Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Israel Attacks/Attacking Syria

We just arrived back home and.... here is the latest
Israel attacks Syria on Christmas Day.
Round up of news stories:
Syrian state television on Tuesday said it had opened fire on "enemy targets" and intercepted missiles targeting Damascus, the first such strike to target the Syrian capital since Nov. 29.
At the same time, Israel said it deployed its air defenses against a Syrian antiaircraft missile.
“An IDF aerial defense system activated in response to an anti-aircraft missile launched from Syria,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.
It did not elaborate on whether the aerial defense system was successful.
 Syrian air defenses on Tuesday confronted Israeli missiles above Damascus and downed most of them before reaching their targets, state TV quoted a military source as saying.
“Our air defenses confronted hostile missiles launched by Israeli war planes from above the Lebanese territories and downed most of them before reaching their targets,” the military source said. An arms depot was hit and three soldiers were injured due to the attack.
 Reports on Arab social media claim Israeli Air Force jets returned to carry out further attacks in Damascus on Tuesday night after an earlier round of strikes.

IDF Spokesperson Unit said that Israeli air defense systems were engaged against a Syrian missile, no casualties and no property damages were reported.
MOSCOW, December 25. /TASS/. Syria’s air defense units have repelled an air strike on western outskirts of the capital Damascus, the governmental TV channel, Syria, reported on Tuesday night.

According to the channel’s sources, the attack originated from the Lebanese airspace.

The SANA news agency reported that "Syrian air defenses intercepted on Tuesday hostile targets over the space of Damascus western countryside, downing a number of them."

According to the agency, at least three Syrian servicemen were injured in the attack.

Earlier, the Al Hadath TV channel reported that the strike was performed by Israeli planes and targeted Iranian military facilities and warehouses in southern and western suburbs of Damascus.

The latest air strike on Syria was performed by Israel on November 29. It targeted the suburban region of Al Kiswah west of Damascus.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said its aerial defense system was activated in response to an anti-aircraft missile launched from Syria. There were no reports of damage or casualties, the IDF press service said.
One off or sustained? We shall see.


  1. Judging by the comments on a recent RT article, many people have swallowed the "poor Kurds" and Israel 2.0 projects whole. We are witnessing yet another grand deception being enacted on the world stage by the same actors. Whomever (whoever?) swings behind in support of the Kurdish forces will be outed as, dare I say it, Zionist stooges.

    Stunning to witness these events unfold in slow motion with eyes wide-awake -- the lies are incredible and yet this is how the world has worked for centuries now.

  2. This ordeal lasted hour and a half and no f16 down, strange. However most of the missiles were neutralized, good job. Decoying using civilian airplanes happened.
    No s300 deployed perhaps waiting for the bigger trophy, the f35.

    1. " Whomever (whoever?) swings behind in support of the Kurdish forces will be outed as, dare I say it, Zionist stooges "

      Ok then we Egypt , Iraqi Hezbollah , France , US, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E , ? Russia ? and probably many more we dont know about, until it comes up for a vote at the UN . Very Sad.

  3. Russian are saying that they flew near airliners again.

    No Amerikan troops are leaving the region just moving to a new town across the border.

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  5. https://twitter.com/Syrian_Lion/status/1078001887448838145

    #Breaking: Syria is threatening that the next time #Israel strikes #Syria, anti-aircraft missiles will hit IDF bases

    ℹNote: yesterday night, the Syrian Army send a warning to Israel with missiles inside the occupied territories

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  7. To all the misguided brainwashed soldiers in the West currently believing your countries love you. Wake Up! And see where they care when you can no longer walk the tour! The curse of war whether coming or going on all of its bloody ground and destroyed families.