Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Senior "Syrian" Kurdish official calls on US to implement no-fly zone to protect Kurds from Turkey

I've explained endlessly how it is these aren't Syrian Kurds.... that's just spin.

Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, the Kurdish co-head of the Defense Office in the self-administration of the north and east of Syria, said she would welcome any plans to establish a no-fly zone in the country’s northeast to prevent attacks by the Turkish government.
As if it's a given... The self administration zone. Did Damascus ok that? Or did Usrael?
Ahmed’s remarks came following comments a senior American official made on the United States’ potential plans to stay in northeast Syria.

“Remember, we were present not in northern Iraq but over northern Iraq in Operation Northern Watch for 13 years. That can be a UN force. Under 2254, there is language on a UN-managed and operated ceasefire. That can be partner forces. That can be other countries’ forces,” he said.
There is "language" Which can of course be twisted to advance agendas... 

This request for the US to implement a 'no fly' zone coincidentally/conveniently works hand in hand with the US setting up outposts all along the border with Turkey..
As mentioned in yesterday's post:

5 Indicators the US Will Escalate Soon in Syria. And Beyond.

 First: The announcement of US outposts along the Syrian/Turkish border.
This US move was a direct amping up of the war. to increase the power or force of (something)
Despite the US claims of assisting Turkey and securing them from terrorism. They are not.
The US is protecting their proxy forces and prepping for future moves against Turkey.  And Iran. The US is NOT protecting Turkey.

B I N G O! 


Indicator 6: "Syria’s Assad Has Gassed His Own People, Again" Bloomberg

  We'll note this as indicator number 6 that the US will soon escalate in Syria. And also take notice that this latest claim is a replay of the same rhetoric from the invasion of Iraq.
B I N G O !


  1. Hi penny, I am so looking forward to the masonic brotherhood of the air getting its comeuppance. it has millions of dead persons on its record this passed 30 years. Things to come.

    Like you I reckon we are long over due for a big one and it looks to be naval. something like a massive cruise ship, lusitaniastylee, would do the trick.

    I make it 3 attempts so far this passed 6 months, il-20, dry dock, kerch and russia has not bitten. So like germany last century there will be no choice.

    they always like to ruin Christmas.

    blockade is coming.

    1. hey incoming.... something is coming. I can't put my finger on it, but, there is a real confluence of events that appear to be heading for showdown

  2. Yup. Syria carved -- Turkey next on the list.

    1. If I get some time, I'll put some additional news up on the situation in the east that I've gathered- but today has not been a much time to spare day :(

    2. "US needs 35-40k local fighters in Syria, only 20% there now – General Dunford"

      Needs? And for what nefarious purposes, eh?

    3. Yah, that's interesting?
      Let's hope they don't get them!