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Pt.2 US Asks Western Allies (Not Turkey) to Form Buffer Zone in Syria

No luck on getting any more of the WSJ article from yesterday.
If you missed it, check below:

U.S. Asks Western Allies to Help Form Buffer Zone in Northern Syria

WASHINGTON—The U.S. wants to assemble a coalition of Western nations to create and potentially enforce a new buffer zone in northern Syria, U.S. officials said, but none have yet agreed to the proposal, which includes a promise of American military assistance.."

I did find some additional information from WaPO.. 

Last few paragraphs..
"Who would do it?

Given these requirements, the reality of a truly safe zone for civilians in northern Syria turns on questions of who would operate it — and whom these operators would allow to stay.

Turkey has revived an offer to be the primary guarantor of a safe zone that would more accurately be termed a “buffer zone.” Unlike safe zones, which pursue humanitarian protection as the primary goal, a buffer zone physically distances a threat primarily for security reasons — and Turkey has made no secret its goal would be to distance Syrian Kurds, whom it considers terrorists, from its southern border. Indeed, the Turkish military is preparing a campaign to push back Syrian Kurdish forces and establish a new front line. Although there’s no reason this buffer zone could not assume some humanitarian purposes, such as repatriating refugees, Turkey has stated it would not allow Kurds to be protected by its zone.

Syrian Kurds have offered to take the daunting responsibility of ground enforcement off Western armies’ hands. As my research shows, however, to be meaningfully “safe,” they would require a no-fly zone overhead — and the Kurds have no air force. However, unlike past calls for a safe zone protecting against the regime or Russia, an American- or European-led no-fly zone to protect Kurds would have to also exclude Turkey, a NATO ally, risking an intra-alliance crisis"

"exclude Turkey, a NATO ally, risking an intra-alliance crisis"

UPDATE 11:48 am January 31/19

Three named western allies

"The US is holding talks with its allies the UK, France, and Australia, to help create a 32km wide buffer zone"

The "Syrian Kurds" aka PKK/YPG will happily do the ground enforcement

It's what they've done all along. Ethnically cleansing the area of residents in order to Kurdify 1/3 of Syria. (Replaying Israel's creation)  And surely the US will do the no fly part with France, Britain, Canada etc. Via Iraq, undoubtedly.

Turkey will be excluded. Intra alliance crisis and all that....
That intra alliance crisis has been apparent for years and years... despite being well covered up by the 5 eyes main stream and alt media. 
Ask yourself, where else have you read about the problems between Turkey and the US? Can you count those places on one hand? I can.
What you've most probably read is 'bad Turkey' In a typical disinfo demonization type tactic. Not that simple. Anyone who lead you to believe that was the case, was probably misleading you.  Making Israel 2.0 has been a big project, but, it was hidden in plain sight.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

U.S. Asks Western Allies to Help Form Buffer Zone in Northern Syria

I can only get a snippet of this news story from WSJ

"None agree to proposal yet, posing another challenge to Trump’s order for a quick troop pullout amid fears of an Islamic State rebound or a war between Turkish forces and Kurdish fighters

WASHINGTON—The U.S. wants to assemble a coalition of Western nations to create and potentially enforce a new buffer zone in northern Syria, U.S. officials said, but none have yet agreed to the proposal, which includes a promise of American military assistance.."

Going to keep trying though. If anyone who reads here can get the whole article????

Too Glacial, Again

Glacial- Breakin' Records

And here we are again..... Another extreme cold warning as the below normal temps continue.

Looks as if it's cold including in the US as well... where the ice used to cover in the 'good old days'

I do not miss the ice age.

U.S. Midwest cities seeing ‘life-threatening’ cold — trains cancelled, mail service suspended

"A polar vortex brought life-threatening cold to the eastern U.S. on Tuesday with temperatures reaching as low as -50 F, or -45 C, in Chicago, with officials warning people stay inside and cover as much skin as possible if going outside.

The weather is so cold across parts of the U.S. Midwest right now that some cities are set to hit temperatures that they’ve never experienced before — or close to them.
That’s according to the National Weather Service, which has warned that residents of certain cities could contract frostbite in as little as five minutes if they don’t protect themselves.

Elsewhere, record low temperatures were expected in Minnesota’s Twin Cities/Chanhassen area, which includes the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

There, wind chills were projected to fall as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit below zero (-54 degrees Celsius) through Wednesday afternoon, and to stay under 35 degrees below zero (-37 degrees Celsius) up to Thursday morning.

Not to be spared the bitter cold, the Cleveland, Ohio region was set to see temperatures that hadn’t been experienced in 25 years.

There, in an area that includes the cities of Cleveland, Akron and Toledo, the NWS foresaw Wednesday’s highs staying below zero in numerous locations for the first time since January, 1994"

Where I live?

Extreme Cold Warnings Abound
A prolonged period of very cold wind chills is expected.

A frigid arctic air mass and strong winds will result in wind chill values near minus 30 today through Friday morning.

Bitterly cold arctic air has moved into Southern Ontario overnight. Overnight low temperatures near minus 20 degrees Celsius combined with strong southwest winds have resulted in wind chill values in the range of minus 30 to minus 35.

Bitterly cold Arctic air? Why I thought the Arctic was warm?
Obviously, Not.

Snow squall warnings- same as yesterday
Total snowfall accumulations may exceed 15 cm in some areas. In addition, the very strong winds will generate areas of blowing snow which will significantly reduce visibilities. Blizzard-like conditions are possible at times.

Prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions. Visibility will be suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow.

Snow squall warnings are issued when bands of snow form that produce intense accumulating snow or near zero visibilities.

Temperature right now.  9:07 am. 
Not Including Windchill
0.9 F or - 18 C. 
With the windchill.. Minus -28C

But have no fear the high for today is 5 F or  - 15C
It's 12:30 pm and the temperature from my back yard weather station is 1 F or - 18C
Environment Canada is reporting 0 F or -18 C
Windchill is - 28 C
and I can tell you all- it's bone chilling. I just returned home.

