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Crimes In Limbo:SDF (PKK) Commits Horrific Crimes Against Syrians Under Cover of the US Led Coalition

Absolutely appalling what the US led coalition has been allowing under their tutelage
noun: tutelage- protection of or authority over someone or something; guardianship.
 This topic has been written on for years here at PFYT's- while so many championed these thugs,  I was labelled a "kurd hater" for stating the facts
 It must be stated unequivocally that too many turned a blind eye to what had/s been occurring in Syria-  Intentionally so, is my thought. This reality was easily knowable with just a little effort!

Scoop - SDF Commits Horrific Crimes Against Syrians Under Coalition Cover
Wednesday, 31 July 2019, 9:00 am
Press Release: Euro-Med Monitor
The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med) in a brief report today, shed light on numerous extrajudicial executions and other human rights violations carried out by the coalition-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against civilians living in the eastern part of the country.
SFD continues to violate the rights of Syrians in the face of unjustifiable silence from the international community and continues to receive military and logistical support and air cover from the US-led international coalition forces, Euro-Med said.

The SDF was established in the city of Qamishli in northern Syria on the 10th of October 2015 to fight against the Islamic State. At that time, they defined themselves as "a unified national military force for all Syrians, Arabs, Kurds, Syriac, and all other components." But the ethnic composition of the SDF forces composition of the SDF forces suggests this is not the case, and it is in fact dominated by Kurdish forces. Currently, 70% of its troops are Kurds, while Arabs and other communities account for just 30%.

In their report, Euro-Med highlighted the continued suffering of thousands of Syrians in the cities of Raqqa and Deir al-Zour following the defeat of the Islamic State in the region and the takeover of the eastern part of Syria by the SDF.

The report authors were particularly concerned by some of the alleged recruitment practices of the SDF. It was alleged that the SDF had been undertaking forced recruitment of civilians in their battle against the Islamic State, even compelling children to fight in some cases.

Other atrocities committed by SDF forces that were brought to the attention of Euro-Med staff included the torture and extrajudicial killing of civilians. A video was recently leaked to the Al Forat Network by a member of the SDF that showed the torture and execution of two Arab youths in an SDF prison. It was alleged that the young men were killed because of their refusal to submit to the forced recruitment campaign.

Euro-Med staff later obtained a different video of a similarly appalling crime. It showed a member of the SDF torturing a girl and a man for refusing to go to a recruitment camp. The video also showed a different masked soldier beating the girl and the man after handcuffing them and insulting them.

The report also referenced a widely-circulated video clip from various social media sites that shows a member of the SDF executing a married couple just for walking past a wall marked with anti-Kurdish slogans.
Another video showed SDF fighters torturing two handcuffed civilians to try to extract the hiding places of Islamic State forces. The video shows one of the soldiers beating a detainee around the head with a plastic chair.

The report also accuses the SDF of preventing civilians forced from their homes by the Islamic State or those who escaped Islamic State-controlled areas from returning to their homes, while also detaining hundreds of civilians in prisons lacking even the most basic amenities.

According to information collected by the Euro-Med from local human rights organisations, the SDF tortured hundreds of displaced Syrians and imprisoned them in detention centres for days on end in the hope of extracting any information relating to the Islamic State.

The Euro-Med report also contains testimony from Syrian civilians suggesting an intentional policy on the part of the SDF to alter the demographic makeup of areas under their control. The SDF confiscated dozens of houses in villages they captured, before annexing them to "self-managed" status within the framework of their planned Kurdish federal territory.

Mohamed Imad, Euro-Med's legal researcher, described recent events in eastern Syria Syria as a serious violation of the most basic legal rights guaranteed by international law. He added that the right to a dignified life, freedom of movement, safe living and access to basic services for Syrian civilians is guaranteed under multiple international agreements, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the International Covenant on Economic and Social Rights, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

"The human and legal violations and executions carried out by SDF members outside the framework of the law represent war crimes and crimes against humanity. They should be held responsible for their actions before the International Criminal Court,"
Imad stressed.

