Saturday, November 3, 2018

Wheels In Motion for “Western Friendly” MBS Replacement As an "exiled" Prince Returns

So, much going on. I'm playing catch up.

In breaking news this morning it was reported that Turkey has asked the US, again, to stop supporting YPG/PKK in Syria.
Personally speaking, it's doubtful the US will stop engaging the Kurdish thugs because they don't want peace in Syria, nor in the region. That said, let's catch up on fresh news regarding  the ongoing regime change operation in Saudi Arabia:

RT: ‘Wheels in motion to replace MBS with someone compatible with West,’ 

In my world this would be duly noted as a “no shit sherlock” kind of statement.
Stating the obvious- in other words.

 The real possibility of regime change, present time, in Saudi Arabia was first mentioned here nearly 3 weeks ago (though it had been previously written about as something that would happen eventually, regional remake, as planned)
" A regime change operation of a different kind"
Tuesday October 16/2018 -Mockingbird’s Usurper Eggs: Media Psyops & The Further Subordination of Saudi Arabia

"In these three news items we see that Saudi Arabia was, by all appearances, moving in an independent direction. This had to have been a problem for the US and it's military industrial complex!"

Making the necessity for someone more compatible with the west a priority
Quoting from the RT article:

Michael Maloof, former senior security policy adviser in the Pentagon, told RT America that the young prince has made more enemies than friends among the Saudi royals, and “has upset the leadership so much.” According to the analyst, there is a growing rebellion against MBS in the House of Saud.
The wheels are already in motion to try and replace MBS with someone more compatible with the West.
Asked if this scenario – a palace coup or the likes – is conceivable, Maloof confirmed that it is, given that the Crown Prince has alienated too many members of the court and now it’s “just a question of time.”
Those who are conspiring against MBS hope that the US and the West will “support someone who would carry that out,” the former Pentagon official pointed out, adding: “However, it’s a little premature to say this is going to happen.”
Well, of course, it's premature to say this will happen, because overthrowing a leader is always complicated. With many variables to consider. One can never really game all the possibilities. 
Which doesn't suggest the overthrow won't be tried.  I'm quite sure that those involved are in the process of attempting this coup as I type up this post. Only that the success is not assured.

What individual may have the blessings of the west?

The conversation (with Maloof)  took place following news reports that Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, a younger brother of the reigning King Salman, has returned to Saudi Arabia from exile. It was reported that he traveled to the kingdom with some guarantees from US and UK security agencies.
“Why would the brother of the king come back, get out of the exile and come back to the kingdom if he had no feeling that he had some kind of support?” Maloof asked.
Another "exile" ?
 Mujtahidd: Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz returns to Saudi Arabia
Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz [File photo]
 The 'exile' Prince reportedly returned to Saudi Arabia just a few days ago.
"The famous Twitter user Mujtahidd revealed that Ahmed bin Abdulaziz arrived in the capital Riyadh after months of his stay outside the Kingdom.
Mujtahidd mentioned that Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was welcoming his uncle “but without cameras or protocol.”
Mujtahidd added that Prince Ahmed, King Salman’s brother, has obtained US and European commitments that bin Salman will not pursue him.
Mujtahidd wondered: “But who guarantees that bin Salman would adhere to the pledge?”
Rumours have been circulating over the past period about the situation of Prince Ahmed, and the possibility of his declaration of opposition to the current regime’s policies from outside the Kingdom.
As the plot thickens


  1. The real question here is: Will Russia/Putin give up the golden egg that Salman laid and gave to them? That is, the contract for the S-400. This truly was a "golden egg" in current geopolitics...having Saudis...come over from the dark side and purchase Russian military equipment. Equipment which, NOT coincidentally, would protect SA from Western military repercussions and/or theft of sovereignty through financial looting.

    What is happening in SA is a replay of what happened in Syria. The leader [Assad] went over to Russia, made some military deals and asked for protection from the West. Now, the exact same scenario is beginning to play out in Saudi Arabia. The West is flailing about trying to dislodge Salmon, just like they tried to dislodge Assad. But if the leadership of Saudi Arabia is at all wise...they will realize that this is "last chance motel" for Saudi Arabia. Either they keep Salman and go ahead with the deal...or they will be "strangled and dismembered"...just like the patsy sent to the consulate by the MosCIAd.

    1. Russia continues to maintain a pretty silent stance wrt Saudi Arabia- they are definitely staying low key

      and yes, this has similarities to the attempt to destabilize Syria and overthrow Assad, but, it's also quite reminiscent of the coup attempt on Erdogan---

      I guess there is aspects of both in the Saudi situation?

      Going to do my best to keep an eye on this I expect the US is trying an overthrow and if unsuccesful we should see a sanctions program (ala human rights and magnitsky) come into place

      btw: did you notice Britain/US and Canada are all simultaneously virtue signalling on Yemen

      3 of the 5 eyes (all of them arms sellers to the Saudis in support of the Yemen action)

      Globe and Mail

      Canada joins U.S., Britain in calls to Saudi Arabia for ceasefire in Yemen

      Canada is joining the United States and Britain, two of the biggest arms suppliers to Saudi Arabia, in calling publicly for the Mideast kingdom to strike a ceasefire in Yemen, where more than 3½ years of conflict have triggered what aid groups call the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

      This sharp increase in diplomatic pressure comes as relations between the West and the Saudi monarchy have cooled following Riyadh’s killing of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

      U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling for a cessation of hostilities in Yemen and says UN-led negotiations to end the civil war should begin next month.

  2. "....and Canada are all simultaneously virtue signalling on Yemen."

    Yes : ) Canada aka "le dauphin" sure knows when to swim away from the ship.

  3. I must be really dumb because I'm still stuck on the great mysteries: Has there been any real proof that MBS hasn't been dead and gone for months? MBS greets his uncle “but without cameras". With no Khashoggi body found, can we be at all certain he's dead and not assuming a new identity? I'm not suggesting he's coming back as Abdulaziz, but is it a coincidence that Canada's protege of Khashoggi, Omar Abdulaziz, has the same last name?

    There have been no answers to the now old questions, and here they are, pointing us all in a new direction.

    1. Hey Yaya:
      Check the post about Russia

      there is a video of MBS in Russia after the attack
      he looks alive- so I got to go with him being alive

      Interesting that Abdulaziz and Abdulaziz are in cahoots together...
      Wonder if Canada Abdulaziz is a Saudi Prince in Exile as well?

      Cause everyone is in 'exile'... or so it's said?

    2. Thanks Penny. I don't feel quite so dumb now. I'm just on my way out the door to visit the dentist (again!)but will view the MBS video as soon as I get back home. By the way, if Canada's exiled Omar Abdulaziz were just an ordinary Saudi, would a contingent of Saudi officialdom have come all the way here (as he said they did) to try to convince him to return home? And if MBS was alive the whole time, why the heck didn't he just appear on a dated news broadcast to dispel the constant media rumours that he was dead? We're being deliberately and specifically mind-muddled with regard to the Saudis, but for what ultimate purpose?

    3. Hi Penny: I looked at the video and realized I had already viewed it when I read your post, and since the video was published last June, I kinda dismissed it. But if the published date was the same as the actual meeting date, or close enough to it, then it seems even weirder that there was so much negative speculation about him on the Internet. I guess I just have to stop caring.;-]

    4. Hey Yaya:

      It's so confusing- the whole situation with MBS.

      You're right about Omar Abdulaziz, not at all likely, he's just an ordinary Saudi.

      " would a contingent of Saudi officialdom have come all the way here (as he said they did) to try to convince him to return home?"

      I don't think so.