For the American readers

Very Dangerous and Life-Threatening Arctic Blast

One of the coldest arctic air mass intrusions in recent memory is surging south into the Upper Midwest before spreading across much of the eastern two-thirds of the country. Through late week, expect frigid temperatures, bitterly cold and life-threatening wind chills, likely leading to widespread record lows and low maximum temperatures from the Upper Midwest to the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley
I'm in the Great Lakes region/ Canada.
Bundle up everyone.

Central Canada

Expect temperatures ten to twenty degrees below seasonal averages (which are already at their low at this time of the year), with strong winds to boot.

One more: 75% of the US population will suffer below-freezing temps this week
 Schools in Minnesota are closing, Illinois' governor is warning residents about hypothermia, and hundreds of flights have been canceled at Denver Airport.
Even parts of the United States accustomed to cold weather are preparing for the worst.
About 220 million people -- or 75% of the continental US population -- will endure below-freezing temperatures this week.
The biting cold already has caused at least one death in Minnesota and another in Illinois. In many parts of the country, the coldest weather is yet to come.
Two deaths in the US... This brutal, brutal cold is expected to be here for the next couple of days.

But I’m sure it’s warm somewhere on the planet enabling the carbon cult pushers to claim the globe is warming

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

US State Dept.Announces Foreign Ministers Meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS


The coalition will absolutely, undoubtedly be attended by the Iraqi foreign minister. Iraq is NOT allied with Syria (no matter what disinfo Canthama @ Syper might claim about Iraq and Syria being allied- they aren't. Same claim disinfo Canthama made about the YPG/PKK being allied with SAA, when they were actually allied with the USrael coalition ethnically cleansing the areas the "took over" from their symbiots ISIS)

Canada will be in attendance, undoubtedly.
As will France. Germany. Britain. Israel (yes, Israel) The US, of course. Iraq. Saudi Arabia. UAE. Egypt. Australia. New Zealand. (off the top of my head that's all I can think of for the moment)
Turkey will not be there- 
Wondering all about the list  of attendees?? 
And Mike Pompouseo... as the master of ceremonies..

US Department of State

U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will host a day of meetings with the foreign ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS on February 6 in Washington, D.C.
The full 79-member Coalition will meet for in-depth discussions on the impending territorial defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, which is the result of four years of Coalition and our partners’ efforts, and a significant milestone towards delivering ISIS an enduring defeat.
Ministers will discuss the next phase of the campaign in Iraq and Syria, which will focus on protecting against a resurgence of ISIS through stabilization and security assistance.  (occupation and further annexation... unless?)
Ministers will also discuss important next steps in degrading ISIS’s global networks and affiliates outside Iraq and Syria.
These meetings are taking place at a key moment in our coordinated fight. The United States is determined to prevent a resurgence of ISIS in Syria and Iraq after the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria takes place, and remains committed to working with the Global Coalition to continue to destroy ISIS remnants and thwart its global ambitions. As ISIS is defeated on the battlefield, the Coalition will continue its stabilization efforts to facilitate the safe and voluntary return home of those who have been displaced by the violence.
The Global Coalition regularly meets to coordinate and enhance combined efforts to counter ISIS. The last Ministerial took place in Brussels on July 12, 2018, with select members of the Coalition. The last meeting at the Political Director level took place in Rabat, Morocco, on June 26, 2018.

Wondering if this meeting had to take place before Astana talks- Looking like February 12/2019. Two meetings that day. Will Syria be in formal attendance?

Lavrov: Upcoming Astana Talks & the Agenda Includes..... Adana

Monday, January 28, 2019

Lavrov: Upcoming Astana Talks & the Agenda Includes..... Adana

Who knew there was going to be more news so soon on this diplomatic push for Syria and Turkey to formalize relations and ensure no power vacuum at the border? While most probably addressing Idlib. Perhaps even prior to these upcoming talks? Which would explain why Turkey has moved tanks and troops to their border with Idlib province. (As the US has brought in more weapons and troops) Are we down to the wire now?  Of course, I'm taking a wait and see approach as there are too many variable to make any predictions.

Press TV
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the next round of peace negotiations for Syria in the Astana format will be held in the Kazakh capital in mid-February.

The top Russian diplomat announced the news during a joint press conference with his Kazakh counterpart, Beibut Atamkulov, in the Russian capital, Moscow, on Monday.

He added that the 12th Astana talks would be attended by the three guarantor nations of the peace process, namely Russia, Iran, and Turkey, as well as observers from Jordan and the United Nations (UN).

He said the presidents of the guarantor states would likely hold a summit, too.

    “There is an agreement in principle, the principal understanding is the organization of a regular summit next month involving the Russian, Turkish, and Iranian presidents. As soon as the details are finalized, we will inform you,” Lavrov further told reporters.

He also said Moscow believed that Turkey and Syria would be able to agree on providing security to their common border following a planned pullout of US forces from the Arab country.

“That is why we have to take immediate action to avoid any vacuum there. We believe that Syria and Turkey could freely use the 1998 security agreement, the so-called the Adana Agreement,” Lavrov said.

If you've been snoozing.. there are several posts covering all this Astana/Adana diplomacy.
And as the 'expert' quoted earlier today said.. It's remarkable to see this accord being mentioned repeatedly.
  • Part 3: Adana & Encouraging Formal Cooperation Between Turkey and Syria

    Atwan in an article released on Saturday in Ray–al-Youm newspaper added that everyone who followed the press conference of President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow on Wednesday, after a three-hour meeting, has come to the conclusion that direct talks between Damascus and Ankara are approaching, and a joint attack by Turkey and Russia on the Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group (former Al- Nusra Front) in Idlib and its suburbs has been agreed and its zero hour is set and the implementation of agreement has been linked to days and weeks to come.

 Covering Venezuela..


Venezuelan “Crisis” (Coup Plot) Buoys Canadian Oil Prospects

Two sources for the info below:
Globe and Mail.

