Wednesday, January 9, 2019

US Non Withdrawal from Syria: Of Course, Blame Turkey

 Was thinking this morning about the psyop known as US withdrawal from Syria.
Blame Turkey will be all the rage- expect to see it all over the place (5 eyes msm and alt)
The "withdrawal"wasn’t going to happen. At all.  Between the US and France there are more then 20 military bases dotting the Syrian landscape. One, alone, being more then 500 acres in size. 
A 'withdrawal' may have been claimed? Cleverly disguised in a repeat of the Iraqi withdrawal.
 And the claimed Afghanistan withdrawal is dead in the water

Considering history and reality it was extremely safe to say there would NOT be a US withdrawal from Syria. Also, we should expect the new meme to circulate as "Blame Turkey" for the withdrawal that was never going to take place, not happening. Which will also justify ramping up covert/overt attacks on Turkey via their proxies (aided by US/Israel/France and friends)
1-- Blame Turkey for the inability to leave Syria
  •  The idea put forth by Bolton that Turkey was going to ‘protect’ terrorists, er I mean Usreael’s allies... was absurd. No, it was beyond absurd. Let’s use a better word. Let’s be honest and state it was LUDICROUS to even plant the idea in the mass conscious that Turkey was going to protect those heavily armed killers that have the Turkish state in their sights... Insane. Delusional Madness. But there it was, suggested by Bolton.
    We can see that idea starting to spread here: Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Plan Scuttle by Erdogan or Newsy

    2 – Claims of Kurds having to ‘negotiate’ with Damascus- left in the lurch by withdrawal

     What a lie. The Usrael Kurds have no reason to negotiate honestly with Damascus. They KNOW the US isn’t going anywhere.
    3– Lie of US withdrawal from Manbij
     It didn’t happen. Just part of the psyop of the US leaving. Heavily promoted by the likes of Canthama at Syper (though certainly not the only promoter)

    4 – Cover for ethnic cleansing in the east
     Flying under the radar of the media fake news of the US withdrawing from Syria was the carefully hidden fact that the US increased, exponentially, it’s bombing of eastern Syria, killing civilians. This disinfo was also aided by the claim that Baghdad and Damascus had made some agreement to allow for Baghdad to freely bomb Syria
  • U.S. Ramps Up Bombings in Eastern Syria Following Trump Withdrawal Announcement

    The US was NEVER leaving-
    As stated ten days ago:
    The Trump tweet kicked off quite the psyop. That's really clear and can and should be understood! All sorts of claims have been made these past few days to shore up the lie of withdrawal including  lots of disinfo surrounding the situation in Manbij.
    One can only conclude the claim of US withdrawal was a handy dandy psychological operation to manage your mind..and advance narratives- 
 Included allegations that Trump told Erdogan he could have it all “During his heated phone call with Erdogan five days earlier, he is reported to have declared: “OK, it’s all yours. We are done.” I actually saw that totally contrived tale spread around as if it was gospel truth!

Let’s bring this up to present day: Erdogan didn’t give John Bolton the time of day.
It’s not a shocker. Why would or should he? Condemning Bolton will play out well domestically.

Turkey has asked the US, again, to live up to the Manbij withdrawal- How many years has that been ongoing now?
"Turkey on Tuesday called on the U.S. to fulfill their roadmap for Manbij, Syria and remove PYD/YPG, the Syrian offshoot of the PKK, terrorists from the region as soon as possible"
 That’s going nowhere and it never was. In case your unaware this began under the Obama administration.

Turkey has made clear they cannot make concessions to the US when it comes to PKK/YPG 
That’s stating the obvious. Or what should be obvious for years and years now

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the U.S. national security adviser of making “a very serious mistake” Tuesday by demanding that Ankara guarantee the safety of Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria before the U.S. withdraws its troops from the war-torn country.
“We cannot make any concessions in this regard,” Erdogan said


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  2. Hi Penny.
    Adam Garrie/Andrew Korybko ( report pretty fair (and competent) about Usrael 2.0 and Eurasia.
    It's a pleasure to read your analyses, also your comments about tRump. You noticed that F. William Engdahl also caved in on Trump?

    No one is allowed to criticize big psyops or der 'Nazi' F├╝hrer, the 'globalists' latest trump in a desperate bid to turn the tide.
    'Nazis' = Trotskyites = Neo-cons. As Flopot and WillyLoman noticed (and The Saker will tell you) Russia has a miserable Trotskyite fifth column (think Khrushchev, Gorbachev, or the oligarchs) esp. in its media and 'educational' system.

    1. the fifth column are the Chabad

    2. Didn't notice Engdahl had caved on Trump- that's too bad

      Yes, I've noticed one doesn't dare criticize the big psyops like regional remakes- the cost is high to do so

      Good thing I simply don't care that much about that kind of stuff.....

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