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Heralding “Feral City Warfare”, Or, Why the US Destroyed Raqqa and Mosul.

Raqqa, flattened

I’d expect this was done with the intent to create these unstable feral cities on Syrian territory. Making them a laboratory for experimentation on military strategy and of course how humans can adapt to such horrific surroundings.

Certainly the concept of “Feral Cities” was created for a strategic military purpose. In plain talk this was not happenstance. This is military doctrine. As you will read.

Military Times
"The U.S. military’s biggest successes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria involved uprooting the militants first from Mosul, Iraq, and then Raqqa, Syria.

But those operations are also catching the most flak for what many human rights groups and international organizations viewed as a callous use of artillery and air power that killed too many civilians.

The battles, as terrible as they were, serve as an important bellwether that may mark a new era of urban warfare involving mega-cities, according to retired Army Maj. John W. Spencer, chair of Urban Warfare Studies at West Point’s Modern War Institute.

“We fail to recognize as a government that cities are the strategic terrain of the future," Spencer said at the Future Security Forum in Washington, D.C., Monday. “After World War II, the global population went from 3 billion to 6 billion in 39 years and they’re all living in cities. The fastest growing cities are the most underdeveloped.”
Spencer introduced a term — feral cities — not in many military leaders’ lexicons, yet something that could be the 21st century equivalent to the failed state. The Pentagon, he said, should be paying attention.

After all, “you can have a feral city within a functioning state.”

Feral cities are major urban sprawls that lack adequate governance. Warlords, gangs or terror groups occupy a maze of concrete that largely blocks GPS links, radio communications and aircraft sensors. U.S. troops are forced to seek and destroy the enemy in an environment filled with sewage, failing infrastructure and even packs of wild dogs.

There needs to be a dedicated “urban operations center within the military,” Spencer said.

There are already some efforts underway. The U.S. military published a manual on small unit training in subterranean environments in 2017 — focusing on fights in the subway and sewage systems underneath huge cities.

But Spencer described an endeavor far more comprehensive, involving the Pentagon, other government agencies and universities. A national urban operations institute should be established and major academic institutions should start research on “longevity of conflicts in cities,” he said.

The coalition largely sat back and provided fire support to Iraqi and Syrian partner forces during the Mosul and Raqqa fights
The campaign in Raqqa, for instance, left “entire city blocks flattened"

Once a city is retaken, stabilization becomes a strategic necessity. Otherwise, the government is just allowing the space for gangs, terror groups and other non-state actors to grow again.
 Which explains why the US and it’s Kurdish pals are working so hard to keep Damascus out of Raqqa.  Aleppo, hopefully, will not become a ‘feral city’.

Monday, April 29, 2019

SitRep Syria: KurdIShIS/ Smuggling Syrian Oil for Usrael Arms/Idlib And Still More...

  Yes indeed the KurdIShIS special relationship is finally getting more attention. To which I can only say “It’s about time” people see what is right in front of their eyes!!  Not only is it about time, it’s long, long overdue.
  I want to tip my hat to Scott at nomadic everyman who was the ONLY other blogger/truth teller who had caught on to the plain sight collusion between Kurds/ISIS, aside from myself.
  This collusion has been well obfuscated by the media. Alt and mainstream. Though the symbiosis between the two allegedly disparate groups was obvious for those with eyes to see and an intention to actually expose the agenda.  Rather then continue to claim that the YPG was “fighting” ISIS. As was done by the “fiction writer” Elijah Magnier. Moon of Alabama. 21st Century Wire. And way too many other so called ‘alt’ sites and their 'alt' writers.

Flashback:  2015- Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting
  • “Claim: Turkey is shipping ISIS oil 
  • Reality- Britain is facilitating ISIS oil sales
  • Reality: Pipelines that transit through Turkey are being used, but, this does not imply implicit  knowledge by the Turkish state.  
  • Reality- The Kurds are also transiting oil through Turkey’s Ceyhan pipeline
  • Conclusion: Pipelines don’t discern. Complicity between Turkey and ISIS is unprovable"
 Reality # 3 &4- the Kurds are transiting oil through Turkey’s Ceyhan pipeline.

And they have always been doing so.
The residents of the town of al-Hassin launched popular protests against SDF in Eastern Deir Ezzur by blocking the roads to SDF's oil tankers destined to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region from Hasaka, the Arabic-language al-Youm reported.
This was apparent in 2015. It was the PKK/ISIS shipping Syrian oil out- through Iraq’s Kurdish area by way of Northern Iraq through the Ceyhan pipeline- With it going onto Israel and elsewhere.- Check the external links in the years old post.
It appears they are continuing to steal Syrian oil and exchange it for Usrael arms.
"In a relevant development on Saturday, the US-backed Kurdish militants received state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment, including Israeli arms in Eastern Euphrates, the Arabic-language media reports said.

It noted that the said military shipment included advanced missiles, US air defense systems, Israeli anti-Tank Spike missiles, shoulder-mounted surface-to-air Stinger missiles and drones.

The advanced weapons delivered to the Kurdish fighters were transferred to a clandestine depot near Ramilan Airbase in Hasaka province which is guarded by the US marine forces and Kurdish fighters."
KurdIShIS- 2019
 Contras are paid mercenaries tasked with changing demographics of a targeted territory. That fits both the Wahhabi and Kurdish Contras. The SDF is just a front for the Kurdish Contras, they control it and force recruit Arabs and Assyrians into it as canon fodder.

They are even taking in Wahhabi Contra members (ISIS) and blending them into SDF after their capture. Civilians in the area have revolted multiple time when they found their former ISIS captives come back with SDF uniform to patrol the area. On village even killed one of these guys when they saw him. I like to refer to YPG-ISIS-SDF as Chameleon Contras that change colours of flag and uniform as requested by the Empire.
I like to refer to YPG-ISIS-SDF as Chameleon Contras that change colours of flag and uniform as requested by the Empire.
This is of course my KurdIShIS theory- The one I put forth 5 years ago.

Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis Impending Destruction of Turkey

Pt.2 Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis Impending Destruction of Turkey

Then followed up with an unknown number of posts pointing out the endless collusion between the two allegedly disparate groups. Relinking one & two of literally dozens and dozens of post documenting the collusion

US Backed SDF/YPG/PKK open fire on Syria anti occupation Protestors

Protesting Usrael Kurd Occupiers

"Popular protests against the US-backed SDF militias have expanded to include villages and towns of al-Shahil, al-Sour, and Mweileh in the northeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

The SDF militias on Saturday opened fire on the civilians in al-Hisan village in which protests continued against the militias for the 3rd consecutive day"

There have been attempts to target the Russian base in Syria

Sources told the Observatory that "Jihadi groups" targeted the Hmeimim military airfield with explosions, but the Russian Forces intercepted the missiles.”

Jihadi Groups? Obfuscating for what reason? This is most probably PKK Kurds and their friends trying to present this as an assault by Turkish backed rebels.? Not likely.
Putin says Russia and Syria are not planning assault on Idlib for now:-----
Russia considers offensive in Idlib 'unnecessary'

"In principle, I do not rule this [offensive] out, but today together with our Syrian friends, we believe that this is inappropriate, given this humanitarian component," he said.
Putin also commented on the establishment of the Syrian constitutional committee.
He said Russia and Turkey had prepared a list of candidates for the committee, but former UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura refused to approve it because of six persons.

Russia and Turkey then replaced those six persons, but there are still difficulties.

"Reaching a complete consensus is quite a challenging task due to theack of unity within the opposition with its multiple points of view and diverse groups.

"Still, we will work with all opposition groups patiently and persistently in order to ensure that this committee is formed since this is the only way to lay the foundation for a large-scale political process," he said.

Turning to the Ukrainian conflict, Putin said that Russia has facilitated the granting of Russian citizenship for all Ukrainians, not only for the people of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

He said Russian government "counted everything" before having made the decision, so that it will be possible for the country's budget to perform social obligations.
According to him, the Ukrainians adopted Russian citizenship and will be able tto get retirement pension both in Russia and Ukraine.

"If we bear in mind that these people are living under fire, with shells going off in their backyards -- then I believe that our pensioners, many of whom went through the Great Patriotic War, remember it and understand what conditions these people are living in, will not think that here we are dealing with some kind of social injustice. And we must support these people," he said.
Another US Service Member Dies in Syria

UPDATE April 30/19: The family of the US soldier was informed he was shot.

"Martinez says her family was told Thomason died in a shooting. She says she last spoke with him a few days earlier and he was supposed to be on patrol at the time of his death."
"The military says a 28-year-old U.S. soldier from suburban Detroit has died of wounds sustained from a noncombat incident in Syria"

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/national-politics/article229836814.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/politics-government/national-politics/article229836814.html#storylink=cp

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Nourishment: What Animals Can Teach Us About Rediscovering Our Nutritional Wisdom

Continuing on with the idea we need to understand and re-embrace our space/place on this planet..

Self Loathing Humans Need Not Apply- Humans are Not A Cancer on the Planet

The book below is one I will be purchasing in short order:

Nourishment: What Animals Can Teach Us about Rediscovering Our Nutritional Wisdom

Beautiful Cover Image
Reflections on feeding body and spirit in a world of change
Animal scientists have long considered domestic livestock to be too dumb to know how to eat right, but the lifetime research of animal behaviorist Fred Provenza and his colleagues has debunked this myth. Their work shows that when given a choice of natural foods, livestock have an astoundingly refined palate, nibbling through the day on as many as fifty kinds of grasses, forbs, and shrubs to meet their nutritional needs with remarkable precision.
In Nourishment Provenza presents his thesis of the wisdom body, a wisdom that links flavor-feedback relationships at a cellular level with biochemically rich foods to meet the body’s nutritional and medicinal needs. Provenza explores the fascinating complexity of these relationships as he raises and answers thought-provoking questions about what we can learn from animals about nutritional wisdom.
What kinds of memories form the basis for how herbivores, and humans, recognize foods? Can a body develop nutritional and medicinal memories in utero and early in life? Do humans still possess the wisdom to select nourishing diets? Or, has that ability been hijacked by nutritional “authorities”? Consumers eager for a “quick fix” have empowered the multibillion-dollar-a-year supplement industry, but is taking supplements and enriching and fortifying foods helping us, or is it hurting us?
On a broader scale Provenza explores the relationships among facets of complex, poorly understood, ever-changing ecological, social, and economic systems in light of an unpredictable future. To what degree do we lose contact with life-sustaining energies when the foods we eat come from anywhere but where we live? To what degree do we lose the mythological relationship that links us physically and spiritually with Mother Earth who nurtures our lives?
Provenza’s paradigm-changing exploration of these questions has implications that could vastly improve our health through a simple change in the way we view our relationships with the plants and animals we eat. Our health could be improved by eating biochemically rich foods and by creating cultures that know how to combine foods into meals that nourish and satiate. Provenza contends the voices of “authority” disconnect most people from a personal search to discover the inner wisdom that can nourish body and spirit. That journey means embracing wonder and uncertainty and avoiding illusions of stability and control as we dine on a planet in a universe bent on consuming itself.
Meanwhile I've been familiarizing myself with his ideas and information
Below is a link/embed to a very good talk given by Mr Provenza. It does include visual aids and is about 90 minutes in length. 


I hope you enjoy the presentation and will leave some feedback :) 

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Clare Bronfman Pleads Guilty in the NXIVM Cult Sex Slave Case

Smuggling, of all sorts, is nothing new in the Bronfman world.
Clare Bronfman (centre)

Links: CBC & Canoe

She plead guilty to avoid trial- Better a quiet sweeping under the rug then a big trial which might expose Bronfman’s involvement as much more deeper then she’s acknowledging in her plea.

"A wealthy heiress pleaded guilty on Friday in a sensational case accusing a cult-like upstate New York group of creating a secret harem of sex slaves for the group's self-anointed spiritual leader.