And from January 2017- two years ago @ the CBC
Venezuela is roiling global oil markets, with the prospect that steep declines in the country’s oil output will drive up prices for the heavy crudes that Canada produces.

Production by the country’s state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA) plunged in recent years and is expected to fall further in 2019, with dramatic cuts if the United States follows through on threats to impose new sanctions on its oil trade with the South American country.
Here’s where Canadian Oil Producers and Pipelines Benefit
“ While Canadian producers should benefit from rising prices for heavy crude, they are not in a strong position to replace any declines in Venezuelan imports to the United States, owing to the lack of pipeline space and the straining capacity of the crude-by-rail option”
Trudeau bought a pipeline and Trump had a plan
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is strongly in favour of Donald Trump's decision to green-light the Keystone XL pipeline project, a move he says will be a boon for Canadian jobs and government coffers, and help a hobbled Alberta recover from the steep decline in oil prices.

Trudeau said he has spoken to the new U.S. president twice, and on both occasions he pressed upon him Canada's steadfast support for the $8-billion project, which could carry more than 800,000 barrels of Alberta oil a day to refineries in Texas.
Venezuela’s oil out. Canada’s oil in. Very NAU.
'Very good moment'

The Liberal cabinet presented a united front Tuesday, heralding Trump's decision as proof the two, ideologically incompatible governments can work together for the benefit of workers on either side of the border.

"My reaction is that it would be very positive for Canada — 4,500 construction jobs and a deepening of the relationship across the border on the energy file," Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr told reporters, referring to the number of temporary direct and indirect jobs that will be created in Canada.

“Canadian producers should be able to capitalize on a crisis like this in terms of placing their barrels [in the U.S. market], but that’s where the infrastructure constraints really come to bear," Helima Croft
"Analysts on Friday said it is unlikely the United States will impose a complete ban of imports of oil or exports of petroleum products to the country, but added it could adopt less dramatic steps that would curtail Venezuelan exports. Even without such measures, Venezuelan production is expected to continue to fall as debt-burdened PDVSA is unable to reinvest in its oil fields or infrastructure and has lost many of its most experienced technical staff under its military management"
That gives Canada time to get the pipeline built which can move a lot faster with higher prices for crude.
"If built, the project will be a shot in the arm for Alberta's oilpatch, as the project will carry 830,000 barrels of oil per day into the United States when fully operational. The industry has long said it needs more pipeline capacity to carry its product to market.

Supply from Western Canada will grow to 5.5 million barrels of oil a day by 2030, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has forecasted, while current pipelines can only carry four million barrels"
Last paragraph from the Globe and Mail

"Over the longer term, a change in government in Venezuela could give the country an opportunity to rebuild its oil industry, so long as that change is accompanied by political stability, Mr. Monaldi said. However, it will take years and many billions of dollars in investment to recover the ground lost over the past decade"
Hattip Northern Truthseeker
One final rant.... 

Anyone, anywhere who actually believes Trudeau is NOT a friend of big oil.. needs to stop smoking so much of that legal weed. Or get off the big pharma heroin? Get your face out of that smart phone? What ever?
 The carbon tax  promoted, sold by the Trudeau government, is just another tax grab... One of soooo many through history.. And has nothing to do with clean, green anything. Never did. Never will. 
And human forced global warming is one big psyop on all of us. It's freezin here again. 
Temps have been well below normal/average for this time of year. And it's set to get colder still!
With Wednesday's high set to be minus - 13 C (9 F for my American readers)
And the low to be minus - 17 C  (1 F , again, for my American readers)
Not including windchill factors 
Our usual this time of year (normal average) Is -1C /-8C
Big difference. But hey it's warm in Australia.... and that means the entire planet is hot?

 We're about to be hit with yet another storm, snow dump, low visibility and frigid temps.

Out in Eastern  Canada there were stranded seals that couldn't reach the ocean because of ice build up

hattippin geofish for all this information

  From earlier today

Part 3: Adana & Encouraging Formal Cooperation Between Turkey and Syria

Part 3: Adana & Encouraging Formal Cooperation Between Turkey and Syria

 Yup, one more. Should be the last, at least for a while. You will find all older posts on the subject of the Adana agreement at the bottom of today’s report.
 It makes sense to me that Russia is setting the tone for Turkey and Syria to cooperate openly and formally in recuperating all of Syria’s territory.  Certainly, with regard to Idlib and quite likely the Usreal Kurd eastern annexed and occupied part as well. 

 There are several reports here talking about informal cooperation between Turkey and Syria.  Most recently- December 25/2018:How Turkey, Iran and Russia will agree on eastern Syria: Cooperating in the East
It's clear in my mind that informal cooperation has been ongoing. For years now. At some point in time, the cooperation would have to made open and formal.

That said, let's get on to this latest report

Russia's option to revive Turkey's relations with Syria: Expert

Abdel Bari Atwan

Atwan in an article released on Saturday in Ray–al-Youm newspaper added that everyone who followed the press conference of President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow on Wednesday, after a three-hour meeting, has come to the conclusion that direct talks between Damascus and Ankara are approaching, and a joint attack by Turkey and Russia on the Tahrir al-Sham terrorist group (former Al- Nusra Front) in Idlib and its suburbs has been agreed and its zero hour is set and the implementation of agreement has been linked to days and weeks to come.
A joint effort on Idlib in the works was mentioned just last week
The expert reiterated that recalling the Syria-Turkish security agreement signed in 1988  ( Adana Agreement) by Putin was remarkable, and his emphasis on the treaty could solve a lot of problems in restoring security on the southern borders of Turkey.

In 1998, with the increase in political, military and organization of the PKK group in northern Syria, as well as in the cities of Aleppo, Damascus and Al- Beqaa in Lebanon, Turkey was offered to address the case with the then-President of Hafez al-Assad of Syria to negotiate. Following the initial agreement, an agreement was signed in the city of Adana, in the presence of security and political officials of the two countries, known as the 'Adana Agreement'.

