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A Canadian (Armenian Heritage) Embedded with Kurds “fighting’ ISIS.

Of course I view this feel good story differently then most everyone else will. Presented as a do gooder. Just defending his beliefs......

Global News
“Craig and I both are really proud of Kyle and the courage that he’s shown to stand up in the way that he has to defend his beliefs,” she said.”
What are his 'beliefs'?
Most people reading the information below will think nothing of it. For me, it speaks a bit differently. A hint that possibly more is going on here then we are being led to believe
“His grandfather, who traces his Armenian roots to Turkey and Iraq, also confirmed Town was in Syria.”

Armenians fighting alongside Kurds... this rings an all to familiar bell
“Upon arriving in Syria, Town was trained by the YPG, or People’s Protection Units, which is part of the SDF alliance. It was six weeks of military instruction, history lessons and an introduction to the ideology of the Kurdish armed groups.
That doctrine is based on the ideas of Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, who envisioned a leftist Kurdish state. Ocalan has been imprisoned in Turkey since 1999.”

Keep in mind that the PKK is a terrorist group. A violent extremist cult.  Ocalan leads that terror group.  Completely, unmentioned in the global news report, of course. It’s just all sunshine, rainbows and do gooding.

The Global News report ends as quoted below:

“The United Kingdom and Denmark have arrested volunteer fighters who have returned home after serving with Kurdish forces, but that has not happened in Canada, although many have had visits from the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

“I’m hoping I won’t have any problems like that coming back,” Town said.

“But I suppose I’ll find out.”
It is unstated that Mr Town is in stolen Syrian territory, fighting alongside Usreal proxies, with the blessing of Canada’s law enforcement and intelligence apparatus. Though that is in fact the case. Hence the vague quote from his mother and lacking in facts and detail  Global news story.

Let’s get back to the Armenian heritage and the PKK connections:

There are a number of Armenian terrorist groups- They’ve been in existence for multiple decades- Most probably tied to the global NATO terror structure at this juncture in time. Though it’s possible they were previously independence movements of sort. 

CIA document - The Armenian Secret Army

Armenian groups cooperating with the PKK would be an easy fit. Since they’ve long targeted Turkish politicians etc., Together and separately.

Groups such as the one that carried out the terror attack in Canada don’t go away.
They are far too useful to the global warmongers... Mr Town’s Armenian heritage and his involvement with the PKK in Syria are very suggestive, not definitive, but certainly suggestive there is much much, much more to his involvement in Syria then meets the unwitting eye.  
After all there is a long history filled with terror attacks both groups share.


National Post
The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia shot a Turkish diplomat in Ottawa in 1982
Relations between PKK and ASALA (Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia)

According to the published notes of a joint press conference conducted by ASALA and the PKK in 1980, the two organizations had reached an agreement on issues including the foundation of a federal state and had also agreed to conduct joint armed actions against Turkey.

While the PKK had not yet begun armed activity in Turkey, at the beginning of the 1980s a number of bomb attacks against Turkish diplomatic missions in Europe were claimed in the joint name of the PKK and ASALA. The leader of ASALA, Melkonian, while imprisoned in France had made a public call for the foundation of a joint “Turkish, Armenian and Kurdish” terrorist organization. The following year, ASALA spokesperson Agop Agopian stated that ASALA was “fighting side by side with Kurdish revolutionaries.” Similarly, the Turkish daily Milliyet (15.2.1985) quoted ASALA figures Agopian and Jean-Marc ‘Ara’ Toranian as stating that ASALA was working “not just with the PKK,” but with other outlawed terrorist organizations in Turkey. The importance of cooperation with Kurdish and Turkish groups was emphasized in leading article published in the Turkish language supplement of ASALA’s Hay Baykar (Armenian Struggle) which stated “to understand each other, to make our case heard in the name of one million martyrs, to struggle in the name of the downtrodden Turkish, Kurdish and Arab peoples we must organize the masses and create ideas.”
The Global news story, as presented, makes for a nice piece of feel good fiction. However, the way this man and his story are covered... so vague. Leaves me questioning the reality of his presence in the territory stolen from Syria?  His involvement with the PKK?
And if he has any connections to certain Armenian terror groups? 

Keep in mind that the driver in the Toronto incident last summer was also of Armenian heritage AND known to law enforcement.


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