Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Strangling Syria & Others

Following up on two previous posts:
A bit more about the news from yesterday regarding these alleged airstrikes. The Syrian government will not confirm these hits. It would not be in their interest to do so.  Since it would increase the frustration already being felt in Syria.  In case you are unaware Syria’s populace is suffering chronic gas shortages. This is creating a whole lot of discontent among the public. There have been a number of articles covering this situation in the past two weeks.
"Syrians in government-controlled areas who have survived eight years of war now face a new scourge: widespread fuel shortages that have brought life to a halt in major cities.

Cars line up by the hundreds outside petrol stations, and long lines of people waiting to buy rationed cooking gas begin forming before dawn. Taxi drivers are crossing the border to Lebanon to stock up on fuel — and then doubling their rates. Drivers can be seen pulling over because their gas tanks are empty"
You should, if interested, be able to find many more articles covering this painful shortage. While all that was ongoing there were multiple reports regarding oil shipments that Syria was trying to bring in to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people:

Some via sea. Some via land.
"Egypt has prevented oil tankers heading to Syria to pass through the Suez Canal in past six months-"
There were rumours some oil had come to Syria via the Turkish coastline
"In the meantime, Al- Iraqia news agency says that Iranian oil tanker trucks are passing through Iraq, and their number will be increased in coming days."
Reports as well that Iraq had shipped oil. (not Iranian) There were also claims made that the Syrian government had made deals with the Usrael Kurds occupying Syria, in order to get the needed oil supplies, which is Syrian oil anyway.
Is it plausible that the US would bomb shipments of oil headed for government held areas?

Yes, it is. It’s entirely possible that Syria did indeed make arrangements with the Usrael Kurds to purchase sorely needed resources, only to have the Usrael Kurds receive payment for that resource and them notify the US, so the US could bomb the trucks, denying Syrians in government held territory the desperately needed Syria. 
If Iran was shipping over land the Usrael Kurds could also notify the US of the passage.

Therefore.... it’s entirely within the realm of reality that the US did bomb the tankers. The Usrael Kurds, who are propped up by Saudi Arabia, would happily report this news back to a Saudi outlet.

The US is doing everything possible to make life worse for the Syrians and others:

"US Tightens the Economic Noose on Assad Regime"

"While the US is trying to avoid tension with Russia over Bashar al-Assad, it has also adopted two ways to tighten noose on the Syrian dictator and his regime.
The first way of dealing with the regime is to prevent it from securing US dollars through private and business transfers, and therefore not being able to use the currency to buy energy and other necessary supplies after the decrease of electricity, gas and gasoline witnessed in Syria.

The second way is to apply pressure on Jordan and Iraq, to prevent them from supplying any fuel to the regime, even if there were previously signed contracts, as happened in Iraq"

Looks like the “Caesar Law” is going to be signed by Donald Trump
The first way is related to the ‘Caesar Law’, which was approved by the US House, and is expected to be signed by President Donald Trump within days.
The US has requested that the Lebanese Central Bank refrain from facilitating foreign currencies money transfers to Syria, especially transfers in US dollars, which will deprived the Assad regime of about 90 million dollars a month.

It would be a major blow to the regime if the US forces other countries to limit transfers, which will lead to a large foreign exchange deficit, especially as transfers from Syrians abroad is very large, which are mainly in euros and dollars.
Obviously the US is continuing to strangle Syria. The war against Syria has not stopped being waged. All these gibberish headlines about how the war is 'winding down' etc., Pure RUBBISH. It looks  as if the US is targeting India, China, Turkey, Japan and South Korea, in order to strangle Iran. (While causing each of those nations hardship)

"The U.S. is ending exemptions from sanctions for countries that import Iranian oil, according to the White House, which said in a statement it is taking "timely action to assure that global demand is met as all Iranian oil is removed from the market."

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo laid out the move at the State Department on Monday morning. The decision means sanctions waivers for five nations, including China and India and U.S. treaty allies Japan, South Korea and Turkey, won't be renewed when they expire on May 2.

The move comes as the Trump administration toughens its already strict penalties on Iran by trying to choke off all the revenue the country makes from oil sales

They were granted in part to give those countries time to eliminate their purchases of Iranian oil, but also to ease any impact on global energy markets with the abrupt removal of Iran's production.

Pompeo says production increases elsewhere will make up for the loss of Iranian oil on the market.