About Russia's proposal to re-engage the agreement on the negotiating table between Turkey and Syria the analyst wrote that Putin's remarks about the revival of the agreement was for the first time since the Syrian crisis began in March 2011, and perhaps this is at the top of the agenda of the Erdogan talks in Moscow, and its revival may help resolve many of the problems between Turkey and Syria and the need for the establishment of a secure zone proposed by President Donald Trump along the Turkish border at a depth of 20 kilometers inside Syria.
Previously mentioned statement by Lavrov:
Lavrov "entered into this agreement, assuming certain obligations, and we proceed from the assumption that this agreement remains in force. As I understand, so do the state parties to the agreement," he added.
Taken a bit further: Damascus Must Participate in Any Syrian Buffer Zone

 "As for discussions about the buffer zone, the security zone, this cannot be the subject of an agreement between Russia and Turkey. This should be the subject of an agreement with the participation of the Syrian government, because ultimately the need to restore the Syrian government's control over the country's whole territory, including the zone, is clear to everyone,” Lavrov said on Friday at a press conference in Morocco.

Russian minister said that both Moscow and Ankara had agreed on restoring Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty
Based on all the information available here at the blog. I've no reason to believe anything other then that Turkey and Russia are in agreement with the restoration of Syria's territorial integrity. The threat to Syria's sovereignty still is, as always, the US/Israel/Kurdish/Coalition partners..

Posts covering the Adana Accord....


Sunday, January 27, 2019

Venezuela: Backing Guaido, Military Defection & Britian Refuses to Return Venezuela's Gold

 Canada’s own Chrystia Freeland was involved. Of course. 


The political crisis which came to a head in Venezuela this week followed "weeks of secret diplomacy," including a visit last month to the United States, Colombia and Brazil by opposition leader Juan Guaido. 

Guaido declared himself the interim president earlier this week and won immediate recognition from the US, in a move denounced by President Nicolas Maduro and a number of countries as a coup.
During a televised speech in Caracas on Friday, Maduro accused the self-declared president of working on behalf of the United States, calling him "an agent of the 'gringos' in Venezuela."

"They trained him as an agent and they put him in politics. He is an agent of the government of the United States, he knows and will receive and will fulfill orders from them," said Maduro.

According to the Associated Press, Guaido quietly traveled to Washington, Colombia and Brazil in mid-December to brief officials on his plans to provoke unrest to coincide with Maduro’s swearing-in for a second term on January 1.
Playing a key role behind the scenes was Canada, whose Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland spoke to Guaido the night before the swearing-in ceremony to offer support should he confront Maduro, AP reported.
At least 20 people have lost their lives in the unrest, but the planned "coup" hit the wall after the army rallied behind Maduro and countries like Russia, China, Turkey and Iran denounced outside interference.
A senior Canadian official told the news agency that the decision to confront President Maduro directly was only possible because of the strong support from the Trump administration.

“Trump has personally sparked a lot of this,” Fernando Cutz, a former senior national security adviser on Latin America to US presidents Barack Obama and Trump, told AP.

“Literally in every interaction that he has had with Latin American leaders since taking office, he brings up Venezuela. That has forced a lot of hands,” Cutz said.

President Trump said in August last year that a “military option” was on the table to deal with the ongoing Venezuelan crisis.

Two drones packed with explosives reportedly flew toward Maduro in August in what the government has described as a failed assassination attempt.
On Saturday, Russia, China, South Africa and Equatorial Guinea blocked a US push for a UN Security Council statement expressing full support for Guaido even as he has not run in any presidential race.

Pompeo the Pompous

In a speech at the UN Security Council, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on the world countries to "pick a side" on Venezuela and urged them to back Guaido.

"Now, it is time for every other nation to pick a side. No more delays, no more games. Either you stand with the forces of freedom, or you're in league with Maduro and his mayhem," Pompeo told the 15-member council.

Bolton: Super Hawk

US national security adviser John Bolton, who is known for his hawkish views, said on Thursday that Washington is making every attempt to cut Venezuela’s revenue streams, and make sure the oil revenue goes to the opposition leader.

"We think consistent with our recognition of Juan Guaido as the constitutional interim president of Venezuela that those revenues should go to the legitimate government,” he added.
Col. Silva: Traitor to Venezuela. Undoubtedly, well funded

In a video, filmed at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, Col Silva called for free elections and urged his "brothers in the armed forces of the nation to recognise President Juan Guaidó as the only legitimate president".

"The armed forces have a fundamental role in the restoration of the democracy in our country. Please, brothers, do not attack our people," he said.

Later, he told Reuters news agency that two other Venezuelan consular officials in the US also recognised Mr Guaidó as leader.

Bank of England Refuse to Return US$1.2B Venezuelan Gold

The head of Venezuela's central bank Calixto Ortega, traveled to London in mid-December to seek access to the nation's assets, admitting defeat this week after U.S. officials asserted pressure on their British counterparts, to prevent the release of US$1.2 billion in gold.

Don't Miss

Pt. 2: Lavrov- Adana Agreement Understood To Be In Force

Russia/Turkey/Syria 2019 & the Adana Agreement of 1998 Still Valid


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Pt. 2: Lavrov- Adana Agreement Understood To Be In Force

Following up on:

I’d expected the recent comments made about Adana would result in some media brouhaha..
And they did. 

Let's refresh our memories:

Putin said: “The treaty between Syria and Turkey of the year 1998 is still valid. And it deals, in particular, with the fight against terrorism. I think that this is the base that closes many issues in terms of ensuring Turkey’s security on its southern borders. Today we have been discussing this issue quite thoroughly, fully and actively.”
Cavosuglu saidWe think he referred to this [protocol] implying that Turkey can intervene in [Syria]. And this is positive for us,”

Today it’s being reported that Lavrov said: 1998 Adana pact could solve Turkey-Syria issues 

"The Adana agreement of 1998 was concluded between Turkey and Syria, its essence is to eliminate Turkey's concerns about its security," said Lavrov.
The Syrian regime Lavrov "entered into this agreement, assuming certain obligations, and we proceed from the assumption that this agreement remains in force. As I understand, so do the state parties to the agreement," he added.