Clare Bronfman admitted in her plea in federal court in Brooklyn that she harboured someone who was living in the U.S. illegally for unpaid "labour and services" and that she committed credit card fraud on behalf of Keith Raniere, the leader of the group called NXIVM.

The plea means Bronfman will avoid going to trial early next month with Raniere, who's facing conspiracy charges alleging that his inner circle of loyalists created a secret society of women who were forced to have unwanted sex with him. Prosecutors say some of the women were branded with his initials as part of their initiation.

Among those defendants is Allison Mack, the TV actress best known for her role as a young Superman's close friend on the series Smallville.
Bronfman had long been affiliated with NXIVM, giving away tens of million of dollars of her fortune to bankroll Raniere and his program of intense self-improvement classes. She also paid for lawyers to defend the group against a lawsuit brought by its critics."
Her plea to the judge is pathetic. Surely she had someone write this for her..
"Your honour, I was afforded a great gift by my grandfather and father," Bronfman said. "With the gift, comes immense privilege and more importantly, tremendous responsibility. It does not come with an ability to break the law."
She added: "For this, I am truly sorry."
I’m sure she’s sorry.... that she got caught. (That's how I see it) Not likely she’s sorry about much else.  Smuggling, breaking the law, is how she came to have all the money and power she does!  Her inheritance, her means of funding this crime, originated with crime.  
 The mass smuggling of booze and possibly people since the Bronfman's were also connected to prostitution in those ‘wild and crazy days’ of illegal booze, gin joints (speak easy) and prostitution. I'll leave a very interesting read at the bottom of the post. The review of a book written about the role of Jews in the early days of mass booze smuggling between Canada and the US. Before we get to that.. thinking about the Trudeau government and his connection to the Bronfman family. You had to know there was one!

Trudeau’s Chief Fund Raiser
Trudeau had begun his campaign for a new kind of Canadian politics by turning to a close friend to help raise funds for it: Stephen R. Bronfman.

A financier and scion of one Canada’s most famous families, Bronfman quickly transformed Trudeau’s Liberal Party from moribund political pauper to financial juggernaut, nearly doubling donations in two years. As a thank-you gesture, he sent thousands of donors pairs of mittens in Liberal Party-red.

“Justin is very, very salable,” Bronfman, 53, once observed to reporters. “He’s got a great name, and people want to find out who he is.”

About that book:
Izzy Einstein (left) and Moe Smith sharing a toast in a New York bar, 1935.(Library of Congress)

Some related reading- And I’d suggest you read this article entirely.
Clare Bronfman, the smuggler, hasn't strayed a bit from her family roots.
"Tablet Magazine;Vigor Juice: Jews and Booze: Becoming American in the Age of Prohibition, is just short of providential. This fascinating, academically sophisticated, and superbly written exposition of the intricate, often precarious, role that Jews played in every aspect of the American alcohol industry—from production in industrial stills to retail sale in bars and speakeasies across the land, and finally to bootlegging, a crime that created the fortunes of some of North America’s most prominent Jewish philanthropic families (Bronfman family)
Among them are the disproportionate presence of Jews in the alcohol trade, bootlegging, and organized crime.
The book’s first half focuses on the surprisingly prominent role played by Jewish immigrants to America in the production, wholesale distribution, and retail dispensation of alcohol, all across the land, from the industrial stills of Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois to the barrooms of crowded, lower-class neighborhoods of America’s major cities, from Atlanta and Charleston to Manhattan’s Lower East Side and Newark’s Third Ward.
Unfortunately, the idyllic image of the Jews as responsible drinkers so central to the arguments advanced by anti-Prohibition polemicists, which, Davis writes, “suggested that their distinctive historical and religious relationship to alcohol made them model citizens whose presence benefited the nation,” was severely undermined by the reprehensible behavior of numerous Jewish purveyors of alcohol both before and during Prohibition. Davis recounts the sleaziness of the Jewish saloons that proliferated in working-class neighborhoods, from Atlanta’s Decatur Street to Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The drunkenness of the denizens of these taverns (derided by their detractors as “Jew-saloons”), most often poor black men, was exacerbated by other forms of debauchery associated with whiskey consumption. Davis notes the “Jewish immigrants’ involvement in urban prostitution … because it seemed to confirm Jews’ eagerness to derive commercial gain even by the most vile means,” adding that “the fact that prostitutes procured, or even attended to, customers in saloons exacerbated anxieties about Jewish saloonkeepers.”
The article speaks of critical statements made as "antisemitism" while admitting...
"the recklessness of Jewish distillers and saloon-owners was hardly beyond reproach. The walls of “colored only” saloons operated by Jews were frequently decked with murals displaying erotic images of scantily, if at all, dressed, voluptuous white women, which understandably scandalized religious Protestant advocates of Prohibition. It did not help that the packaging of Levy’s cheap alcohol was so pornographic that he and his partner, German Jewish immigrant Adolphe Asher, were convicted in 1908 of sending obscene materials through the mail. Oh, and the name of Levy’s best-selling beverage? “Black Cock Vigor Gin.”
Clearly the black population was being targeted.....  but the spin was antisemitism. The more things change, the more they are the same..
"Still, conspicuous bad behavior by Jews both before and during Prohibition certainly gave vile anti-Semitic oratory much traction"
 Legit criticism is not anti-Semitic. And after reading the above article it seems the criticism was very legitimate.

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Strangling Syria & Others

Following up on two previous posts:
A bit more about the news from yesterday regarding these alleged airstrikes. The Syrian government will not confirm these hits. It would not be in their interest to do so.  Since it would increase the frustration already being felt in Syria.  In case you are unaware Syria’s populace is suffering chronic gas shortages. This is creating a whole lot of discontent among the public. There have been a number of articles covering this situation in the past two weeks.
"Syrians in government-controlled areas who have survived eight years of war now face a new scourge: widespread fuel shortages that have brought life to a halt in major cities.

