Sunday, December 23, 2018


Merry Christmas to all who visit here.
From near or far? Where ever it is you are.

Our wish, my family to you and yours, is for each of you to have a Christmas filled with gratitude for all that we do have- Love. Family. Support from others. (That's you guys and gals too)  Appreciation for the people we still have with us.  Fond memories of those we have lost.
I thank you all for sharing your time with me as well.
Enjoy moments shared with family & friends.
Don't drink or eat too much. Though we all will. ;)
Writing this as I do with my glass of red wine beside me..after a very good supper
Most of all, be happy. We do live on a beautiful planet. Keep in mind there are still a whole bunch of great people, everywhere. 

I've left lots to read this past week
As much as could be squeezed in by one gal with the help of her hubby at Christmas time- 
I've a pie to make. Some lose ends to take care of. Family to visit.

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  1. If you're wondering about all the stars?
    Pythagorus considered the star as representative of man- and other things- I've lighted stars in my windows this year

    "Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Above all things reverence thyself"

  2. And a Merry Christmas to You Too...Penny. All the best for you and yours in the New Year 2019!


  3. It's truly a challenge to even wish such thing as Merry Christmas these days as it's questionable innitial origin (unrelated to birth of Christ the Son of God) is magnified with today's plethora of political correctness laced with buckets of sodomy, maniacal consumerism of conformistic masses and even jail time.
    In deed it is special time of the year as rate of crime and suecides peaks followed by wave of personal financial defaults resulting from mandatory shopping orgies.
    It sure sounds bad and unpopularly negative but it is fully supported by statistics and our own experiences. (Don't shoot me, the messenger)
    So what about getting out of that commercial squirrel cage and be bit orthodox and do what really counts?
    How about removing snow from elderly neighbors driveway? Handcraft card for your relative or even charter unknown waters of practicing year long morally and spiritually based kindness to each other, huh? What about not being follower of what we are told to do and come up with something different?
    But most of all please the one whom we pretend to celebrate and express our love for him by obeying his Father's commandments!

    Be blessed!


  4. I love a good geometer P.

    pax vobiscum

  5. Aus Deutschland wünsche ich , Dir, allen Lesern und Kommentatoren auf diesem Blog, ein besinnliches Weihnachtsfest und ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2019.

    Gallier der Ältere


    1. Vielen Dank an Gallier und auch an Sie und Ihre gute Familie. Mögen wir alle einen besseren Frieden für 2019 sehen

  6. Merry Christmas to You, too, Penny1
    And thanks for Your hard and intelligent work!

    Here a Christmas picture of my old Playboy (I loved!) from the 1970s:
    "Underground" was then a cultural (anti-mainstream) movement:
    A quote by Frank Zappa: "The mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground."


  7. Cheers to you Penny and your wonderful Husband.

  8. Wishing you and your family all the best, Penny.

  9. Merry Christmas to you and hubs and family. Thank you for the work you do on your blog, too.

    As you know, we moved back to Ohio to care for elderly, widowed fathers. Well, my father-in-law died in mid-October, and my dad died in late October. So my husband, son and I are going to try and relax and enjoy some quiet time and say hello to each other as it's been quite a year.

    God bless you and all of your readers! :)

  10. Wishing you a most wonderful Christmas and a splendid New Year.

    Thank you for the amazing information x

  11. May your loved ones rest in peace...I lost my beloved mom in September. I miss her. I come here, NTS, GC and a few others to keep my mind in perspective and to keep on track to what really matters. I hope the best for you and your family...and God bless you too.

  12. ...and may you and your good family stay safe Penny, stay warm and stay blessed. May you have the same support you have given to so many in the ME via your place to report them. May your work never go in vain. I'm fasting for the Yemeni's this holiday. When I shopped for my weekly groceries the gluttony of holiday freeforall was too overwhelming. May they be comforted and not forgotten...may their help come so very soon from some obscure place. God help them. peace dear Penny.


  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Penny and Family.

    "Happy Holidays" to any lurkers looking on -- you know who you are and you know what it means :P

  14. Thanks for stopping by everyone- Try as I may, try as I might..
    I couldn't keep the blog and comments up these past few days..
    Our daughter is heading home so it's still going to be hit and miss, but, I'll try..