From those three statements it's safe to surmise that Turkey and Syria are committed to the 1998 agreement. And Russia is encouraging the commitment.  
Quite frankly, it is improbable that Putin and Lavrov would be using the language in their statements if the agreement was null and void.

The Foreign Ministry Issued an interesting statement as well
via sana

Pay attention to what was written and how it was written..
The statement is talking about two issues

“Thus, Syria stresses that activation of the agreement can be done by making the situation on the borders the way it used to be before between the two countries and when the Turkish regime abides by the agreement and stops supporting, financing, arming and training terrorists and when it withdraws its military forces from the Syrian territories they are occupying, so that the two countries can activate this agreement, which ensures safety and security of borders between them,” the source clarified.
“Making the situation on the borders the way it used to be between the two countries”

That’s vague. How many ways can that be interpreted?
I can think of at least two:

*Turkey exits Syria
*Turkey assists Syria in restoring the border areas to the way they used to be between the two countries. Which would include, by necessity, the removal of PKK/YPG.

Then the second part of the statement paraphrased
Turkish regime withdraws rebels and removes itself from Syria..etc.,
Considering the ambiguity inherent in the first part of the statement how to interpret what follows after the "and"
If the first part of the statement is interpreted as Turkey assists Syria in restoring the border areas to the way they used to be then the second part will fall into place?
Is that what the Syrian Foreign Ministry is stating? I don’t know. It’s not at all clear.
What seems clear to me is that Putin, Lavrov and the Turkish leadership understand the agreement is still in place. And Lavrov is stating, plainly, that Syria/Damascus is in agreement

Why did Putin Reference Adana?
In an address at the Turkish Military Academy on Thursday, Erdogan hinted that the Russian proposal could work: "[The Adana agreement] rested on the surrender of the separatist terrorist organization to us. That the agreement came up during our discussions with President [Vladimir] Putin helps us better appreciate that we must stress it."

Putin's goal is to encourage Turkey to work with the Syrian regime. After the U.S. withdrawal, he (Putin) wants Bashar Assad to seize control of all YPG-controlled territories. At the same time, the Russian leader referenced the Adana agreement in order to ensure that the safe zone concentrates on border security.

In my opinion, based on a whole lot of research over the nearly 8 years of covering the Syrian destabilization Ankara and Damascus have maintained contact. I’ve reports here of meetings taking place. Phone calls. And curious simultaneous movements Surely Russia’s involvement with both parties makes clear there is and has been contact ongoing.

March 24/2016 this report was published

Was Syria Cooperating Militarily With Turkey Against The PKK? I Would Say YES

Included were reports that in 09/ Syria and Turkey were jointly rounding up PKK terrorists in a number of Syrian cities.

“400 PKK members were arrested in the Syrian cities of Aleppo, Kamishli, Afrin, al-Hasaka and Ar-Raqqa and 11 PKK fighters were killed in joint Turkish-Syrian operations at the end of June 2010 (ANA, July 1).  In addition, sanctions were taken against Kurdish families supporting the PKK. The New York Times described this as a sign of growing Syrian cooperation with Turkey (July 1). “
 With the benefit of hindsight... it seems to me that this joint round up of PKK was a move to impede the destabilization of Syria.  The US was forced to bring  more of the PKK in through Iraq. Which they did, for one, under the guise of saving Yazidi's from genocide...

Go back to 2014

The Yazidi genocide narrative strains credulity- No fly zone by stealth

I also didn't get a mountain rescue vibe from the pictures. In fact I didn't get a rescue vibe- period So, I have some serious doubts about the Yazidi/Sinjar mountain/genocide story
What seems more plausible under cover of a genocide narrative?

 -We do know that the US dropped quite an amount of 'humanitarian aid' One drop had contained:

 The U.S. Defence Department said planes dropped 72 bundles of supplies, including 8,000 ready-to-eat meals and thousands of gallons of drinking water, for threatened civilians near Sinjar.
 “The first UK aid drop took place over Mount Sinjar last night, with the RAF delivering bundles that included 1,200 reusable water containers providing 6,000 litres in total and 240 solar lanterns that can also be used to recharge mobile phones.
Based on the information at hand, I suspect these ISIS troops are prepping for a push into Syria. And they will have air cover thanks to the USA

Way back in 2014... We were supposed to believe the "Yazidi" fled into the Sinjar mountains..
But even then I was certain it was ISIS in the mountains. Later, I came to realize the Kurds and ISIS were one and the same. They were supplied by the US, France and Britain.... and invaded Syria. And so it continues on today...

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Russia/Turkey/Syria 2019 & the Adana Agreement of 1998 Still Valid

NOTICE: January 26/2019 I see this post has gotten a lot of notice- I'm following up with a second part which will be linked below;

Interesting. Very interesting.

I've written about and mentioned the Adana agreement on more then one occasion here at the blog- One extensive post on the topic, from 2016, will be re-linked at the bottom of this report.

 Cavusoglu is suggesting the 1998 Adana Agreement was discussed at the Erdogan(Turkey) - Putin (Russia) talks.

Russia positive on Turkey’s plans to secure its borders: FM Çavuşoğlu

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mention of a 1998-dated bilateral anti-terror protocol between Turkey and Syria........

“We think he referred to this [protocol] implying that Turkey can intervene in [Syria]. And this is positive for us,” Çavuşoğlu told private broadcaster AHaber in an interview on Jan. 24.
At a joint press conference in Moscow, when asked how Russia evaluates the proposed safe zone, Putin said: “The treaty between Syria and Turkey of the year 1998 is still valid. And it deals, in particular, with the fight against terrorism. I think that this is the base that closes many issues in terms of ensuring Turkey’s security on its southern borders. Today we have been discussing this issue quite thoroughly, fully and actively.”
The treaty Putin referred to is the Adana Protocol signed between Ankara and Damascus late 1998 after the former threatened to intervene militarily if the Syrian government did not quell its support for the PKK and halt sheltering PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan on its territories.