Imad expressed his concern at the uncritical support of the SDF amongst the international community, which continued despite the obvious human rights violations being perpetrated by the opposition group.
The report concludes by calling on the United Nations Security Council to intervene urgently to halt the SDF atrocities. Euro-Med also called for an end to all material and logistical support for the SDF from the international community, as well as an end to all coordinated military operations.

Euro-Med also called on the United Nations to set up a special investigation into the atrocities in Eastern Syria and demanded that the perpetrators appear before the International Criminal Court to face justice for their war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Click here to read the press release on our website
Crimes in limbo: SDF commits horrific crimes against Syrians under the cover of the international coalition
A mere handful of older posts covering the child recruitment. Annexation. Ethnic Cleansing of ordinary Syrians with the help of the coalition. This is one topic that raises my ire, since the apologists have been, in my opinion, doing the dirty work for the coalition. From  5 eyes main stream/alt media through to 'authorities' such as the UN.
"In my opinion, he just obfuscates reality. He is selling the remake agenda under the guise of happenstance and necessary for peaceI ask you, how beneficial is that for the anglo zionist empire? To cover for their plans? To present them as not a plan? Looks to be a win/win for the powers that shouldn't be."
"Ah, yes... everyone’s favoured fighters. Poor, poor victims of US perfidy. Forcibly recruiting Children "

Flashback:The forgotten child soldiers recruited by Kurdish militants in Turkey and Syria

Flashback: Syrian Kurd self-immolates after son recruited by PYD/ PKK

Flashback: Lion Cubs of the caliphate? Who is really recruiting children?

Disinfothama aka Canthama- who constantly gave cover to the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Syria's east. Syriana Analysis (presenting SDF and SAA as allied)  
And others, too numerous to mention.
  • Annexing Raqqa- Ethnic Cleansing & Where's ISIS ?

    " Recall my mentioning the 5 eyes media calling the Kurdish terrorists "landholders"?  Reporting the annexation of Raqqa as liberation or being freed is just more of that misleading language" 

The "glorious Kurds", as Scott calls them, are not glorious- they are simply US backed terrorists. And that's the reality. Same as the reality in Manbij. Not enemy IED. Fratricide. Obfuscated by two governments.

Pentagon FINALLY Admits to Fratricide in Manbij

 Signing off disgusted!

Pentagon FINALLY Admits to Fratricide in Manbij

Once the Brits, sort of came clean, the fratricide couldn't be covered up any longer.

US soldier Jonathon Dunbar/UK SAS Soldier  Matt Tonroe Both Died in Syria
"Support the Troops" " Honour those that serve"   Sloganeering. Always.  
The US as well as the UK knew  nearly immediately that these were not deaths caused by enemy IED. But, both nations obfuscated, anyway..

"US SPECIAL FORCES have finally admitted that friendly fire killed a pair of British and US commandos in Syria last year, writes Phil Miller.
They issued the statement after an investigation by the Morning Star revealed the Pentagon’s original version of events was incorrect.
When SAS sniper Matt Tonroe and US soldier Jonathan Dunbar died last March in Manbij, the Pentagon said they were struck by an enemy mine.
But the Star obtained inquest records which showed investigators found no evidence of a roadside bomb. Instead, they concluded that an explosive carried by friendly forces had detonated accidentally.
Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed our story on Friday evening and it was picked up around the world — but the Pentagon refused to comment.
On Monday night US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) finally broke its silence and told the Star: “USSOCOM confirms the accuracy of the comments the UK Ministry of Defence spokesman made about the cause of the death of British Army Sgt Matthew Tonroe.
“An investigation determined both US Army Master-Sgt Jonathan Dunbar and Sgt Tonroe died as a result of the accidental detonation of explosives carried by coalition forces, not by enemy action.
“Our thoughts continue to be with Master-Sgt Dunbar and Sgt Tonroe’s family and friends.”

 Sunday, July 28, 2019: Fratricide in Manbij- British Special Forces Killed by "Friendly Fire"

 Readers here were informed of this possibility at the time of the incident
See below

"Not bloody likely!  One could see this claim coming a mile away. By that I mean it was obvious this was the claim that was going to be made no matter who died. Surely the plan was for civilians to die. Specials ops are valued persons, but, unintended consequences, ya know?"
It's not clear who (American or Brits) had the explosion in their possession- though I suspect (can't be certain) it was the American special forces soldier. They were the only two killed-which tells me they were most probably beside one another also the US hasn't, to my knowledge, explained what really happened that night in Manbij.

