Friday, January 11, 2019

Syrian Withdrawal Requires More US Troops? Syrian Air Defences Fire on Enemy Target!

I feel that old cognitive dissonance coming on, yet again.  The uncomfortable feeling that comes when someone wants me to believe that which cannot and should not be believed.

Let's define: more-(quantity) "a greater quantity, number, or amount"
Let's define: less (quantity)- "constituting a more limited number or an amount less than

In my opinion the withdrawal psyop is continuing. Reality and unreality are competing for your heart and mind.We're going for reality 'round these parts. Hope you are too?
Let's start now, where today's previous post ended.

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. defense official says no U.S. troops have withdrawn from Syria but equipment is being pulled out.

Onto the latest... 

AP- US starts withdrawing supplies, but not troops, from Syria....
Or - Seattle Times

"The withdrawal plan, whose details are classified, includes bringing hundreds of additional troops into Syria temporarily to facilitate the pullout. These include troops to provide extra security for those who are preparing to leave. The full withdrawal is expected to take several months"
 So you would bring in additional troops of an unknown numbers to 'facilitate' the pullout?
Less does not equal more.And still the 'full withdrawal' is expected to take several months?

"The USS Kearsarge amphibious assault ship is now in the region and could provide troops and equipment to support the withdrawal."

An amphibious assault ship is now in the region. To provide extra troops and equipment for the withdrawal. Or extra troops and equipment for extra/expanded military operations?

Something doesn't smell right here. As the withdrawl psyop continues on. The US isn't going anywhere and they are going to bring in extra troops and extra equipment...  

“Let me be clear: America will not retreat until the terror fight is over,” Pompeo said.

And there it is. No retreat. No withdrawal.

Jan.01/2019: Trump’s Syria withdrawal plan sounds suspiciously like a plan to stay in Syria

UPDATE: It's early reporting but here we go. Syrian air defence fires on enemy targets above Damascus
Syrian air defence units fired on enemy targets above Damascus and destroyed several, state news agency SANA said late on Friday. 

It was not immediately clear if the targets were missiles or planes. Video footage showed explosions above the city.
Jerusalem Post is reporting IDF struck Iranian Targets

The Syrian air defense system is dealing with hostile targets over Damascus, the official Syrian news agency SANA reported. Explosions were also reported in the skies of the Syrian capital.

Syrian air defense units fired on enemy targets above Damascus and destroyed several, state news agency SANA said late on Friday.

It was not immediately clear if the targets were missiles or planes. Video footage showed explosions above the city.

Sources in the Syrian opposition reported that the Israeli Air Force attacked the bases of Iranian militias and Assad's regime forces southwest of Damascus.
Israeli media was really out in front with this latest attack

Syrian anti-aircraft fired on 'enemy targets' near Damascus on Friday night, state media SANA reported. 


  1. The war the Anglo-Zionist Empire launched in 2011 against Syria, led to the deepening of relations and alliances between countries, which will soon make Israel and the Zionists pay through the nose for his criminal arrogance.

    Let's see, Syria now has missiles with power and precision to reach any building or military installation in Israel. Added to this, Bashar al-Assad now has an integrated air defense that is many times higher and more capable than what his regime had in 2011. The anti-air defenses of Syria in 2011 were reduced the former Soviet source systems, that little or nothing could do against a very modern Israeli Air Force. Today, much the fault of his arrogance that led even to cause the killing of a Russian military plane last September, Israeli fighters who dare to penetrate the airspace of Syria, will find themselves confronted with a whole set of new anti-aircraft technologies, ranging from modernized Buk M1 and M2 to the extremely capable S-300 and Pantsir S 1 . The summing up all this arsenal is no longer little, the Syrians still have powerful means of electronic warfare with which they could only dream in 2011.

    In turn, the Hezbollah ( Hi vey! ) Have now prepared underground bases in mountainous areas which stores an incalculable number of medium and long-range missiles that have a high degree of accuracy . Israeli generals know that Hezbollah has never been as strong as todayand that in case of a new war in Lebanon, there will be a single Israeli city that can escape the wrath of the war Hizbullah. The war in Syria has created a bond of brotherhood between Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, which would have been impossible to forge without conflict. More than ever, the anti-Israel axis stretching from Tehran to Beirut, (passing quietly by Moscow ...), is determined to wipe out the Jewish-Zionist terror regime that for decades only does it bring war and suffering to the Middle East.

    Iraq, once ruled by the Sunni Saddam, is now under the firm control of a Shiite regime and naturally ally of Iran. The war against the Islamic State came only strengthen ties between the Syrians and the Iraqis who know perfectly well who was directly behind the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Arab Spring, the supposed "democratic revolution" in Syria and the creation of the Islamic State, was the "invisible hand"International Zionism. The alliance of the Syrians with the Iraqis created an unprecedented situation in which for the first time in history, the Iraqi Air Force has full freedom to bomb targets Islamic state on Syrian soil and the Iraqi Army can enter Syria to fight jihadism at any time it deems appropriate to do so and without the need for prior authorization on the part of Bashar al-Assad regime.

    Israel today is losing on all fronts and little or no room for maneuver left to the Zionists to reverse the direction of the grave situation that they have created. International Jewry and you can apply all the sanctions and a few against Iran, Syria and Russia, it will not change one iota the reality of the situation on the ground. Trump, and now the adventurous Bolsonaro can also change the embassies hoping for Jerusalem, in a vain attempt to appease the Zionist lobby that both fear [1], that none of this will also change any aspect of the harsh reality that is being made in raise. The fact is that the anti-Zionist axis has never been as strong as today. This was the direct result of the war the Anglo-Zionist Empire launched against Syria in 2011.

    More here:

    1. This may seem trite, but I'm reminded of the movie "Steel Magnolias" in which Olympia Dukakis says, "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." With so many Syrians killed, it might be better to say, "That which does not completely destroy us makes us stronger." It certainly seems true for both Syria and Hezbollah, and hopefully for Iraqis as well.