Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Pre-Emptive War on China, Russia, India as the ONLY Solution to Climate Change?

UPDATE: April 10/2019: IT'S SNOWING.

In an allegedly warming world it is snowing. I'm watching it fall as I type and it's been snowing for about 15 minutes now- It's just hovering above the freezing mark.
But hey carbon was supposed to make it hot, hot, hot (rolls eyes)

Just left a comment for geofish who is not to far away from me- read his latest post: Continued Cold

An oped from the Heartland Institute

Read each and every word below (the beginning paragraphs are available at the link) 
Ponder the glorious propaganda that is contained within:
-Understand how the climate change mind control plays into an elitist agenda..
-Children, heroic children, filled with patriotic zeal can die so humanity can 'live on'
-First kid on the block to get a confirmed kill in the name of saving the planet
One has to ignore a whole lot of reality to accept his gibberish at face value.
Sadly, so many already have accepted the giant rubbish pile of AGW due to carbon "pollution"  instead of questioning the cooked science (mind control) and the entire agenda (more mind control) behind the meme of warming, caused by carbon, rebranded to the  absolutely meaningless "climate change" when the global temps failed to rise as had been predicted via the cooked computer modelling (scientism)

"This “existential” crisis rhetoric has also been mentioned by other prominent Democrats, such as Sens. Ed Markey and Chuck Schumer. The charming and media-savvy Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called it a “direct existential threat.” “The last time we had a really major existential threat to this country,” she added, “was around World War II.”

That Ocasio-Cortez woman seems to be a real kook- Just my opinion.
From the late Latin “existentialis,” “existential” literally means “relating to existence.” By labeling climate change an “existential threat,” what these Democrats mean is that climate change has the capacity to wipe out the human race, or at the very least our way of life. After all, according to the United Nations, we have only a dozen years to act before we reach the point of no return. Among these circles, the belief is if we don’t act in time, the world will shortly devolve into a post-civilizational dystopian hellscape full of misery, rapine, banditry, and ruin. You know, like a “Mad Max” film.
The problem is the United States isn’t the world’s leading emitter of carbon dioxide. Even if we bring our emissions down to zero, it would only eliminate roughly 15 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Not enough to avoid annihilation, and not even enough to offset the rising emissions of the rest of the world over the next decade. Now, we could probably force our NATO allies, the rest of the European Union, and the British Commonwealth to follow our lead. Likewise with Japan and South Korea.

However, that would only eliminate another 20 percent or so of emissions. Surely, the world’s largest emitter, China, is not going to be so easily persuaded, nor will rising economic power India, the world’s third-largest emitter. Nor will a recalcitrant Russia, the world’s fourth-largest emitter and a country whose economy is almost entirely dependent on natural gas production.
If we can’t persuade, we’ll have to invade. Taking a cue from great neoconservative forbearers and liberators like George W. Bush and Danaerys Targaryen, we are going to have to engage in a little pre-emptive war-making if we are to save the planet. The United States will have to invade and occupy these countries, eliminate carbon dioxide from their societies and, in the case of Russia and China, free these people from brutal dictatorships.
Launching simultaneous land wars on the Russian steppes, the Indian subcontinent, and mainland China isn’t going to be easy. Invading and occupying these great masses of land and pacifying these great masses of peoples (in the unlikely event they don’t greet us as liberators) will far overtax our military as presently constructed. The only way we can ever bring these great civilizations to heel in fewer than a dozen years is through the reinstitution of the draft and the total mobilization of American society towards a war footing.
Now, many might oppose a full-scale draft, but again, we are assured this is an existential threat, the first since the Second World War. In 1940, the United States instituted the draft to prepare to defeat the global menace of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and Fascist Italy. We kept it in place for over a generation to check the global menace of international communism. Surely we can reinstitute it to halt the global menace of life-threatening climate change.

Progressive children already believe they are “fighting for [their] lives” by marching in protest against climate inaction. I say give them what they want and let them actually fight for their lives. These children should be filled with patriotic zeal and fervor, knowing that they would be making a true difference and could be the first kid on their block to get a confirmed kill in the name of saving the planet. Progressive parents should be proud to send their sons and daughters by the tens of millions across the globe to kill an enemy standing in the way of human progress.
Clearly, the urgency of our present crisis calls for something drastic. Perhaps millions of American youth will die ridding the world of the climate menace, but what a noble sacrifice. These heroes would be the first to tell you their lives are a small price to pay to ensure the continued existence of humanity on planet Earth"


  1. It seems as though the mask is slipping to reveal a major eugenics agenda.

    Within the developed world reproduction will become an option only for the well heeled.

    At the same time those disengaged from the global economy and able to live and reproduce under basic conditions will be able to provide offspring to be exploited by the ruling class to replace the childless plebes. The primary aim will be to create a stark class divide while eliminating populations not entirely in the service of the rulers.

    Fewer numbers will be required to serve the elites than presently exist. Outside of economic coercion, biological means or even more sinister methods may be utilized to reduce humanity.

    Indian upper castes may collaborate in the sterilization of their lower castes as they already have done in the 1960s USAID associated programs.

    Putin and Trump don't seem to be cooperating.

  2. Hi Aletho:

    there are so many aspects of that oped that are interesting to me- but one in particular that shines through is how the left and right, cooperate, by targeting the populace, through different means, of course - with the same goals in mind

    Example- if you want a global war- which is/has been desired. By working from multiple angles you get the gullible fools mind controlled into waging that war- willing to fight and die for a 'just cause' the masses aren't the winners.

    The so called "left" has mind controlled the youth through edu indoctrination into believing the "climate change' is an existential threat. The war mongers can then push the indoctrinated into a just war aka WW2 with a noble cause worth fighting for. (Notice that WW2 is cited specifically in the oped?)

    Scary too me- I still as of yet can't fathom why people don't understand the wool is being pulled over their eyes- shakes head

  3. Moving Yaya's comment over here- it was left in another post

    YayaCanadaApril 10, 2019 at 10:55 PM

    The basic premise of Timothy Benson's "opinion" piece is erroneous since carbon emissions cannot be accurately measured, so there's no point in talking about who's the biggest culprit- unless they just want to fabricate an excuse to start up with China and/or Russia, which is probably the case. So far, I've only found stuff like this:

    But getting NATO countries all fired up and deathly afraid of "climate change" will go a long ways toward financing and manpowering some very lucrative wars.

  4. Yaya " getting NATO countries all fired up and deathly afraid of "climate change" will go a long ways toward financing and manpowering some very lucrative wars."

    That's at least one goal of the 'climate change' scheme

  5. Hi Penny: I knew my comment was in the wrong place - have no clue how that happened - but I knew you'd find it:-) I told you, Google doesn't like me. Haha. I know it's gonna make me go through a whole long slew of captcha pictures just to post this current blurb.

    When, and if, you can find some time, would you please talk more about other goals of "climate change". The extent of my conjecture is that war is a business now, with profits being made selling weaponry to anybody who'll buy no matter how evil they are painted to be. So, if China and Russia can be seen as the worst carbon offenders, chest thumping like a herd of gorillas and threats of war can justify the rapacious munitions industry, but it can't go past mere bellicosity, except by accident, because it would be certain M.A.D.

    Do you think China's recent moon visit has a bearing on this? Control of outer space? Stupid question?