Cavusoglu also suggested in an Al Jazeera report that contact between Turkey and Syria is occurring. That doesn't surprise me in the least. I've stated here for quite some time now that had to be happening. For the simple reason that it makes sense. 

Why is this so interesting?

If Russia/Putin has acknowledged the Adana agreement still stands. The language certainly suggests this.  Then we should consider the possibility that Russia has/is going to green light yet another Turkish entry into Syria. Can't say for certain, of course. Just saying the language of recognizing the agreement appears to suggest this possibility.

Turkey, Syria, Iran and the Adana Agreement: The End of Pax Adana

December 2016:

"This was a good agreement for all parties. It kept the peace between Turkey, Syria and Iran regarding the PKK. It had them all on the same page. Iran signed on in 2003 because after the US invasion of Iraq the writing was on the wall..   Iraq's disintegration was a foregone conclusion and a Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0 was bound to appear. Turkey, Iran and Syria needed to keep their peace and work together to prevent their disintegration."
"Bashar al Assad would have known that Turkey would undertake these actions.  In fact, one should entertain the possibility that Syria did not focus on the northern border with the idea that Turkey would intervene. Allowing Syria to focus attention elsewhere. With the benefit of Russia's watchful eye and guidance"

We see the Adana agreement playing out in the Astana partnership.... As mentioned previously. I'm greatly pleased that my readership was long in the know regarding this agreement.




Canada Recognizes Self Declared Venezuelan "Leader"

Trudeau represented 'sane leadership'? Or a change for the better? 
Yup, those were words were written by the alt/main stream media. Disgusting fawning mouthpieces...

Canada recognizes new, self-declared leader of Venezuela

Canada has joined with more than 10 western hemisphere states in recognizing the newly self-declared leader of Venezuela and calling for quick elections.
n a joint statement issued later on Tuesday, the foreign ministers of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and Peru said they recognize and give their full support to Guaido.
They called for “new elections, in the shortest time, with the participation of all political actors and with the international guarantees and standards necessary for a democratic process,” according to one translation.
The statement also condemns “the acts of violence that occurred in Venezuela and urge that the rule of law, the fundamental rights of the people, and social peace be guaranteed while the transition of government takes place.”
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said earlier this month that Nicolas Maduro had “seized power through fraudulent and anti-democratic elections.”
"The Maduro regime is now fully entrenched as a dictatorship," Freeland said at the time. "The suffering of Venezuelans will only worsen should he continue to illegitimately cling to power."
Socialist Maduro declared victory last May following an election in which popular opponents were banned. His inauguration was boycotted by nearly every country except Cuba and Bolivia.
Unsurprisingly the Conservatives are on the exact same page as the Liberals, albeit with a twist in spin. 



Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Venezuela's Opposition Leader Declares Himself President: Wins US Recognition

This is outrageous. Simply outrageous.

Times of Israel

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president in a defiant speech Wednesday before masses of anti-government demonstrators who took to the streets to demand President Nicolas Maduro’s resignation.
The bold challenge to Maduro’s rule immediately drew recognition from the Trump administration, which said it would use the “full weight” of US economic and diplomatic power to push for the restoration of Venezuela’s democracy.
 “Today, January 23, 2019, I swear to formally assume the powers of the national executive as president in charge of Venezuela,” he told the cheering crowd standing before a lectern emblazoned with Venezuela’s national coat of arms.

 US President Donald Trump in a statement called on other Western hemisphere governments to join him in recognizing Guaido.
Will Canada march in lock step with the US?

In response, Maduro announced on Wednesday he was breaking off diplomatic ties with the United States. 
“I’ve decided to break diplomatic and political relations with the imperialist government of the United States,” said Maduro to thousands of cheering supporters in Caracas.
“Get out! Leave Venezuela, here there’s dignity, damn it,” he said, giving the US delegation 72 hours to quit the country.

Trump, just more of the same. 

From earlier today:


Russia & Turkey to "Stabilize" Idlib- No Details Forthcoming

Putin said the Russian and Turkish defence ministers had already held talks on a specific action that the two countries would take in Idlib and that the measures, which he didn’t describe, would now be implemented.

“Unfortunately there are many problems there and we see them,” said Putin, standing alongside Erdogan.

He said Turkey was doing a lot to try to remedy the situation, but that more action by both Ankara and Moscow was required to “liquidate the actions of terrorist groups.”
"Turkey loaded tanks and armoured vehicles onto trucks on Saturday and dispatched the convoy to the Turkish province of Hatay on the Syrian border, the Demiroren and Reuters news agencies reported.
It was the second day of reinforcements of the Turkish military presence on the border near the northern Syrian province of Idlib, the last major rebel stronghold in Syria"
Putin said he had agreed to host a summit soon where Russia, Turkey, and Iran would discuss the situation in Syria. He did not name a date for the summit but said he and Erdogan had agreed on its provisional timing.
ABC News:
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan met Wednesday to coordinate their moves in Syria as their governments bargain over zones of influence in the war-torn country.
The leaders share strong opposition to the U.S. military presence in Syria, seeing it as an obstacle to their clout in the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a meeting in Moscow on Wednesday vowed to coordinate their actions more closely in Syria.
"Cooperation between Russia and Turkey is a touchstone for Syrian peace and stability," Erdogan said in translated comments at a joint press conference after their talks, which lasted around three hours.
"With our Russian friends we intend to strengthen our coordination even more."
"We agreed how we'll coordinate our work in the near future," Putin said, calling the talks which included the countries' defence ministers "effective".
Defence Ministers of Russia and Turkey have been in discussion in advance of the Putin/Erdogan meeting. Iran will be in attendance at the next meeting. Undoubtedly their Defence Minister is already in talks with their Turkish and Russian counterparts. 