I covered the reports on the death of the American in this post


Official statement “On March 30, Master Sgt. Johnathan Dunbar, 36 and a British service member were killed by an IED near Manbij. The patrol was tracking an “ISIS high-value target” in the area at the time, said Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon.”

Where I reiterated my assessment:

"Spot the contradiction? ISIS is hundreds and hundreds of miles away from Manbij according to the Pentagon. So, how would they be tracking an "ISIS high value target"? Of course nothing like that was reported at that time. I covered the special ops soldiers, blowing themselves up, while on "presence patrols" aka perping a false flag- and yah, that’s my opinion on that incident!

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Russia Accuses US of Stealing Syrian Oil. Using Money To Fund Militant Groups

 As they were when it was ISIS in Syria's northeast- so they are now that it is the PKK.
 Indeeed the US has been involved all along with the theft of Syria's oil. Alongside their Kurdish majority proxies, same as before.


Smoke from a blaze rises next to an oil well in an agricultural field in the town of Al-Qahtaniyah, in the northeastern Al-Hasakeh province near the Syrian-Turkish border, June 10
"A senior Russian military official has accused the United States of stealing oil from parts of Syria held by allied insurgents and of using the revenue to sabotage the war-torn country's government.
Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoi, chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the Russian military's general staff, told reporters Monday that the U.S. has mobilized about 2,700 "militants" in a 34-mile, self-styled deconfliction zone near the southeastern border crossing of Al-Tanf.
He said these insurgents, including those from Maghawir al-Thawra and the Army of Free Tribes, were being transferred from Al-Tanf via U.S. Air Force helicopters in order to conduct "sabotage, the destruction of oil and gas infrastructure and commit terrorist attacks against government forces" in areas such as Al-Sweida, Palmyra and Al-Bukamal.
"Aside from training militants, the U.S. structures in Syria are involved in plundering oil facilities and deposits in the area across the Euphrates that belongs to the legitimate Syrian government. Lately, U.S. private military companies have been observed to actively beef up their personnel. Today, the mercenaries of the private military companies in Syria exceed 3,500 people," Rudskoi claimed.
He argued that these companies had "organized the production and sale of Syrian oil from the Conaco, Al-Omar and Tanak oilfields located east of the Euphrates River" as part of "a criminal scheme" to "loot the national wealth of Syria."
Much of these proceeds were said to be "spent on maintaining illegal armed groups, bribing the sheiks of Arab tribal unions and fomenting anti-government sentiments."
Rudskoi claimed Monday that the alleged U.S. private military company operations in Syria were being "carried out under the guise of aviation of the international antiterrorist coalition" and "represents a smuggling business taken by the Americans from ISIS."
  He said "the continued supply of arms and military equipment by the United States to the eastern bank of the Euphrates also causes considerable concern" as, "in exchange for assistance in oil smuggling, the United States is 'beefing' up both Kurdish and Arab formations with arms, and they subsequently use them against each other."
  Rudskoi warned that this was "only exacerbating the situation in the war-torn region" where some tensions have built up between the U.S.-backed, predominantly Kurdish administration and majority-Arab population. Washington officials have repeatedly stated that they wished to respect Syria's territorial integrity, but Assad — whose own oil industry was sanctioned by the U.S. and its allies over alleged war crimes — has warned that he would retake Syrian Democratic Forces-held areas by force if they were not handed over through dialogue."

From earlier today:

Russia & Turkey Jointly Destroy Militants Weapons In Idlib De-escalation Zone

 A little more on that report 


"Turkey has twelve "observation points" in Idlib. (As does Russia and Iran)
Al-Nusra has previously accused Turkey of having supplied Russia with the coordinates for attacks on its commanders and their close-by armed groups.
In the framework of agreements with Russia, Turkey has contributed to the Syrian regime gaining control over cities such as Aleppo, Dara and East Ghouta, in which armed groups were strongly present."


Russia & Turkey Jointly Destroy Militants Weapons In Idlib De-escalation Zone


MOSCOW, July 29. /TASS/. Russia jointly with Turkey are surgically destroying weapons and depots of militants in the Idlib de-escalation zone in Syria, Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Directorate, Colonel-General Sergey Rudskoy, said.

"Jointly with our Turkish colleagues, we are taking steps to detect and surgically destroy the weapons of terrorists, their equipment, armaments and ammunition depots," the general said.

Over the past 1.5 months, surgical strikes on the southwestern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone have destroyed 11 tanks, 17 infantry fighting vehicles, 12 multiple artillery rocket systems, 29 vans with large-caliber machine guns, and also three depots with more than 40 drones


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Fratricide in Manbij- British Special Forces Killed by "Friendly Fire"

Began work on this post yesterday- 

  • the accidental killing of one's own forces in war.
  • The accidental killing of an ally caused by a discharge of a military weapon. 
It took well over a year for this information to get out in the British media. It's yet to be seen in the American media regarding the death of the American soldier, which occurred at the same time. Though his death was reported on immediately the narrative was enemy IED. At the bottom of this post you will find two additional links back to information regarding this incident. Including the US move to immediately blame Turkey for what had occurred.
 That all said, you'll notice that in my report, immediately published, after the incident had taken place, that the idea of fratricide was clearly mentioned. (accidental killing of one's own forces or allies caused by their own weapons- be they bombs or guns)

March 30/2018 2 Coalition Forces Killed by IED In Syria. In The Process of Deploying Them?
"My first thought upon reading this was... potential provocation? You'll notice the coalition is silent on where these deaths occurred, the situation in which they occurred and nationality/ies of the two deceased individuals. Or the five wounded"

Sgt  Matt Tonroe Killed On Mission With US Soldiers
Link- Special Report on SAS death in Syria
-LITTLE is known about the role played by SAS soldiers in the fight against Isis deep inside Syria. 

-Under the cover of darkness, a convoy of 12 military vehicles packed with US and British special forces wound their way towards the target’s location.

Under the cover of darkness. Hidden. Surreptitious. Covertly.
-Upon arrival Sergeant Tonroe and his team quickly dismounted and spread out along a narrow walled street.

-THE SAS team were spread throughout that fateful convoy, Soldier C explained from behind the screen at Hereford Town Hall. Over the radio he heard the news that two friendly forces were down — Sergeants Tonroe and Dunbar.
-Casualties were being flown back and two more arriving “slow time” by road – a grim sign they had not survived.

-He heard Sgt Tonroe was among them, and soon saw the sniper’s body wrapped in a poncho being carried in on a stretcher.
Sgt Tonroe was a sniper.

-The coroner then turned to an internal investigation into the incident, which ruled out the IED theory and said explosives carried by a fellow soldier had somehow detonated, killing Sgt Tonroe.
-This revelation, arguably the most important, came five minutes before the end of the inquest, and the coroner soon moved to make his conclusion.

-He did not ask questions about the grenades carried by the SAS or Delta Force team, to determine whether they were faulty.

Didn’t ask about grenades? Didn’t determine if grenades were the issue?
It's doubtful that grenades were the issue which would explain the non interest in exactly what had exploded and why?

Forces Network- British SAS Soldier Killed by Friendly Fire and NOT Roadside Bomb
The Pentagon blamed their deaths on an improvised explosive device (IED) in a statement released days after the incident in March 2018.
But an investigation into the blast in Manbij, northern Syria, concluded Sergeant Tonroe was killed by an explosive carried by a colleague.
"However, subsequent investigation concluded that Sergeant Tonroe was killed by the accidental detonation of explosives carried by coalition forces.

 Actually the US immediately blamed the Turkish backed rebels

 April 01/18: FSA Behind Manbij Bomb Resulting in Two Special Ops Casualties??
"Not bloody likely!  One could see this claim coming a mile away. By that I mean it was obvious this was the claim that was going to be made no matter who died. Surely the plan was for civilians to die. Specials ops are valued persons, but, unintended consequences, ya know?"