Cars line up by the hundreds outside petrol stations, and long lines of people waiting to buy rationed cooking gas begin forming before dawn. Taxi drivers are crossing the border to Lebanon to stock up on fuel — and then doubling their rates. Drivers can be seen pulling over because their gas tanks are empty"
You should, if interested, be able to find many more articles covering this painful shortage. While all that was ongoing there were multiple reports regarding oil shipments that Syria was trying to bring in to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people:

Some via sea. Some via land.
"Egypt has prevented oil tankers heading to Syria to pass through the Suez Canal in past six months-"
There were rumours some oil had come to Syria via the Turkish coastline
"In the meantime, Al- Iraqia news agency says that Iranian oil tanker trucks are passing through Iraq, and their number will be increased in coming days."
Reports as well that Iraq had shipped oil. (not Iranian) There were also claims made that the Syrian government had made deals with the Usrael Kurds occupying Syria, in order to get the needed oil supplies, which is Syrian oil anyway.
Is it plausible that the US would bomb shipments of oil headed for government held areas?

Yes, it is. It’s entirely possible that Syria did indeed make arrangements with the Usrael Kurds to purchase sorely needed resources, only to have the Usrael Kurds receive payment for that resource and them notify the US, so the US could bomb the trucks, denying Syrians in government held territory the desperately needed Syria. 
If Iran was shipping over land the Usrael Kurds could also notify the US of the passage.

Therefore.... it’s entirely within the realm of reality that the US did bomb the tankers. The Usrael Kurds, who are propped up by Saudi Arabia, would happily report this news back to a Saudi outlet.

The US is doing everything possible to make life worse for the Syrians and others:

"US Tightens the Economic Noose on Assad Regime"

"While the US is trying to avoid tension with Russia over Bashar al-Assad, it has also adopted two ways to tighten noose on the Syrian dictator and his regime.
The first way of dealing with the regime is to prevent it from securing US dollars through private and business transfers, and therefore not being able to use the currency to buy energy and other necessary supplies after the decrease of electricity, gas and gasoline witnessed in Syria.

The second way is to apply pressure on Jordan and Iraq, to prevent them from supplying any fuel to the regime, even if there were previously signed contracts, as happened in Iraq"

Looks like the “Caesar Law” is going to be signed by Donald Trump
The first way is related to the ‘Caesar Law’, which was approved by the US House, and is expected to be signed by President Donald Trump within days.
The US has requested that the Lebanese Central Bank refrain from facilitating foreign currencies money transfers to Syria, especially transfers in US dollars, which will deprived the Assad regime of about 90 million dollars a month.

It would be a major blow to the regime if the US forces other countries to limit transfers, which will lead to a large foreign exchange deficit, especially as transfers from Syrians abroad is very large, which are mainly in euros and dollars.
Obviously the US is continuing to strangle Syria. The war against Syria has not stopped being waged. All these gibberish headlines about how the war is 'winding down' etc., Pure RUBBISH. It looks  as if the US is targeting India, China, Turkey, Japan and South Korea, in order to strangle Iran. (While causing each of those nations hardship)

"The U.S. is ending exemptions from sanctions for countries that import Iranian oil, according to the White House, which said in a statement it is taking "timely action to assure that global demand is met as all Iranian oil is removed from the market."

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid out the move at the State Department on Monday morning. The decision means sanctions waivers for five nations, including China and India and U.S. treaty allies Japan, South Korea and Turkey, won't be renewed when they expire on May 2.

The move comes as the Trump administration toughens its already strict penalties on Iran by trying to choke off all the revenue the country makes from oil sales

They were granted in part to give those countries time to eliminate their purchases of Iranian oil, but also to ease any impact on global energy markets with the abrupt removal of Iran's production.

Pompeo says production increases elsewhere will make up for the loss of Iranian oil on the market.

U.S. President Donald Trump also tweeted on Monday that the world market has more than enough capacity to fill the gap left by Iran"
It's been reported that Saudi Arabia is going to make up the shortfall in oil production

AND finally- It's seems that the "great" Elijah Magnier has been taken to task. Did readers here notice his work was never offered up as suggested reading? He was not recommended as a source. Did you all wonder why?

Short answer: My opinion, of course, he was simply not credible

I've read quite a number of his articles and always found them to be of the limited hangout nature.  If his reports didn't come off as credible to me, they simply can't be recommended here. I feel that would be dishonest. As always you read what you like, where you like. As for me? I decide for myself. :)

Dr Marwa Osman
By Dr. Marwa Osman – I made a video on twitter to talk about how Elijah J. Magnier got roasted by Sayyed #Nasrullah in his speech today for writing false claims for Alrai Newspaper Kuwait and pinning them to the resistance secretary general.
 Sayyed Nasrullah asked Al Rai to change the position of Magnier to a movie script writer since he has a wild imagination. As I made the video to tell Mr. Magnier what happened, Mr. Magnier decided to block me…for simply pointing out the truth and for asking him to apologize from the readers first for the lies he propagated and from me second because he insulted me yesterday when I tweeted at him about how fake the news in his article was.

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US Airstrikes Target 32 Oil Tankers In Syria- Attempting to Enter Government Held Territory

This seems to be breaking- It wouldn't surprise me if the US did undertake this bombing
Forex Live

Via media reports

  • US launched airstrikes targeting 32 oil tankers
  • Syria -  Deir al-Zor 
  • tankers attempting to enter government-held areas
 Al Arabiya citing the Syrian forces

It's the SDF being cited:

US airstrikes have targeted 32 oil tankers in Deir al-Zor which tried to enter government-held areas, Al Arabiya’s correspondent reported citing the Syrian Democratic Forces. (PKK)

Possibly related to..: Settling Syria? Impending Tripartite Talks...

Don't miss:


hattippin anonymous commenter for this excellent article- 

Hmm, Common Purpose...