Putin said that the leaders discussed the situation in Idlib "in great detail today."
"We have a shared conviction that we must continue jointly fighting terrorists wherever they are, including in the Idlib zone," the Russian leader said.
Erdogan said that the countries will wage a "lengthy fight" (too out of context for me) in Syria.
"Russia and Turkey have agreed to coordinate ground operations in Syria""???
At the start of their meeting in the Kremlin, Putin addressed Erdogan as "dear friend," saying that their countries "work on issues of regional security and actively cooperate on Syria."

Erdogan used the same term for Putin in translated comments and said "our solidarity makes a weighty contribution to the security of the region."
That kind of language suggests messages are being sent to other parties.  

From earlier today:

ISIS Attacks Show YPG Can't/Won't/Don't Fight ISIS


ISIS Attacks Show YPG Can't/Won't/Don't Fight ISIS

Of course they, the YPG, don't fight ISIS because they are the symbiotic partner to ISIS.

Ethnically cleansing a vast swathe of the planet.

Both succored by US/Israel.

Which is why both of the recent "ISIS" attacks took place exactly where the US and their Kurdish proxies are embedded.
It's that obvious. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Israeli Strikes/ ISIS Bombings "Tactical Changes" In the MENA Remake

Coming hot on the heels of the second "ISIS suicide bombing" right where Usreael's Kurds are in Syria.. NOT A COINCIDENCE--- We have more news about Israeli airstrikes and an explosion in Latakia.

Do you all recall in the previous post dated January 12/2019- I expressed, plainly, that the tactics had shifted and The Next Phase of the MENA Remake has Likely Begun.
Hell that was even the title of the post. Quoting below, your's truly stated..
Only the means/method or way to achieve the goal is changing.
NOTHING MORE.   That tells me the regional remake is still on. 
And most probably we've entered a new phase that requires this 'tactical change'
 Read that anywhere else? Doubtful, because there are exactly two independent analysts (that I know of ) covering the remake ongoing in the region. Myself and Scott at Nomadiceveryman.(linked in the sidebar) From where I sit all other alt media/alt analysts, so labelled, are obfuscating the remake agenda. By intentionally misleading their audience on what is really occurring. That's how I see it.
Israeli Strikes in Syria Reveal New Battlefield for Post-Civil War Era
Syria has been the center of great power politics, and an attempt by various forces to control the region through proxies in the conflict. It also became a battlefield between different ideologies, and quests for autonomy amid the chaos and the rise of Islamic State. Now that era is drawing to a close and a new battlefield shift is taking place
However, the current battlefield in Syria is made more complex by the lack of chaos. This appears counterintuitive. The chaos of the Syrian conflict enabled Israel to act in the shadows because other countries were also participating. But the end of the conflict means more focus on these airstrikes.

The Syrian government wants to return to eastern Syrian areas that the US plans to withdraw from. 
How can it return to eastern Syria and challenge the growing extremist threat in Idlib, while dealing with a simmering conflict between Israel and Iran? The regime doesn't want that and neither does its Russian ally.
Something else mentioned previously- the picking away at Syria on multiple fronts.

Also stated repeatedly There is going to be no US withdrawal. Never was. Isn't going to happen. This was a psyop to increase attacks on Syria, undercover, of claims about some non-existent agreement between Damascus and Baghdad. As the US launched strikes (coalition) they ethnically cleansed more of the resident Arab population so that 1/3 of Syria could be Kurdified and occupied. Permanently. 
There will be no 'safe zone' agreement with Turkey- That was just more spin originating with a Trump tweet- Trump's tweets often kick off very deceptive actions already planned by the US military

Yesterday:  Breaking: 2nd "suicide attack" in Syria- Usreal/Kurdish Check Point Hit

The latest:

 Times of Israel

"Satellite images released by an Israeli firm on Tuesday appeared to show extensive damage at Damascus International Airport as a result of Israeli airstrikes on Sunday and early Monday.
On Sunday, Israel reportedly conducted a rare daylight missile attack on Iranian targets in Syria. In response, Iran fired a surface-to-surface missile at the northern Golan Heights, which was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system over the Mount Hermon ski resort, according to the Israel Defense Forces"

" Satellite images released by an Israeli firm on Tuesday appeared to show extensive damage at Damascus International Airport as a result of Israeli airstrikes on Sunday and early Monday" 

During 20-21 January in the most significant escalation since 9-10 May 2018

Bombing Rocks Latakia

"At least one person was killed Tuesday in a car bombing in the Syrian regime's coastal stronghold of Latakia, reported state news agency SANA.

SANA cited the head of the Latakia health department as saying a "terrorist explosion" had killed one civilian and wounded 14.

SANA earlier said the person killed was the driver of the vehicle, a Suzuki minivan, that blew up in the Sahat al-Hamam district.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the blast was caused by an explosive device hidden inside the car or near it.

Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP that the driver was not a suicide attacker.
Most of those wounded were hit by shrapnel, the director of the city's Tishrin hospital, Louay Naddaf, told state television.

Authorities found a second explosive device in the same place and defused it just before it was due to blow up, SANA said"
For all those people that insist on stating the war on Syria is over... Please stop saying that. Those claims only obfuscate the reality, intentionally or unintentionally,  of what is an ongoing process. This regional remake is far from over
The tactics have changed. The objective remains. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Claas Relotius : Fake News Superstar/ Der Speigel’s Damage Control

The most despicable fake/obfuscated/misleading/perception managing news always comes via the military industrial complex led main stream/alt media- Which makes my passion for truth that much more difficult.

Claas Relotius is a prime example of a fake news superstar. There are others out there. I’m going to address another one I find particularly egregious as soon as possible. For now we’ll look at Claas Relotious and Der Speigel’s attempt at damage control


What did Claas fabricate?
Claas Relotius committed his deception intentionally, methodically and with criminal intent.
It looks like just about all his work was fabricated. Intentionally. And he is playing the victim in all this, of course.