Prior to the incident there was odd activity in that area that was being sent down the memory hole for some unknown at the time reason..- March 29 2018 Syria's North: Is the US Readying A Provocation Or Deterrent for Turkish Forces?

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Intersecting Strands: Epstein, Lazard, Safra, Browder, Magnitsky & Berezovsky

 In trying to keep this post to a readable length I'm going to break it into 2 parts

As mentioned in yesterday's report, Epstein, Lazard & Banker Contacts Including Edmond Safra (Russia/Browder/Magnitsky) one name included in the "black book",  that of Edmond Safra, took me back in time. 
 Back to 2011, when a few of us got together and worked on this article Tuesday, 16 August 2011 Magnitsky Report at the then cooperative blog Suspicious Deaths. 

Edmond Safra was connected, in a very shrouded manner, with Browder & Magnitsky. Take notice that the Lazard family is mentioned in the 2011 post. As reported in yesterday's report Lazard employees loomed large in the black book of Jeffrey Epstein.

2011 report:
"In reviewing the stories of the Safra murder, as well as another associate of Browder who died in suspicious circumstances, Edouard Stern, it becomes very clear that these people -- Browder's close partners and associates -- are extremely wealthy people. Stern, for instance, married into the Lazard family, one of the top banking families of the world. These are Browder's peers. Stern was supposed to meet Browder the morning he was discovered dead in a latex bodysuit in his penthouse Geneva apartment, a murder which shocked the financial elite. Many people thought Safra and Stern were Russian mafia hits related to business deals, but both mysteries were supposedly solved otherwise"
 Russian mafia hits? Who or what constitutes the Russian mafia in the late 90's? If we could define or clarify those questions it might help to understand these suspicious deaths.

Partying like it's 1999?

 December 1999- Billionaire who blew whistle on Russian cash scandal is killed in Monte Carlo
"DEEP MYSTERY is surrounding the murder of one of the world's wealthiest men, the banker Edmond Safra who died from smoke inhalation after two masked men set fire to his penthouse flat in Monaco

The attack - a month before the completion of the pounds 7bn sale of Mr Safra's New York and Luxembourg banks to the British banking giant HSBC
The bodies of Mr Safra and a young woman, believed to be the nanny of his wife's granddaughter, were found in a bathroom where they had taken refuge. Mr Safra's bodyguard, who was stabbed by the raiders, was in a critical condition last night in the Princess Grace memorial hospital."
  In time murder changed to accident and the "nanny" became a nurse. Doubtful this was an accident and it's a question to me if  the 'young woman' in the bathroom was either a nanny or a nurse, when one considers the reports of Mr Safra having two bullets in him!
Safra Fortress Fire
"The two masked men, unable to break down the bathroom door, started a fire on the balcony of the apartment, which spread to the roof of the sea-front building and the flat itself."
 Wouldn't starting a fire on the balcony of the "apartment" in Monaco attract a whole lot of attention?
"The deal, agreed in outline in May, was held up when two employees of a subsidiary of Republic New York were accused, by a Japanese company and others, of helping a US financial guru to mount an elaborate fraud.
Legal claims in the "Princeton affair" are still outstanding but HSBC completed the Republic National deal last month after Mr Safra volunteered to take a $450m (pounds 280m) cut in his $3bn share of the sale"
1999 - Safra death raises questions and inspires reflections on banking dynasty
"The tragic and mysterious death of international banker Edmond J. Safra inspired reflections on a banking dynasty that dates back to the Ottoman empire, but had lately been tainted by scandal.

Safra, a devout Jew, was born in Beirut in 1932, and by the age of 16 he was working at the side of his father Jacob. In the late 1940s, when anti-Semitic riots swept the city, the younger Safra moved the family business to Brazil, which was a major refuge for Aleppo Jews fleeing Syria.

The Safras founded Banco Safra, Brazil's fifth largest private bank, catering to the wealthy.
He later sold his interests in Brazil to his brothers and moved to Switzerland, where he started the Trade Development Bank, another private bank.