UPDATE: The Carbon Cult adherents hold a "die in ": "Climate change 'die-in' protest held at top U.K. museum" Sick, sick, sick

Lots of information. And an interview of Frances Leader on the Richie Allan show. Perfect companion piece to what I'd written about on the 19th of April  Ex/Stink/Shun Rebellion. The Cult

It pleased me to no end that Frances Leader, pointed out how it is the carbon cult never, ever, ever protests one of the most damaging activities on this planet- WAR.
 As has been stated time and time again here. In fact no one pushing the carbon cult agenda ever talks down war.
"Many NGOs and politicians deny that vital information about the climate has been omitted from the peer reviewed studies and they repeat the mantra that 97% of climate scientists are in agreement with their findings.
That is not possible.
No science is settled - ever.
In fact, to say that "the science is settled" would be the most unscientific statement one could make.
In fact, to say "the science is settled" is to promulgate fake news and fake reality 

Embedded below is the interview with Richie Allen.
You can skip through the first hour to get to the interview with Frances Leader, which begins sin the second hour:

Monday, April 22, 2019

Settling Syria? Impending Tripartite Talks...

Settle: resolve or reach an agreement 

Arab Weekly
Speculative but interesting..
Read entirely at the link. I’m just excerpting a few paragraphs below:

“He (Erdogan) will soon be accepting a proposal put forth in January by Russian President Vladimir Putin, reviving the 1998 Adana Agreement between Syria and Turkey. It restores Syrian authority to the entire border but makes it obligatory for Damascus to make sure that it remains free of any Kurdish presence.

It gives Erdogan the right to send troops into Syrian territory in pursuit of Kurdish separatists, should the Syrians fail in doing the job. The agreement, however, only allows him to enter after coordinating with the Syrians and doesn’t give him the right to stay inside Syria”

The Russians and Turks are discussing an amendment to the original agreement, deploying Russian military police along the borderline, to make doubly sure that Turkish security concerns are accommodated

For that to happen, however, Syrian-Turkish relations need to be restored, after an 8-year suspension. Such an agreement requires security coordination, joint military committees and diplomatic relations between Ankara and Damascus. It also requires an end to the media war between the two countries

This part of the deal is being negotiated by the Iranians, whose foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, travelled between Damascus and Ankara April 16-17, carrying messages whose answers are to be revealed at the Nur-Sultan talks. ”
Re-linking previous posts on this topic: 
The Adana Agreement has never been out of force to my understanding. It is a binding contract. 
Three parties would have had to agree to one party leaving. To my knowledge this has never occurred. The agreement may not have been entirely honoured by more then on player, but, the agreement stands.
The Adana Agreement was originally signed to deal with the presence of PKK terrorists in Syria.
Iran signed on after the US destroyed Iraq.

It was already obligatory for Damascus, under that agreement,  to ensure the border area remained free of PKK terrorists- not “Kurdish presence” 

The newest amendment, if this report is accurate, would be the presence of Russian military police at the border. And this change would require the agreement of Syria, Russia, Iran and Turkey. As for cooperation? That’s already been going on. The media war between the two nations would have to end. It’s cooled down quite a bit for a while now. 

Russian and Iranian Delegations Descend on Damascus

"Over the last few days, officials from Russia and Iran have carried out intensified visits to the Syrian capital in light of the ongoing discussions to end the dilemma of forming the Syrian constitutional committee, as well as other issues, as Moscow discusses the issue of “normalizing” relations between Arab countries and the Assad regime

On Saturday, the regime head Bashar al-Assad received Yury Borisov, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, who is also head of the Russian side of the Joint Russian-Syrian Committee for Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation. This came one day after a meeting between the regime head and a Russian delegation coming from Riyadh, led by Alexander Lavrentiev, the Russian president’s Special Envoy to Syria. This was after a visit by the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to Assad in Damascus on Tuesday, as the latest round of Astana talks are set to take place between Apr. 25-26, 2019.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the Russian delegation’s discussions with Bashar al-Assad concerned the issues that are part of the political settlement in Syria, “in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254.” It said that: “special attention has been paid in this regard to the task of forming the constitutional committee and beginning its work as soon as possible.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the discussions also included: “arranging matters in Syria in the post-war period and normalizing Syrian relations with Arab countries.”

This Russian delegation’s visit to Damascus came one day after it had discussed Syria with the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman, who received the head of the Syrian Negotiations Committee, Nasr al-Hariri in the same delegation at Moscow’s embassy in the Saudi capital.

On Tuesday, the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif visited Damascus and met with Assad before heading to Ankara, where he met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, where Zarif said that his country was working to, “restore relations to normal between all countries, including Turkey and Syria.”
This upcoming week will be interesting.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Ex/Stink/Shun Rebellion. The Cult

Specifically the cult for children. Shun that thoroughly stinking rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion. What's this about?

I’ve been seeing and reading all about this alleged ‘youthful” rebellion. Started by a middle age woman, of course.  Dr. Karen Bradbrook- Born in 1972 . Making her 47 years old. Hardly a young waif. 

Gail Bradbrook started Compassionate Revolution[10][11][12] which morphed into Rising Up!, and then rebranded itself into Extinction Rebellion (XR)

She’s clearly made “protesting” her life’s work... ‘Cept I wasn’t under the impression protesting was profitable. Unless it was the “right kind” of protesting. By that I mean, acceptable to the planetary overlords.

Check some of the Macabre Imagery Employed by the Cult that also Employs Death Ins..

An hour glass- Counting down to our extinction. These “Death Ins”? Did some PR firm create that ploy as a type of extreme attention grabbing theatrics? I'm sure that's exactly how the 'death in' came to be. 
  Worse still is that these brainwashed youth might just be willing to fight and die to "stop climate change"after much perception managing encouragement, of course.
 By that I mean wage global war- They will of course ignore all the fossil fuel that will be used to wage that mass killing spree, but, judging by the heavy indoctrination these young minds are exposed to the 'carbon foot print' of a global war will be worth dying for the cause.