Shortly before the end of his journalistic career, misery and glamor crossed paths in the life of Claas Relotius. On the evening of Monday, Dec. 3, Relotius, who had worked for DER SPIEGEL for seven years and had been employed as an editor for the past year and a half, was called onto a stage in Berlin. The jury for the 2018 German Reporter Prize was once again of the opinion that he had written the best feature story of the year, this one about a Syrian boy who lived with the belief that he had contributed to the country's civil war through a graffito he had daubed onto a wall in Daraa. The jurors praised the article for its "unparalleled lightness, intimacy and relevance that is never silent regarding the sources on which it is based." The truth, however -- a truth that nobody could have known at that point in time -- is that his sources were anything but clear. Indeed, it is likely that much of it was made up. Inventions. Lies. Quotes, places, scenes, characters: All fake.

That misery came in the form of an email, one which, as chance will have it, arrived some 17 hours before the glamor of the awards ceremony, at 3:05 a.m. The message came from a woman named Jan, short for Janet, who was doing media work for a vigilante group in Arizona conducting patrols along the border to Mexico. She asked Relotius -- who two weeks earlier had written an article ostensibly about this vigilante group in the darkly dazzling DER SPIEGEL report "Jaeger's Border" -- what exactly he was up to. How, she wanted to know, could Relotius have written about her group without even bothering to stop by for an interview? She found it very strange, she wrote, that a journalist would write stories without gathering facts locally.
Fake News Superstar gets CNN awar
The story "Jaeger's Border" would prove to be Relotius' undoing. It was one fabricated story too many, because this time, he had a co-author, who sounded the alarm while also collecting facts to counter his fiction. That co-author, Juan Moreno, has been traveling the world as a reporter for DER SPIEGEL since 2007. In the dispute with and surrounding Relotius, Moreno risked his own job, at times even desperately seeking to re-report his colleague's claims at his own expense. Moreno would go through three or four weeks of hell because his colleagues and senior editors in Hamburg didn't initially believe that Relotius could be nothing more than a liar.

In late November and into early December, some at DER SPIEGEL even believed that Moreno was the real phony and that Relotius was the victim of slander. Relotius skillfully parried all allegations and all of Moreno's well-researched evidence, constantly coming up with new ways of sowing doubt, plausibly refuting accusations and twisting the truth in his favor. Until, ultimately, his tricks stopped working
Somehow Relotius had gained an impenetrable armour of authority that truth could not break through... until finally, thankfully, it did.
It has now become clear that Claas Relotius, 33 years old, one of DER SPIEGEL's best writers, winner of multiple awards and a journalistic idol of his generation, is neither a reporter nor a journalist. Rather, he produces beautifully narrated fiction. Truth and lies are mixed together in his articles

Others, he admits, were embellished with fudged quotes and other made-up facts. Still others were entirely fabricated
The fact that Relotius had for years been able to slip through the vetting and fact-checking measures established over decades at DER SPIEGEL is particularly painful and it raises questions about internal structures here that must be addressed immediately.
“Lion Boys”
In February 2017, DER SPIEGEL published "Lion Boys," a heart-wrenching story that made waves well beyond journalistic circles. "Lion Boys" is a particularly appalling example of the fraud committed by Relotius. The figure of the physician, upon which much of the story is based, never existed
“ In a Small Town”
Just one month later, in late March 2017, an article headlined "In a Small Town," a snapshot of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, appeared in DER SPIEGEL.

In his story about Fergus Falls, Relotius bent and twisted reality in a repugnant and arrogant manner. To ensure a gripping lead, he wrote that next to the welcome sign at the edge of town, there was also a second sign -- "half as tall, but almost impossible to overlook." On this sign, made of thick wood rammed into the frozen soil, stood in large painted letters: 'Mexicans Keep Out'"

This sign, which set the tone for the entire story, never existed, except for in the author's imagination. But he passed on his creation as fact to hundreds of thousands of readers -- and insulted the inhabitants of Fergus Falls in the process.
“Blind Date”
“He says he wasn't as deceitful in the case of "Blind Date," the story of an FBI translator who fell in love with German Islamic State fighter Denis Cuspert. But if the premise of the story itself already sounds fictitious, what about the details within? Nothing has yet been proven with regard to this story, but more investigation is clearly needed.
Relotius miraculously had Kaepernick's parents on the line. "They hesitated over whether they should speak about their son on the phone. They didn't want to cause any trouble for him, they said, but they also wanted people to understand him. Finally -- at times crying, at times laughing -- the mother told his story." The phone conversation carried the entire story that followed. But it never took place.
“The Last Witness”
“It all fits perfectly. But it's not true. None of it. Claas Relotius never accompanied a woman to executions in America. He never traveled by bus with her, and he never paged through Leviticus with her. He made up the story, all 40,273 characters, five pages and one column of it, published in DER SPIEGEL 10/2018, pages 58 to 63. Even for someone in his league, that must be some kind of a record. “
"Child's Play"
Awarded the 2018 German Reporter Prize three weeks ago, on Monday, Dec. 3, as the best feature of the year. The story is about a boy who sprayed an anti-Assad message on a wall in Daraa, possibly helping to trigger the mass protests that ensued, and it appeared in DER SPIEGEL on June 23, 2018. Unfortunately, like so many other pieces from Relotius' workshop, it is full of fabrications.
It is difficult to separate fact from fiction, it is difficult to determine who Relotius was actually in contact with

He borrowed material from old newspapers and obscure blogs. He assembled all these pieces and splinters and shreds and crumbs to create his characters. Chris Jaeger, Gayle Gladdis, Neil Becker from Fergus Falls, Nadim and Khalid in Kirkuk, Ahmed and Alin from Aleppo, Mohammed Bwasir from Guantanamo, they were not human beings made of flesh and blood. They only live on paper, and their creator was Claas Relotius
Juan Moreno, whom Claas Relotious, intentionally framed, defamed, slander and with malice set him up as the liar.


I watched the face book video linked below, with the audio off and read the english subtitles 


From earlier today:

Breaking: 2nd "suicide attack" in Syria- Usreal/Kurdish Check Point Hit

Glacial- Breakin' Records