan is gone!
      Not that I doubted your word, but, you are right this scrubbing of the internet is getting to be way to sinister.

      I've noticed how much things have changed.
      Google is censoring every search-
      When I started the blog almost 11 years ago...
      there was so much available, accessible information.
      WE could search academics and everything
      but intentionally so,obviously, everything is becoming more and more limited.

      Even here... rather then growing the readership is dropping- only those that come by regular still come by
      no one new is really appearing- not like before

      It's sad.

    2. Yes, I think Dave McGowan said that he wrote some of his books from researching newspaper archives that used to be freely available. Also the comment sections at newspaper sites, such as the dreadful UK Guardian have become really heavily censored, hence the OffGuardian site.

      When I first started blogging I think blogspot was an independent company, but google went round the net hoovering these sites up. Google fixing its searches has had a terrible effect for anyone looking for information that falls outside of the accepted version.

      When I first got on the internet I did think that this freedom of expression and information would be too good to last, but it's depressing to see this happening in front of your eyes. Pretty soon it might just be facebook, instagram and suchlike, as people have these stuck to the front of their smartphones and the rest of the internet almost ceases to exist.

    3. John: "Pretty soon it might just be facebook, instagram and suchlike, as people have these stuck to the front of their smartphones and the rest of the internet almost ceases to exist"

      Great for big brother!

  3. "Climate Change":
    Just yesterday I came across very good new videos and other information:
    First the site of F. William Engdahl ( ) with several videos - the latest being the audio with him being interviewed by "Guns and Butter": .

    Also (don't remember where) I found this excellent video "IS THE GLOBAL TEMPERATURE RECORD CREDIBLE", youtube address:

    My point is:
    These carbon dioxide (CO2 - only 0.039 % of atmosphere!) propagandists don’t believe in their ideology themselves. And we can prove it, because of their absolutely contradictious behaviour:
    Since millions of years nature has a system of producing CO2 by breathing creatures (e. g.: dinosaurs), by volcanoes, wood- and steppe-fires and so on. But nature also has a perfect System of dismantling CO2 into carbon and oxygen again.

    So whoever believes erroneously – but honestly – in a supposed danger of CO2 as a “greenhouse gas” would not only demand that the output of CO2 should be reduced, but also that our earth’s ability to dismantle CO2 back to carbon and oxygen again should be supported and reinforced.
    Thus an honest CO2-believer would demand that all of that big money 'earned' by this “Emissions trading” should not disappear into some pockets, but put into reforesting (and also ‘re-bushing’) our planet. This because a rising CO2 output would not be a problem, if the power of dismantling CO2 would rise proportionally. But instead of demanding a reforesting of our planet those CO2 ideologists don’t even care.
    This proves that they themselves don’t believe their own propaganda and ideology!

    And while “climate warming” and not the danger – and CO2 is indeed not that dangerous “green house gas” it is made to – the real danger our plant faces is the speeding “desertification” of our earth!
    I would swallow this “climate warming” ideology if they at least put the money of “Emissions trading” into a global program of reforesting – or at least a program of stopping the deforestation that’s going on worldwide!
    Everywhere the desert spreads. Now the desert even comes close to Beijing! A lot of lakes in Iran and even the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea are disappearing.
    In Vietnam I saw areas where they chopped down the trees and where those very heavy and very long lasting tropical rains washed out the humus soil completely and left over only washed out yellow-reddish desert sand. In Cambodia – like in Russia in the first decade after the collapse of the Soviet Union – gangsters and corrupt politicians chopped down great parts of the jungle in order to sell those precious tropical woods. In a film about Cambodia I saw the same as in Thailand: Between the few trees that were left over there was this washed-out sand and only here and there a little grass between the left over trees.
    Already in the late 1990s people in Singapore and in towns in Malaysia walked around with a scarf before their face – because of the heavy smoke that came over from Indonesia, where they burned down massive parts of the jungle.
    Also in Africa they destroy the woods. See: In Mozambique the jungle is disappearing completely. The same is true to Middle and South America (e. g. Brazil).


    1. Thanks J!
      I'm going to check out the links and read your comment in short order

    2. 'Desertification' was a great UN push before the AGW con got rolling. Things got so crazy that Canadian funded wells in the Sahel depleted the aquifer so that water went from shortage to unavailable. Shrubbery followed the same path. There is an interesting YouTube video about Chinese efforts to reverse the process.But mocking warmist hysteria has turned into routine sport - even if nobody finds it.

    3. hey oldphartte:
      I'm on your live journal right now- you've got oodles of interesting info there!!!

  4. I wanted to draw attention to the fact I changed the title of this post from Indigenous to Inuit

    Why? After thinking about my use of the word "indigenous" it seemed I should acquaint myself with the actual definition of that word..

    Indigenous means.........

    produced, growing, living, or occurring naturally in a particular region or environment

    Which means every single one of us born or produced on this land are indigenous to it. Just the facts, no political correct gibberish. I've now corrected that!

  5. Nov. 6/18 -

    Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s claims of climate change fatalities are contradicted by new data.

    Quebec Demographer: “We will need to look into precise causes of deaths for a proper estimate of heat wave deaths”

  6. Here a cartoon for these "earth-warming-science-deniers" - yes, with polar bears and … Al Gore: