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Macron Puts the Army in The Streets, Heavily & Lethally Armed- Chemical Weapons Used

Scroll down for an update regarding some type of chemical markers that have been deployed against the French people..

Hoping to have a week end long break from the blog. So, I've got a bunch of posts up today

 Macron calls out the military

This has the potential for disaster. Real ugliness.  I'm very frightened for the French people.

France 24
French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that soldiers will be deployed across the country to help maintain security during Yellow Vest protests planned this weekend. But the move has been met with fierce criticism.

The troops will be redeployed from the "Sentinelle" anti-terror operation during this weekend’s protests to secure government buildings and other sites, and to allow police forces to focus on maintaining public order. 

However these soldiers are armed with automatic weapons, raising concerns about how they will respond if set upon....
“Maintaining order in France should be the police’s and the National Gendarmerie’s business. It is not the army’s job,” Guillaume Larrivé, MP for the centre-right Les Républicains party told Radio Classique.
Larrivé criticised the government’s “improvised” response to the Yellow Vest crisis, and expressed concern the move would “end up weakening civil peace”.
On Wednesday, Bruno Retailleau, leader of Les Républicains Senators, called on Macron to “reverse this disastrous decision”.
The move was met with similar criticism on the Left. “In what European democracy is the army called in to police a social movement?” Raphaël Glucksmann, who will lead the Socialist Party at the EU elections, asked on Twitter.

 This shows the extent of Macron’s failure to reconcile the French and to ease the tensions in our society,” Glucksmann added.
“It’s unheard of,” Benoît Hamon, Socialist Party candidate in the last presidential election, said Thursday, adding that “the government was releasing an arsenal of security and martial measures to mask the Interior Minister Christophe Castaner’s incompetence”.
They are armed with lethal weapons. They have a telescopic baton and a Famas or HK 416, the army's new assault rifle, which must be loaded. "They don’t have a riot shield to protect themselves or an intermediate defence weapon," said Tenebaum. “It is therefore important to provide extremely clear guidelines as to what actions they can take."
About those clear guidelines?
Yah, they can open fire on protestors
The orders of the soldiers are set out extremely strictly… The orders are extremely precise. They have different modes of action to face all threats. It could go as far as opening fire… if their life is threatened or life of those they defend," Leray told Franceinfo broadcaster.
French left-wing politician Jean-Luc Melenchon wrote to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Friday calling Leray's comments "serious" and "feeding deadly escalation."
"In fact, keeping order is not a task attributed to the armed forces. The armed forces are tasked with defending the nation against its enemies. Protesters can under no circumstances be considered internal enemies," Melenchon, the head of La France Insoumise party, said in a letter published on his website.
Update begins:

Got this from Gallier the elder via email- With many thanks :)

 This short story by Stategika51, a blog that has proved to
be more than one time well informed, seems to me to be another revealing
example of the totalitarianism that reigns now within the French government.

UPDATE March 23/19: Yes, it was acknowledged that last week end some sort of 'last resort' chemical weapons were used.

Mr Philippe also admitted that 'inappropriate orders' were handed out to Paris officers on Saturday, and that he was sacking police chief Michel Delpuech, and replacing him with Didier Lallement, from the South West.
 French security forces used a 'last resort' chemical weapon against them for the first time on Saturday.
In a move showing the increasing desperation of Mr Macron's government, gendarmes confirmed that a 'small amount' of the gas was released close to the Arc de Triomphe.

Translated below: France: the government uses chemical markers and nanoparticles on
demonstrators for the first time

Unbeknownst to them, Yellow Vests and passers-by became guinea pigs for the first global experiment on humans with nanoparticles and chemical markers whose effect on biological organisms is still very poorly understood.

For the French government, these are harmless "coded chemical marking products" that impregnate the skin, hair and clothing of the targeted persons for a period ranging from several weeks to decades. Officially this fuzzy technology has never been used against human beings. However, specific information gathered from some security professionals indicates
that in Act XVIII, yellow vests, water cannons and gases containing DNA markers and nano-particles were used against demonstrators without prior warning.
In addition to chemical markers and nanoparticles whose effects on human health are poorly understood, the addition of new psychotropic substances to CS gases is a real large-scale experiment in new social
control techniques similar to those of the worst dystopias in science fiction films and novels. These "DNA weapons" developed in Great Britain and widely used in Israel contain chemical and biological substances whose harmfulness to human health has been deliberately ignored,
particularly in Israel where Palestinian prisoners claim to have contracted various types of cancers as a result of their DNA marking or the use of other control techniques involving nano-particles that may have damaged the genetic material of their cells. The French government
admitted to using chemical markers on demonstrators as an experiment during the demonstrations of May 1, 2018.
However, the populations had to be warned that they would be the subject of prohibited experiments. For advocates of such processes, DNA or RNA marking products do not represent any danger but their purpose is not supported by any scientific evidence. It is known that the impact of most biochemicals used by or on humans can only be detected after years since most non-positive studies are systematically censored by the major chemical companies, and the use of psychotic substances to control demonstrations and urban riots has proved much safer in the field..... In 2014, police forces in Ukraine experimented with LSD-containing gas bombs supplied by an Israeli company on demonstrators in Kiev and the result was catastrophic: the targeted demonstrators became much more agitated and violent and some began to have violent convulsions before throwing themselves at the police vehicles, requiring the use of live ammunition to stop them. In Brazil, the police experimented in 2016 with chemicals to calm rioters, but the experiment went wrong and the police eventually reduced violence through the use of war weapons. In reality, the substance used resembled an extremely dangerous neurotoxic drug that had a direct impact on the nervous system. In Israel, some gases used against demonstrators contain endocrine disrupters, hallucinogens and LSD in addition to endocrine disrupters to make demonstrators more violent for the desired effect in order to justify the use of snipers and very high velocity fire (special alloy bullets with an initial velocity of 1200 m/sec). The gases used in France for law enforcement include CS ((2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile), irritants but recently neurotoxicants that can profoundly alter the capacities of perception and consciousness. Other types of nano-particles are increasingly used in law enforcement, but their use remains secret because even the police officers who use them do not always know the nature of the non-lethalweapon they use... With the chemical markings of individuals, our societies have just taken a further step in the totalitarian control of the individual, down to the roots of his hair and DNA.

And they call this democracy? (by and for the people)
Not for anyone, anywhere. Wake up to that fact.
The first world is the new third world.

Padded with power here they come 
International loan sharks backed by the guns 
Of market hungry military profiteers 
Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared 
With the blood of the poor 
Who rob life of its quality 
Who render rage a necessity
 By turning countries into labour camps 
Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

See the paid off local bottom feeders
Passing themselves off as leaders
Kiss the ladies, shake hands with the fellows
And it's open for business like a cheap bordello
And they call it democracy

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  1. I added some additional information regarding the use of a 'last resort' chemical weapon last week end in France.

    If they are admitting to a little then they used more then just a little

    Also the police chief was fired for giving "inappropriate orders" to officers

    What were the inappropriate orders?
    It's not mentioned.
    This occurred last week end.

    If this was Assad or Erdogan there would be no end to the carrying on in 5 eyes media about the heavy, heavy handed use of violence and chemical weapons against protestors..

    Instead Jupiter can do it all