Monday, December 31, 2018

US " PAUSING" the Non Existent Syrian Withdrawal

The Trump tweet kicked off quite the psyop. That's really clear and can and should be understood! All sorts of claims have been made these past few days to shore up the lie of withdrawal including  lots of disinfo surrounding the situation in Manbij.

Lost in all the disinfo was the fact that Turkish media leaked the presence and expansion of French occupation bases in northern Syria

 Unsurprisingly today..... The "pause"

 US ‘slowing things down’ on troop withdrawal from Syria – top senator

The withdrawal of the US military from the country is currently in a “pause situation,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R- SC) told reporters on Monday after having lunch with President Trump at the White House.

 The US troop withdrawal from Syria needs a “pause” in order to protect the Kurds, the potential interests of Israel, and to prevent Iran from scoring a big win in Syria, a top GOP senator has said. 

Apart from that, Trump is “worried” about the “potential dangers to Israel,” and will work with Ankara to ensure that “we don’t have a war between the Turks and our allies the Kurds,” Graham revealed.
CBC is reporting the "pause" as well

A U.S-backed Syrian Manbij Military Council soldier, left, speaks with a U.S. soldier, at a U.S. position near the tense front line with Turkish-backed fighters, in Manbij town,

"I'm going to ask him to sit down with his generals and reconsider how to do this. Slow this down. Make sure that we get it right. Make sure ISIS never comes back. Don't turn Syria over to the Iranians. That's a nightmare for Israel," Graham said.
"And, at the end of the day, if we leave the Kurds and abandon them and they get slaughtered, who's going to help you in the future?" he said. "I want to fight the war in the enemy's backyard, not ours. That's why we need a forward-deployed force in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan for a while to come."
A forward deployed force in Iraq and Syria... 

Was the US ever really going to leave? 
 No they weren't

hattippin nomadiceveryman..

He's observing the push for remaking the middle east via the Israeli friendly creation of "Kurdistan" aka Israel 2.0
my comment to Scott below:
thanks scott!
No wonder I stay away from Max Blumenthal---- way, way, way, away.



  1. Hey,

    We can count on the US pulling out of the area when Eretz Israel is in full bloom.

    Trump is the guy who makes it possible to bring about Greater Israel. This has always been the goal. This was always Trump's purpose.

    1. "Trump is the guy who makes it possible to bring about Greater Israel. This has always been the goal. This was always Trump's purpose."

      I agree

    2. We can all agree on that, but is he the man to bring on the war they are lusting for with Russia???

    3. Hi Abdullah, good question.
      Is he the man to bring on war they are lusting for with Russia?

      If he wins a second term we know he is?
      Unless Hillary wins, then we know she is?
      That said, it seems to me there is an aspect of warfare being fought with Russia within Syria

  2. Cognitve bells ringing loud and clear at PsyPer today ;)

    I had real fun challenging all the Zionist trolls at PsyPer. Thanks to Penny for having the courage to stand up to those monkeys: Thylacine, Chev1979, Whozhear, Igor Bundy, A_r, and of course, Canthama.

    Only now do I understand how infested PsyPer is with Zionists or their dupes. Most posters have probably never, ever seen the New Middle East maps. They haven't a clue about the partition plans for Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran.


    1. It was apparent to me some time ago that Syper was fully infested- I'm talkin years ago- Felt bad for Ziad, but, couldn't promote the site anymore...

      and you are welcome
      someone has to stand up to the ziotrolls...
      as they spread there disinfo- here there and everywhere
      Disinfothama is the most heinous of them all

  3. Hi Penny:

    The big picture is that Putin has checkmated the USrael with his various vastly superior weapon systems. How this plays out on the battlefield we shall find out. But the West has been checkmated and IMO Trump tacitly acknowledged that when he "tweeted" his Syria withdrawal. Now as we have learned to know and hate Trump...he will vacillate all over the map and all over the Twitterverse...but the fact remains...the US has no where to go militarily. Game over.


    1. What checkmated the Usrael nutter was Russia's entry AND the cooperation between Russia, Turkey and Iran-
      Those two actions changed the dynamic.

      GC " How this plays out on the battlefield we shall find out"

      That's what is scary.. I'm afraid we are heading to worse fighting then has been because it will really be the only way this can be settled- I don't think Usrael is going to leave- way too much at stake. Doesn't look as if that is there intention at all

    2. Yes, well said greencrow. Also; the people of Anatolia dealt the worldwide Judaic Mafia a heavy blow on 15 July 2016. Erdogan's Turkey is just the partner China/Russia/Iran need and the one (a CIA/NATO controlled Turkey) Usrael couldn't afford to lose, in order to attack Russia/China/Iran via central (Turkic) Asia.
      It is also a good thing that Usrael shot itself in the foot with that Istanbul consulate 'attack' which possibly was meant to help organize - but actually ruined - the war they wanted between Turkey and the (Zio-Wahhabi) Usrael controlled Gulf states.

      You're absolutely right, Penny. But "Patience ensures victory" describes the way both Putin and Erdogan work(ed until now) well.
      Maybe this [F├╝hrer Trumpf promoting] delaying attempt actually suits Turkey because they'll soon have the S-400 missile system.

  4. Israel can only fight [and win] in the dark. That's their Achilles heel.