Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Jose Berrara: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control

This is the 3rd time I will have embedded the Magic and Spelling as Mind Control video at the blog.   First time 
"Where to begin? WOW!
 Does wow work for you?"
And a brilliant comment left by AP from twelfth bough (still missed)
"God spoke the world into creation. Right?
Not literally. But, figuratively.
This indicates or should indicate to us the power of the ‘WORD’.
How the ‘word’ is used to create perceptions?
How the ‘word’ is used to create reality?
How the ‘word’ is used to evoke thoughts and images?
How the ‘word’ is used to control
The word is powerful. We need to be aware of that."

  It goes right along with the James Corbett video from earlier today  Language is a Weapon- James Corbett

Language matters. Words are magic. They control your reality. They create your world.
One wonders why it is people don't pay more attention to that fact.
And  opt to en- lighten oneself.  In order to shine rather then be dull.



  1. And in essence that is what we bloggers do. Fight fire with fire, words with words. David and Goliath. But our little slingshot pellets can sometimes create a few ripples.


    1. That is until you decide to shoot big. Then you get the B'Man Wordpress treatment.

  2. The bible has this to say about the power of words:

    Proverbs 18:21 (KJV)

    21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue:
    and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

    Whether for good or evil...
    We must not be overcome of evil, but rather overcome evil with good.

  3. Thanks, Penny, for linking both of those programs. I've spent the afternoon listening to both of them.

    I always enjoy James Corbett and the Gnostic Media program with Jose Barrera was especially good. I knew most of what he was talking about, but it was so helpful the way he put it all together and included modern examples. Really great stuff.

  4. Hi p it certainly seems that we are having an effect. to extend gc's analogy we are raining unending arrows on the target now and they have to make the sky hyperviscous.

    I stated at the very beginning of my mindpurge that all there was a nam shub and aimed at a very specific sick world view.

    The aim of the thickening sky is to stop the most deadly form of attack we have, provably so, synchronised attack by flechette as prayer.

    We must consider everything we see and hear here as the synchronised black murmurings of the earth bound primitives and remove it if possible. I do not mean just adverts, marketing and the usual welfare scrounging time wasters but refuing to do anything to their rythm, a simple thing to do would be to stop worshiping at their temples every saturday to buy groceries and grovelling before their money.

    As we now know absolutiely all systems we are forced to perform ceremony at are RICO murder outfits.

  5. thanks for the comments everybody
    thanks Canadian Wildflower!
    Gwen: glad you enjoyed both shows- Jose's presentation remains to this day one of my fave and to my mind the best presentation on the subject- easy to understand etc.
    bman- still hope you make a come back
    incoming..."we are raining unending arrows on the target now and they have to make the sky hyperviscous."

    I have to think we are having an effect,why else would Google go to such lengths to use algorithms for censorship?

    Why would wordpress take bman and others down?

    It has to be because we, collectively, challenge the authority ideas of how things should be.

    That said it's not good that we, the collective of questioners can be marginalized in such a way- In an alleged 'free and democratic' society.

    Best thing we can do is cross promote one anothers work and spread the magic to alter the reality