Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Nxivm Cult Gathering Financial Information on Journalists, Judges, Senators and others

 Keep in mind the historical documentation connecting intelligence operations and cults, including but not limited to sex trafficking. Child and other wise.  Uncovered by real muckrakers. Dave McGowan comes to mind - The first six chapters of  his book "Programmed to kill" are linked in the sidebar to the right.

Relinking: 09/ Jim Jones & the People's Temple- MKUltra experimentation in Guyana ?

2014:  Glenn Close raised in a cult?! The Moral re-armament cult?In her own words...
Moral re-armament cult was linked to intelligence operations.
Former CIA officer Miles Copeland claims that his CIA colleague Bob Mandelstam made "arrangements" with Scientology and Moral Re-Armament about this time.[24] (Moral Re-Armament is another cult-like organization; Copeland's information on MRA is confirmed by the late Jim Wilcott, an accountant with the CIA in Japan in the early 1960s, who wrote that MRA "was covertly supported and used by the CIA."[25])
Now let's read the latest on the Nxivm cult... because this Nxivm cult sure has me thinking about intelligence and cult connections.

Nxivm Cult Gathering Financial Information on Journalists, Judges, Senators and others...

The cache of documents surfaced in 2018 when the F.B.I. searched the home of a senior member of the cult like (???) group Nxivm.

Photographs from the search showed agents had found a clear plastic box with a red lid in the basement of a home belonging to Nancy Salzman, Nxivm’s co-founder, who was known as “Prefect.”
Inside, agents said, were folders of financial reports labeled with names of journalists, judges, cult experts and others, including Senator Chuck Schumer; the then state attorney general, Eliot Spitzer; and the State Senate majority leader, Joseph L. Bruno.
Recall when Eliot Spitzer was outed, humiliated and tossed to the curb? Was the "hooker" a cult sex slave?
"Most, if not all, of the financial material was inaccurate, an F.B.I. agent, Michael Weniger, said.  (But is he telling us the truth or obfuscating the reality?) But Nxivm members appeared to be making a genuine effort to gather information on the targets.

“The vast majority of the individuals that had folders inside the box were individuals that had some type of criticism of Nxivm and or the defendant,” he testified on Thursday in the racketeering and sex trafficking case of the group’s leader, Keith Raniere.
Mr. Weniger finished testifying on Friday, closing the prosecution’s case six weeks after it began on May 7. Afterward, the defense declined to present witnesses, and in the only instance during the trial in which he has spoken publicly, Mr. Raniere confirmed to the judge in a soft voice that he would not be taking the stand.
Summations are scheduled for Monday.

Over the course of the trial in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, six former Nxivm members offered wrenching and sometimes lurid accounts of manipulation and sexual abuse.
But Mr. Weniger appeared to serve as an expert of sorts, ( an expert of sorts? That's odd) someone who could draw from broad knowledge of Nxivm and introduce documents involving members who were not called to the stand"
The FBI agent, Mr Weniger is presenting evidence and introducing documents involving members who were not called to the stand? Why weren't they called to the stand? ODD.
"Mr. Raniere, 58, co-founded Nxivm (pronounced nex-ee-um) in the 1990s as a self-help organization based near Albany. He is now on trial on charges of racketeering conspiracy, identity theft, extortion, forced labor, money laundering, wire fraud and sex trafficking.

Although he presented himself as a humanitarian, prosecutors have said Mr. Raniere, known as “Vanguard,” exploited his followers, particularly women. Some were branded with his initials and assigned to have sex with him.
Much of Mr. Weniger’s testimony emphasized the conspiratorial nature of Nxivm and the lengths to which its members would go to monitor those whom they perceived as hostile"
Why were they "perceived" as hostile?
"Earlier in the trial, a witness identified only as Daniela said Nxivm tried to obtain personal information and banking records of people on a “list of enemies” who members believed wanted to destroy the group."
Remember there is heavy duty mind control going on. Couldn't believing one thing while another is actually true serve nefarious purposes- Say, blackmail?
"She added that she hacked into the computer accounts of several people at the behest of Mr. Raniere and a Nxivm member named Kristin Keeffe.

As part of that effort, Daniela said, she obtained years of emails from the account of the liquor magnate Edgar M. Bronfman Sr., whose daughter, Clare Bronfman, was a senior member of Nxivm."

"Among those whose names appeared on folders in Ms. Salzman’s basement were journalists with The Albany Times Union, which had run investigative stories about Nxivm, and four federal judges who had presided over cases involving the group.
Also included was information about the political operative Roger Stone, who Mr. Weniger said had worked for Nxivm; Rick Ross, a cult expert the group had sued; Kristin Snyder, a Nxivm student who was presumed to have died in Alaska; and Mr. Bronfman."

Joseph L. Bruno, the former State Senate majority leader, was also targeted by Nxivm.
There's more going on here then meets the eye. Is the FBI trying to minimize the cult's activities so they can keep an asset in place? Might there be a connection to Israel in all this? 
 I wonder......


  1. Hi Penny:

    Every since we had the "Missing Downtown East Side Women Scandal" here in Vancouver in the 1990's where one man was convicted of killing many street women under the noses of the police


    I have felt that there is a connection between "motorcycle gangs" police and cults. Crimes and murders are committed as a form of initiation into all three and there are cross-overs between them. The Picton victims were killed in a ritualistic manner and it's unlikely that Picton could have managed all the activity involved by himself. There was never a thorough investigation of the murders...much was swept under the carpet.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

    1. hi gc, i remember able danger gave a break down of the picton piggy farm murders years and years ago. as for interconnectedness, do you remeber the Pitcairn island "crisis" a long while back? oh so concerned about abuse on the other side of the world and yet aiding child rape gangs in Yorkshire.

    2. that should have been Abel Danger, oh and savile was getting access all areas passes. So mason cops, degenerates and gangs getting protection. go figure.

  2. Hey GC and Incoming

    the whole Picton thing, for lack of a better word- was swept under the rug with the help of law enforcement..

    There were some RCMP/Picton farm connections that were more then suspicious.

    As for motorcycle gangs, cops and cults- yeah, there's connectivity- I'm thinking in particular here of Quebec- where there have been some notorious connections made there between law enforcement- biker gangs and organized crime.

    Cults and law enforcement? Lots of connection can be made there? Aren't biker gangs really a form of a cult?

    Jimmy Saville was quite the predator. for decades. The depth and breadth of his predatory ways will likely never be known.

    But, undoubtedly he was shielded.

  3. Ever wonder why the suicide rate amongst police officers is so high...and getting higher?

    1. likely because they are so corrupt and degenerate
      we've had some real doozies locally (in the regional police force) yet we're told to revere the druggies, smugglers and abusers????