Monday, March 4, 2019

Ice Walls and Persistent Cold- Less then 3 Weeks Till Spring

Less then 3 weeks to spring.
Saw the news from TO last night and this interviewee actually said "It used to be warmer in March" Yah, it did.  But that's not been the case for a while now.
- About 20 -25 centimetres of snow cover the ground.
-10C at 8:00 am. High was to reach - 6 today. Doubtful it made it.

-Night time temps set to fall to -14 C

Yesterday’s high and low
    -2.4 °C
    -12.5 °C
Average norms at this time should be
Max 3°C. Min -5°C.

Notice how much cooler it is then the so called 'norm'
If we reach our high for today it will still be colder then our average low.
Yesterday was colder then usual as well.

But hey “global warming” right? Human caused of course. Right?

Calgary’s cold February the worst in 828 months: Environment Canada
Calgary did not have a single “normal” temperature in February, meaning every high, low and mean temperature were below seasonal.
Wall of Ice Cape Breton Nova Scotia
Atlantic Ocean Ice (Salt Water)
Although the saltiness of ocean water varies, this lowers the freezing point of ocean water to about -1.8°C or 28.8°F. So ocean water will freeze.

My region: Ice Wall Niagara River/ Lake Erie

Pushed right on to the Parkway- first time I've seen that!

 Breaching the retaining wall- Breaking the ice boom

 Each winter since 1964, the boom has been installed near the outlet of Lake Erie to reduce the amount of ice entering the Niagara River. By controlling the ice flow, there is a reduced risk of ice jams, which can result in damage to shoreline property and significantly reduce the water flow needed for hydroelectric power production.
Lots of ice in Lake Erie- Saw it yesterday for myself

Of course, cold being the absence of warmth

Toronto under extreme cold weather alert ahead of big temperature drop Sunday

Extreme cold warnings issued across central, southern Sask.
And the Great Lakes Ice cover was at 74.2 percent as of measurements taken 3/3/19.
It should be greater tomorrow  as the cold continues through at least until the week end.

I recall when the carbon cult told me there was going to be no ice in the Great Lakes
But, that hasn't been the case for years now.. (documented here at the blog)

Cold is the absence of warmth

Geofish offers up numerous updates regarding climate:


The Crisis of Science: Corbett Report

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