Not a coincidence the article-  Pre-Emptive War on China, Russia, India as the ONLY Solution to Climate Change?, was published (April 10/2015)  just as the 'extinction rebellion' was kicking off it's mass protests, mostly in the UK.
“The cultish nature of XR’s activities is a little spooky. Staged environmental die-ins, for example, are all too reminiscent of Jonestown-style nightmare scenarios described by Shiva Naipaul as being ‘obsessed with sin and images of apocalyptic destruction… instinctively thinking in terms of the saved and the damned’”
Excerpt above from the article linked below:

Extinction Rebellion: the new millenarian cult

There is something spooky about these bourgeois rioters.
bourgeois: a sociologically defined class, especially in contemporary times, referring to people with a certain cultural and financial capital belonging to the middle or upper middle class

Flashback: Self Loathing Humans Need Not Apply- Humans are Not A Cancer on the Planet

self loathing human beings pictured

"XR campaigners are no radical opponents of the state, and seem to enjoy a rather cosy working relationship with the authorities.
Environment secretary Michael Gove has thanked the campaigners, saying ‘we’ve got the message’.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has pleaded with the protesters to ‘work with us – the police, TFL – to ensure your safety

Some might try to make comparisons between XR and the gilets jaunes. Admittedly, one unofficial gilets jaunes environmental manifesto calls to ban plastic bottles and GM crops, but these minor points are overshadowed by the movement’s progressive demand to reindustrialise. Most importantly, they want to confront the authorities in France, and many of them want to leave the EU and exit NATO. The gilets jaunes are a radical, anti-state, politically progressive movement – even though they are relatively small in number.
Gilet Jaunes are being gassed. Regularly. Losing Eyes and Hands. Regularly. France is enacting new tyrannical laws to repress them.  Nothing of that sort is happening to"extinction rebellion" who are instead enjoying a cozy relationship with politicians. And big money philanthropist backers (we will get to that)

Appearing on Good Morning Britain this week, fighting back the tears, Dr Bradbrook said: ‘I have two boys, 10 and 13, and they won’t have enough food to eat in a few years.’ Is there any rationale for that idiotic claim? Has she lost her job? Has global food production closed down? Or is she simply offering an ecological version of
Project Fear?"
She’s obviously “offering up an ecological version of Project Fear”- Food production is fine. And this highly paid “protestor” can plant a garden and tend to it herself if she’s truly concerned about feeding her sons- Her statements are garbage. Nonsense. Simply made to induce fear in the gullible masses. What happened to the day’s of the “Victory Gardens” in England. The US. Canada. And other nations.

Sow seeds people
 When people had fortitude and character.  When people didn't look to the "state" to save their sorry asses. Now most people just appear silly & child like. Dr Bradbrook being the queen of that child like foolishness. Making absurd statements to sow fear. Is this what we’ve allowed ourselves to be reduced to? She should have been laughed right out of the studio. The fact that she wasn’t tells me all I need to understand about the agenda being pushed.
"The second important factor is the elevation of children in the environmentalist movement. As Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg becomes more god-like (she was recently blessed by the pope) so children’s authority on the environment issue has risen. This elevated status has enabled children to dictate the terms of debate, with adults often taking their lead from youngsters who have grown up immersed in environmental politics. Thunberg instructs us to stop talking about Brexit and focus on climate breakdown. We must obey.

Increasingly, those who should know better are awed by childish naiveté. Ed Miliband attended the environmental school strike with his son, while the mayor of Sheffield is reported to have said, ‘It’s as simple as action or extinction… [These students] are literally saving our bloody planet.’ Children flouting the rules and, in return, having their transgressions ignored by the authorities, sets a precedent for yet more moral nihilism"
Flashback: Corbett Report: Green Reaper Demands You Sacrifice The Children To the Cult
"The police absented themselves as youngsters with grievances rampaged through the streets of Tottenham and Wood Green, damaging vehicles and ransacking shops. It spread across London. And for 36 hours criminality seemed untouchable. One rioter claimed, ‘We’re showing the rich people we can do what we want’.

The middle classes were terrified, of course. But, in these XR protests, a more jovial version of rioting has been invented, in which rioters have been redefined as protesters or campaigners. Activists are casually spraypainting buildings with impunity, disrupting traffic and undermining the workings of businesses. The police are displaying the same timidity that they did back in Tottenham, watching while protesters run amok. (This must come as a shock to militant activists who remember the days when you could be arrested and beaten up for an ‘unlawful assembly’ of 12 or more people on the street.)"
 It’s detestable when children are used as props. No decent parent should stand for that type of abuse. And yet they do. We’ve had so many child props for so long now as a group we’ve lost our understanding of how harmful this can be to the immature/undeveloped mind.
 When the Aleppo girl was being used to push pro war propaganda the alt media was aghast but when Greta Thunberg is dragged around like a braided talking doll, the mindless media cheers? Especially the alt media? What gives?! It displays such hypocrisy.
 What also strikes me as simply amazing is that this “rebellion” has garnered massive global media attention in just 6 short months! Obviously the media is delivering us some message that the masters of the universe simply feel we must be bashed in the head with until we are as dazed and confused as they like us all to be.

“The Guardian can now gleefully describe Marble Arch, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Oxford Circus as ‘under the control of protesters’. Actress, ‘environmental activist’ and national treasure Emma Thompson has called for international rebellion (and ‘a lot of fun’). Former archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has confessed our sins of loving ‘progress more than the planet’. And George Monbiot, of course, has advocated that we ‘overthrow our life-denying system’. Welcome to the London riots for the bourgeoisie”

Over the past couple of years, a large percentage of the country has rejected demands for citizens’ juries to resolve Brexit, because there is a justifiable suspicion that the questions the jurors would get to consider would be loaded. Undeterred, XR demands the formation of citizens’ juries to discuss, debate and resolve the alleged climate emergency. But for XR, the climate debate is over. These would be less citizens’ juries and more Diplock courts.

While the activists of Extinction Rebellion recognise that the current ‘social contract’ has been broken, they fail to see that it is people like them who helped break it.
The Extinction Rebellion leaders: Jet-setter Robin Boardman, a Buddhist teacher and a yoga instructor
"But while Mr Boardman-Pattinson rallies against climate change, he has taken at least three skiing holidays in recent years, and has posed for photographs in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. He was unavailable for comment"
You may have seen him in the video from SkyNews- If not look it up.

Forbes covered "extinction rebellion"
Yes, Forbes.
The movement has raised over £200,000 in less than a year, much of which has come in micro-donations from members of the public. Within their donations, however, lie some philanthropists giving thousands, corporate funders such as the LUSH Charity Pot and European Foundations such as the Guerrilla Foundation.

