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SitRep Syria: KurdIShIS/ Smuggling Syrian Oil for Usrael Arms/Idlib And Still More...

  Yes indeed the KurdIShIS special relationship is finally getting more attention. To which I can only say “It’s about time” people see what is right in front of their eyes!!  Not only is it about time, it’s long, long overdue.
  I want to tip my hat to Scott at nomadic everyman who was the ONLY other blogger/truth teller who had caught on to the plain sight collusion between Kurds/ISIS, aside from myself.
  This collusion has been well obfuscated by the media. Alt and mainstream. Though the symbiosis between the two allegedly disparate groups was obvious for those with eyes to see and an intention to actually expose the agenda.  Rather then continue to claim that the YPG was “fighting” ISIS. As was done by the “fiction writer” Elijah Magnier. Moon of Alabama. 21st Century Wire. And way too many other so called ‘alt’ sites and their 'alt' writers.

Flashback:  2015- Carving Turkey After a NATO Roasting
  • “Claim: Turkey is shipping ISIS oil 
  • Reality- Britain is facilitating ISIS oil sales
  • Reality: Pipelines that transit through Turkey are being used, but, this does not imply implicit  knowledge by the Turkish state.  
  • Reality- The Kurds are also transiting oil through Turkey’s Ceyhan pipeline
  • Conclusion: Pipelines don’t discern. Complicity between Turkey and ISIS is unprovable"
 Reality # 3 &4- the Kurds are transiting oil through Turkey’s Ceyhan pipeline.

And they have always been doing so.
The residents of the town of al-Hassin launched popular protests against SDF in Eastern Deir Ezzur by blocking the roads to SDF's oil tankers destined to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region from Hasaka, the Arabic-language al-Youm reported.
This was apparent in 2015. It was the PKK/ISIS shipping Syrian oil out- through Iraq’s Kurdish area by way of Northern Iraq through the Ceyhan pipeline- With it going onto Israel and elsewhere.- Check the external links in the years old post.
It appears they are continuing to steal Syrian oil and exchange it for Usrael arms.
"In a relevant development on Saturday, the US-backed Kurdish militants received state-of-the-art weapons and military equipment, including Israeli arms in Eastern Euphrates, the Arabic-language media reports said.

It noted that the said military shipment included advanced missiles, US air defense systems, Israeli anti-Tank Spike missiles, shoulder-mounted surface-to-air Stinger missiles and drones.

The advanced weapons delivered to the Kurdish fighters were transferred to a clandestine depot near Ramilan Airbase in Hasaka province which is guarded by the US marine forces and Kurdish fighters."
KurdIShIS- 2019
 Contras are paid mercenaries tasked with changing demographics of a targeted territory. That fits both the Wahhabi and Kurdish Contras. The SDF is just a front for the Kurdish Contras, they control it and force recruit Arabs and Assyrians into it as canon fodder.

They are even taking in Wahhabi Contra members (ISIS) and blending them into SDF after their capture. Civilians in the area have revolted multiple time when they found their former ISIS captives come back with SDF uniform to patrol the area. On village even killed one of these guys when they saw him. I like to refer to YPG-ISIS-SDF as Chameleon Contras that change colours of flag and uniform as requested by the Empire.
I like to refer to YPG-ISIS-SDF as Chameleon Contras that change colours of flag and uniform as requested by the Empire.
This is of course my KurdIShIS theory- The one I put forth 5 years ago.

Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis Impending Destruction of Turkey

Pt.2 Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis Impending Destruction of Turkey

Then followed up with an unknown number of posts pointing out the endless collusion between the two allegedly disparate groups. Relinking one & two of literally dozens and dozens of post documenting the collusion

US Backed SDF/YPG/PKK open fire on Syria anti occupation Protestors

Protesting Usrael Kurd Occupiers

"Popular protests against the US-backed SDF militias have expanded to include villages and towns of al-Shahil, al-Sour, and Mweileh in the northeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

The SDF militias on Saturday opened fire on the civilians in al-Hisan village in which protests continued against the militias for the 3rd consecutive day"

There have been attempts to target the Russian base in Syria

Sources told the Observatory that "Jihadi groups" targeted the Hmeimim military airfield with explosions, but the Russian Forces intercepted the missiles.”

Jihadi Groups? Obfuscating for what reason? This is most probably PKK Kurds and their friends trying to present this as an assault by Turkish backed rebels.? Not likely.
Putin says Russia and Syria are not planning assault on Idlib for now:-----
Russia considers offensive in Idlib 'unnecessary'

"In principle, I do not rule this [offensive] out, but today together with our Syrian friends, we believe that this is inappropriate, given this humanitarian component," he said.
Putin also commented on the establishment of the Syrian constitutional committee.
He said Russia and Turkey had prepared a list of candidates for the committee, but former UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura refused to approve it because of six persons.

Russia and Turkey then replaced those six persons, but there are still difficulties.

"Reaching a complete consensus is quite a challenging task due to theack of unity within the opposition with its multiple points of view and diverse groups.

"Still, we will work with all opposition groups patiently and persistently in order to ensure that this committee is formed since this is the only way to lay the foundation for a large-scale political process," he said.

Turning to the Ukrainian conflict, Putin said that Russia has facilitated the granting of Russian citizenship for all Ukrainians, not only for the people of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

He said Russian government "counted everything" before having made the decision, so that it will be possible for the country's budget to perform social obligations.
According to him, the Ukrainians adopted Russian citizenship and will be able tto get retirement pension both in Russia and Ukraine.

"If we bear in mind that these people are living under fire, with shells going off in their backyards -- then I believe that our pensioners, many of whom went through the Great Patriotic War, remember it and understand what conditions these people are living in, will not think that here we are dealing with some kind of social injustice. And we must support these people," he said.
Another US Service Member Dies in Syria

UPDATE April 30/19: The family of the US soldier was informed he was shot.

"Martinez says her family was told Thomason died in a shooting. She says she last spoke with him a few days earlier and he was supposed to be on patrol at the time of his death."
"The military says a 28-year-old U.S. soldier from suburban Detroit has died of wounds sustained from a noncombat incident in Syria"

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