U.S. President Donald Trump also tweeted on Monday that the world market has more than enough capacity to fill the gap left by Iran"
It's been reported that Saudi Arabia is going to make up the shortfall in oil production

AND finally- It's seems that the "great" Elijah Magnier has been taken to task. Did readers here notice his work was never offered up as suggested reading? He was not recommended as a source. Did you all wonder why?

Short answer: My opinion, of course, he was simply not credible

I've read quite a number of his articles and always found them to be of the limited hangout nature.  If his reports didn't come off as credible to me, they simply can't be recommended here. I feel that would be dishonest. As always you read what you like, where you like. As for me? I decide for myself. :)

Dr Marwa Osman
By Dr. Marwa Osman – I made a video on twitter to talk about how Elijah J. Magnier got roasted by Sayyed #Nasrullah in his speech today for writing false claims for Alrai Newspaper Kuwait and pinning them to the resistance secretary general.
 Sayyed Nasrullah asked Al Rai to change the position of Magnier to a movie script writer since he has a wild imagination. As I made the video to tell Mr. Magnier what happened, Mr. Magnier decided to block me…for simply pointing out the truth and for asking him to apologize from the readers first for the lies he propagated and from me second because he insulted me yesterday when I tweeted at him about how fake the news in his article was.


  1. I have been scouring the alternative media over the last day trying to find more about this attack on that oil convoy, and there has been zip, nada, zero, reports that will confirm if this attack actually took place.... It is also surprising that the Syrian news services are all quiet about this as well...

    And surprisingly, there is ZERO about this attack over at Southfront, and knowing how they are always trying to stay on top in terms of coverage from Syria, that is very strange...

    If and when I find confirmation, Penny, then I will post a report at my own blog..

  2. Hey North:

    I really don't think the Syrian government will confirm the report. There is so much trouble there right now with oil shortages causing maximum pain to the populace that has been loyal to the central government.
    And the US is set to tighten the noose some more.
    Bombing oil tankers would fit right into the plan to turn the screws

  3. It may be true that the Syrian government is not going to confirm the report... But there is NO reason why Southfront would avoid this issue....

    I will continue to monitor and watch for further evidence..

  4. Meanwhile Zionist forces are setting up a separate regime in NE Syria. I think the war is over and the Syrian people (not the Syrian elite) have lost; just like we the people always lose in these manufactured wars.

  5. "Meanwhile Zionist forces are setting up a separate regime in NE Syria"

    I am painfully aware of this fact. :(

  6. Hello, Penny.
    I must give credit to you, Scott Creighton and Alan Scott at Turkey File (sadly on hiatus). It serms like everyone else has caught a zombielike psychotic rage against the AKP regime. Remember when seemingly every "progressive" thought leader was lobbing Russiagate-style conspiracy theories at Recep Tayyip that he "was building the second Ottoman Empire", that he was "the godfather of ISIS", and epiphets like "sultan" or "Islamist"? Even recurring to anti-Turkish racism (Israel Shamir or a partner PhotoShopped Erdogan into wearing a Bedouin thobe and headdress, when Bedouins aren't even a Turkic ethnicity), from supposed antiracists? Or ridiculous stories like "gold toilets" at the presidential palace in Ankara? My otherwise favourite American commie, Caleb Maupin, published two vile articles comparing RTE to Hitler. I think the AKP should sue English-language and Gulen-tied media for demonstrable malicious defamation. And I wish I could smack them for their irresponsible tabloid fodder that only contributes to global instability.

    1. Hi Martin:
      and thank you!

      Everyone is promoting a zombie like rage against Turkey and it's government. In very much the same vein as is used against Russia. (though you get the russia supporters on line as well, who I don't take at face value either- and don't even get me started on RT! LOL) I've commented numerous times on that point. I've seen previous Hitler comparisons which in my opinion are like "jumping the shark" (what was relevant becoming irrelevant) These comparisons serve one purpose and one purpose only- to play on familiar themes in order to demonize a leader/a nation/ a situation.. whichever is applicable.

      The situation between Turkey and the US is fraught with tension at this moment- it has been before, but now it's worse then ever- hence the demonization.

      That type of spin should signal readers to the true nature of their source-

      I like this irresponsible tabloid fodder that only contributes to global instability.

      that's what it does and that's what it's meant to do