Check out  just one member of the Guerilla Foundation "team". Be sure to check the link for info on other members

Antonis Schwarz is an activist and philanthropist of Greek-German origin and driven by the ideas laid out in the Guerrilla Foundation’s mission. He has used his inherited wealth to support a variety of social causes since 2011.
As an impact investor, Antonis has invested in Bonventure, Goodwell, Sun Funder, Patamar Capital, African Clean Energy, Awamo, the Media Development Investment FundKois Invest, Circularity Capital and the Social Venture Fund. He also is a MCE Social Capital double-guarantor. Antonis co-founded Vouliwatch, a Greek parliamentary monitoring organization that aims to increase political accountability
There are other philanthropic groups funding/connected to extinction rebellion also. 
One I came across was: The Climate Mobilization- Advisory Board

Jamila Raqib
Jamila Raqib
Executive Director of Albert Einstein Institute
Raqib has worked with Dr. Gene Sharp....(now deceased)
Albert Einstein Institute. Gene Sharp. Oh so familiar.. 
He's been covered here on more then one occasion. His books/pamphlets magically appear at strategic government overthrows. And here we have a Gene Sharp style protest in the UK- from a group with ties to an NGO- with links to the Albert Einstein Institute. What are the odds?

Coincidentally, but not likely, the ER rebellion coincides with David  Attenborough, that is "Sir David Attenborough" latest Climate Change Tell- a - vision (mass mind programming) for the BBC is called a "Climate Change Call to Arms
Climate Change - The Facts, shown on BBC One on Thursday, was a "rousing call to arms", said the Guardian.
Sir David, 92, has called global warming "our greatest threat in thousands of years".
Today, April 19/19- Spring a month in already... NO leaves on the trees. The temperature is sitting at 6 C or 43F. Went out for lunch today in Port Colborne- the Lake is still filled with ice.
The canal is filled with ice. I saw it for myself! So did my husband.

 Here's an image of an old Seaway/Welland Canal bridge being dismantled and towed on a barge to a scrap yard just a couple of days ago. Pay attention to the ice filled canal at the point it meets Lake Erie. If it had been warm there wouldn't be the abundance of ice you are seeing in the image below. But it's been a cold March and a cold April-

Welland Tribune; Forks Road Bridge

Cold is the absence of heat

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Turkish Rupture Could Cause A Fissure in NATO

In 2002, when I began working as a policy analyst in Washington, the U.S. military was Turkey’s biggest fan. Today, it is Ankara’s biggest adversary. It takes two to tango and many rifts have caused this shift, including wars in two of Turkey’s neighbors — Iraq in 2003 and Syria since 2012.
More recently, the Pentagon’s view of Turkey has taken a nosedive. Since 2014, the United States has relied on Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to fight the Islamic State. The YPG is the offshoot of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a terror-designated entity by Washington and Ankara.
The PKK has carried out numerous attacks against Ankara and Turkish civilians since the 1980s, killing tens of thousands. Turkey views it as an existential threat. Starting in 2016, Ankara launched incursions into Syria to undermine the PKK-ally YPG. Many in the U.S. military, however, consider Ankara’s targeting of the YPG as undermining America’s battle against the Islamic State. These events have re-crafted the Pentagon’s historic perception of Turkey — from a NATO ally, to an “obstructionist power.”
Interesting choice of words "re-crafted" and "obstructionist"- 
This 're-crafted" perception of Turkey as "obstructionists"  is apparent in the years of Pentagon/media/alt media propaganda.

With the exception of a small group of officers at the Department of State and elsewhere, the Pentagon’s view of Turkey as an “obstructionist power” has spread across all branches of the U.S. government. A perfect storm is brewing in Washington: The same circles that do not like Turkey also vehemently oppose its decision to procure Russian-made missile defense system.
Washington objects to this purchase because the S-400s poses a threat to U.S. flagship combat stealth aircraft project, the F-35, which is meant to provide a global edge to America and its allies. Further complicating the issue: the Russian S-400 system is designed to be the Achilles’ heel to America’s F-35 planes.
Washington fears that locating the two systems in each other’s vicinity in Turkey would allow the Russian military to “paint” the picture of the stealth plane on Moscow’s radar systems, compromising the F-35 project.
Accordingly, Congress has threatened to slap Ankara with severe sanctions, such as kicking Turkey out of the F-35 program, among others. The Senate has declared that Ankara also will come under CAATSA sanctions, which target Russia’s defense industry, if it seals the S-400 deal.
To make matters worse, President Trump will not stand in the way of sanctions. He has a transactional view of U.S. ties with Turkey: Trump wants Erdogan to “buy American” and has just signaled that his administration is prepared to up the ante against him.
I guess that means the propaganda will be upped as well?

This time, however, Erdogan has no room to retract — from his deal with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The latter is keenly aware that Turkey’s purchase of the S-400 system will lead to a rupture between Ankara and Washington, creating a fissure inside NATO. Putin will not allow Erdogan to cancel the S-400 deal without extracting a pound of flesh from him.
Putin has leverage over Erdogan in Syria. Turkey’s military operations there against the YPG are at the mercy of Moscow, which controls Syria’s airspace. If Erdogan revoked the S-400 deal, Putin would ask Ankara to vacate Syria. This development will result in the creation of a PKK-friendly entity abutting Turkey’s longest land border — an unacceptable outcome in the Turkish capital.
Unless Turkish and American diplomats can construct a contingency plan, whereby Ankara delays the S-400 system’s arrival for any number of excuses, and in return, Washington holds off on sanctions and quietly starts providing Turkey with ironclad security guarantees against Russia and the YPG, a rift in U.S.-Turkish relationship is, in fact, unavoidable.
With the current trajectory, this will throw bilateral ties into a worse crisis than the 1974 Cyprus War, following which Washington punished Ankara with an arms embargo. During the Cold War rift, Turkey was eager to come back to America’s fold, and even then, it took half a decade for bilateral ties to be fully restored.
This time, with Russia signaling its readiness to provide Turkey with weapons and security in Syria, and Putin wooing Erdogan daily, a rupture will be deeper and last longer.
Soner Cagaptay is a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and author of “The New Sultan: Erdogan and the Crisis of Modern Turkey.”

