Tuesday, December 25, 2018

How Turkey, Iran and Russia will agree on eastern Syria: Cooperating in the East

Recall my asking if Iran, Turkey and Russia were cooperating/coordinating with regard to eastern Syria? With the full knowledge of Damascus?
The question and concept of cooperation have been put forth three times- in three different reports here.
If not? Refresh. November 9/18
Reiterated: November 12/2018: Are Turkey & Syria Coordinating Operations In North Eastern Syria? 
Rehashed the other day.. December 23/208
"All this while there is a greater advancement of the Syrian regular army from the south and the Turkish army from the west."

Advancing Syrian regular army from the south and Turkish army (regular army) advancing from the west.

Could there be coordination? 

That was the question posed Friday. It's Monday and the question is still the same.
Two fronts to keep the Usreal backed Kurds busy?
One from the north west? One coming at them from the south? "
 Cooperation was my take away from what was occurring. Yes, I do believe that Turkey has troops massed at Syria's border to aid SAA in clearing eastern Syria. 
The Usreal Kurds can exit the door through which they entered. Iraq. With some assistance.
If the Usrael Kurds can be encouraged, successfully, to exit Syria. How can the US/France and friends insist on staying. And who will do all the fighting?

Today's Jerusalem Post article.. reports that yes evidence supports the cooperative aspect of Russia, Iran and Turkey. Syria as well. As I'd suspected.
See below the link for the pertinent info

Jerusalem Post: All evidence points to these countries cooperating in eastern Syria for now.
JP:"as Trump was ramping up to announce he was leaving, the foreign ministers of the three countries met in Geneva and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani went to Turkey. These countries could be on a collision course now in how to partition eastern Syria as the US leaves, but more unites them than divides them"

Recall my mention of Trump's tweet coming hot on the heels of the three nation representatives meeting in Geneva?  Check point 7 in the post relinked below:
JP: "Iran and Russia are the main backers of the Syrian regime whereas Turkey ostensibly backs the Syrian opposition
 Let's digress briefly because ostensibly is an interesting word choice. Ostensibly "apparently or purportedly, but perhaps not actually"
However, in recent months (recent years) these three countries have grown increasingly closer. Initially this was because they all opposed the US role in eastern Syria"
 Iran and Turkey both slammed Israel this week, and in both countries Israel is viewed as supporting Kurdish aspirations in Syria, which unites Turkey and Iran on this issue. Rouhani said the US was more isolated than ever as it withdraws, but cautioned that “the Zionists” would continue the “US hostile plots against the Iranian nation.” Turkey has responded harshly to Israel recently, with the president, foreign minister and defense ministry slamming Israel. On Tuesday, the Defense Ministry accused Israel of “baseless” claims after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Turkey of massacring Kurds. Iranian diplomats have asserted that Israel loses through the US withdrawing support for Kurdish forces in eastern Syria.
 Syrian state media and Turkish media have also emphasized opposition to France’s continued role in eastern Syria.
 Turkey says its operation to push into eastern Syria and clear the border area of YPG is ready. Iran says that it should be at the consent of the Syrian regime. Meanwhile, Russia is selling the S-400 to Ankara. In this triangle each player has leverage. The S-400 deal gives Turkey leverage. Turkey also has a sanctions exemption for trade with Iran, which Iran wants. Iran and Russia also recently held a joint military meeting in Tehran on Monday.

The goal of Russia will be to broker a deal as it did in Idlib.
The goal of the Syrian regime will be to get back as much of its country as it can, easily and quickly.
Iran’s goal is to grab influence (they already have it so that's Israeli gibberish)
Turkey’s desire is to take the border area without clashing with the regime.
For that to happen, Russia and the Syrian regime must give Turkey permission to use Syria’s airspace, as they have in the past in operations when Turkey led against the YPG in Afrin.

All evidence points to these countries cooperating in eastern Syria for now.
It is a complex cooperation, but their joint opposition to the US and other mutual economic interests, as well as Turkish and Iranian antipathy for Israel, and concerns about Kurdish autonomy, lend themselves to peaceful discussions, not a new war.
The Kurdish groups also know they can’t face all these countries and will need an agreement with someone to protect their areas.
Solidifying my contention of cooperation:

TASS : Turkish presidential spokesman said earlier that Ankara "will coordinate its actions east of the Euphrates River with Russia"
 I truly hope that Damascus makes no deal with these proxies. It will only result in permanent occupation.


  1. "I truly hope that Damascus makes no deal with these proxies. It will only result in permanent occupation."

    Yes: any such deal would be a kind of surrender and some sort of betrayal. I would have to look up a whole lot of superlatives to express my shock at such stupidity (complicity?) on the part of Damascus.

    Hopefully what we're seeing are nationalist governments operating together to ensure the integrity of Syria and, consequently, their own nation-states. The globalists want to break up all these countries.


  2. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/us-military-establishes-2-new-bases-along-syrian-border-report/
    BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:00 P.M.) – The U.S. military has established two new bases along the Iraqi-Syrian border, the Turkish state-owned Anadolu Agency reported on Tuesday.

    Citing an Iraqi official, the Anadolu Agency said the U.S. military established the two bases in the western countryside of the Al-Anbar.

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    “The U.S. Army has established two new military facilities in uninhabited parts of the province,” Farhan al-Duleimi, a member of Anbar’s provisional council, told Anadolu Agency.

    The first base, he said, had been set up in the northern Rumana subdistrict (in Anbar’s Al-Qaim district) near the Syrian border, roughly 360 kilometers west of provincial capital Ramadi.

    The second base, he added, had been set up east of the city of Al-Rutbah, roughly 310 kilometers west of Ramadi and less than 100 kilometers from the Syrian border.

    According to al-Duleimi, the twin bases are intended to help Iraqi forces “secure the country’s borders and prevent infiltrations by the Daesh terrorist group.”

    “Scores of U.S. soldiers are currently stationed at the two bases, along with drones and other equipment,” al-Duleimi said without elaborating.