The crisis of "modern Turkey" is a crisis for America and Israel ..

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Self Loathing Humans Need Not Apply- Humans are Not A Cancer on the Planet

Nor are we a blight. An abomination. Or any of the other baseless pejoratives that get tossed around. We have our issues to be sure, but, we are vitally important to this planet
We belong here. We are part and parcel of the planet.
 I'm relinking two older interviews from one of my favourite authors..Stephen Buhner. If you've already listened to the Buhner interviews, skip down to the newer on from Higherside Chats.

Both interviews originate with Legalise Freedom-

Stephen Buhner Interviews : Plant Intelligence & the Imaginal Realm

  Why people fear eating the wild

“If we eat the wild, it begins to work inside us, altering us, changing us. Soon, if we eat too much, we will no longer fit the suit that has been made for us. Our hair will begin to grow long and ragged. Our gait and how we hold our body will change. A wild light begins to gleam in our eyes. Our words start to sound strange, nonlinear, emotional. Unpractical. Poetic.

Once we have tasted this wildness, we begin to hunger for a food long denied us, and the more we eat of it the more we will awaken.

It is no wonder that we are taught to close off our senses to Nature.

Through these channels, the green paws of Nature enter into us, climb over us, search within us, find all our hiding places, burst us open, and blind the intellectual eye with hanging tendrils of green.The terror is an illusion, of course. For most of our million years on this planet human beings have daily eaten the wild. It’s just that the linear mind knows what will happen if you eat it now.

But we’ve gone astray with this, distracted from our task. Still, it’s a good reminder. When your hair begins to grow long and you think strange thoughts, sometimes you will wonder what is happening and will become afraid.

In Nature, human markers fade, lose significance. It takes awhile to learn the old markers again, to see the path that ancient humans took before us. In kindness, learn how to comfort yourself, to hold yourself as you would a child that is afraid of the light. (I suppose you could learn the poisonous plants first if you need to; there aren’t very many.) For on this journey, you mostly have yourself for company.

It helps if you become your own best friend
and find out what is true about all this for yourself.
Open the door and take a look around outside.
The air is shining there,
and there are wonders,
more wonderful than words can tell"

And then linking to a new interview- please listen to them. All.
Peter Allen as interviewed by Greg Carlwood- I loved this interview!
So much in fact, it's already been twice listened to :)
So much so that I almost emailed Greg Carlwood to thank him for taking the time to talk to Peter Allen. 'Cept I couldn't find the darn email address on the site. Oh well. 
Thanks anyway.
Mr Allen speaks about how humans are becoming mechanized. And we are.
How we're losing our empathy... And we are 
And did I mention Oak trees are discussed? I LOVE OAK TREES!
At there base is often found... Maitake (Hen of the Woods) Look it up
There is an Oak Savannah in Niagara on the Lake- 
And one particular oak tree, near that Savannah,  is  one of a few of my favourite oaks- due to it's tenacious nature. Hug a tree. Expel your carbon breath in it's vicinty- Inhale the oxygen.
And keep in mind the relationship we have with them. 

Forest Bathing

Trees and Natural Killer Cell Function

Monday, April 15, 2019

Turkey May Use S-400 in the Aegean- Eastern Med Gas: A2/AD & Russia

This seems to be turning into a series:
  1. "It’s Not Too Late to Stop Turkey From Realigning With Russia" ?

  2. Russia Welcomes Tough Turkish Position In Response to US Pressure: Flashpoint, Cyprus.

 Long term readers here may or should recall my suggesting the possibility that the S-400 can be used as part of an A2/AD system in partnership with Russia.

A2/AD was covered here some years back:
  1. 2015-  Russia building an A2/AD Bubble over Syria/Levant

  2. 2015- A2/AD Bubble, Syria and the Bigger Strategic Picture

 Written before Turkey purchased the s-400's

Leaders of 2 targeted nations
 Of, course, I don't know with certainty, but it seems sensible that building this type of security "bubble" is something Russia and Turkey could have a mutual interest in undertaking. Protecting their nation states coastlines/choke points and the ability to have free passage into and out of the Black Sea.
Turkey May Use S-400 Missiles in the Aegean...

This could be part of an A2/AD?
"Ankara is digging in its heels on the procurement of super-advanced Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile systems and has declared that it is determined to go ahead with the receipt of the first batch in July and that the system will be used to shield the Aegean and several other areas.

According to a report in the Turkish daily Milliyet entitled “They are coming in July! 600-metre wall”, despite the American and Nato threats the procurement of the Russian missile system will act as a deterrent in the Aegean where the Turkish Air Force is pressured by Greek warplanes and in the Eastern Mediterranean, where Ankara is demanding a chunk of the offshore gas and oil deposits of the Republic of Cyprus. The report said that the acquisition of the missile systems will bolster Turkey’s sovereignty.

The procurement will ratchet up the pressure of the Greek Air Force, all the moves of which will be constantly tracked in real time. The report said that this will allow Ankara to substantially reduce the cost of surveilling the Aegean with its Air Force.
The S-400s radars have a range of up to 570—600kms. It can detect bombers at a distance of 570kms and F-16 Fighters with a 400km range.

In addition, the Russians are to deliver 128 missiles with various ranges – 40, 120, and 250kms – and others that will be used in alternation. Russia is also examining the possibility of selling missiles with a 400km range to Turkey.
The locations where the missile systems will be placed are being reviewed by the Turkish General Staff and government. It is expected that one missile battery will be stationed at the Akinci Air Base northwest of Ankara, which is where upkeep work for all the batteries will be done"
Aegean to Black Sea: Dardanelles etc
Other possible locations are the Turkish Straits near the Aegean, the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul, the Mediterranean, southeast Turkey near the Syrian border, and Eastern Thrace near the Greek border.
Additional Reading:

 The Implications of Eastern Mediterranean Gas for Turkey

Definitely related to both previous posts.