In New York, he launched Republic National Bank in the former Knox Hats Co. building on Fifth Avenue. Today, Republic New York Corp. has $67.8 billion in assets and is the 16th-largest bank holding company in the United States with branches in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Delaware and Washington."
 Keep the Republic National Bank name in your mind...
"In 1983, he sold the Trade Development Bank to American Express, but their relationship quickly soured. When Safra started a competing company in 1988, American Express launched a smear campaign, linking Safra to drug trafficking and the Iran-Contra scandal, according to Bryan Burrough's book "Vendetta."

Did American Express "launch a smear campaign" or did they simply 'leak' some inconvenient truths out to the public in order to pressure Safra for some unknown reason?

1999- Iran/Contra and the Safra Mystery - Robert Parry
"Press accounts continue to state erroneously that banker Edmond J. Safra, who died mysteriously when a fire swept his Monaco penthouse apartment, was cleared over involvement in the Iran-contra scandal and related money-laundering investigations.
Contrary to reports in The New York Times and other leading news outlets, Safra’s Republic National Bank was implicated – not cleared – in connection with the Iran-contra affair. According to the final report by Iran-contra special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, an officer of Republic National Bank in New York arranged clandestine cash transfers to Oliver North’s secret network in 1985-86."
After escaping any Iran-contra fall-out – thanks largely to the U.S. news media’s failure to examine the details of Walsh’s investigation – Safra’s Republic National Bank went on to become a major recipient of money from Russia. (in the 90's when the Western bankers were plundering Russia) Millions of rubles poured into the New York-based bank from Boris Yeltsin’s government and from the shadowy world of Russian business.
Safra sold the bank to American Express in 1983 for $550 million.

After the deal, American Express executives grew suspicious about Safra’s rumored links to the Iran-contra operations and drug money laundering. Given their corporate responsibility for the Trade Development Bank, top American Express executives hired private detectives to examine those suspicions, some of which began surfacing in the international press.
When Safra got wind of the American Express investigation, he ordered counter-investigations of American Express, with Safra’s private investigators tailing the private eyes working for American Express. Safra then sued American Express for alleged defamation. At that point, American Express chose to avert a costly legal battle and limit the negative publicity by agreeing to apologize and donate $8 million to charities of Safra’s choice.

The American Express retreat was big news at the Wall Street Journal and other major newspapers that took Safra’s side and portrayed him as an innocent man smeared by a business competitor.
So, by the time Walsh’s report appeared in 1993 – confirming that Safra’s bank indeed was implicated in both the Iran-contra affair and illicit money laundering – the U.S. news media showed no interest in correcting the record. The false conventional wisdom held."
Boris Berezovsky
 Safra, Iran-contra and illicit money laundering? The banking game never changes and we can see the routine, money shuffle/laundering in the situation with Yeltsin led Russia. 

Millions of rubles poured out of Russia, into the New York bank while IMF funds that were supposed to go to Russia made there way to the Republic National Bank and stayed put. 

For now this post will end with an odd but informative little documentary made by the BBC covering the intrigue around Safra, Browder, Magnitsky, Boris Berezovsky, Safra's bank in New York and Browder's Hermitage Capital Fund.


Stay tuned for Part 2 

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Epstein, Lazard & Banker Contacts Including Edmond Safra (Russia/Browder/Magnitsky)

It’s being reported that Jeffrey Epstein was found injured in his cell-

2am Epstein UPDATE: Jeffrey Found in Fetal Position - Tried to Hurt Himself Some Say via Nomadic Everyman

Call me unsympathetic.

Sneaky "Uncle Epstein" hattip Scott
Vanity Fair has an interesting piece- The Mysteries of Jeffrey Epstein’s Financial Black Book

 Call me gobsmacked while experiencing a certain 'blast from the past'  from a name dropped in the article, that got my wheels turning about the inter-connections between Mr Epstein and bankers, globally.

 It's a digression which will be expanded upon at a later date. For now I'll just touch on the topic.

Vanity Fair-
"But the biggest unanswered question remains how he made the nearly $600 million that he and his attorneys listed on his unaudited and unverified financial statement.
In order to find out how he amassed his fortune, it may take subpoenas from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York to Wall Street types in Epstein’s inner circle—people such as Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder and CEO of L Brands, Glenn Dubin, the billionaire cofounder of the hedge fund Highbridge Capital Management, and Leon Black, the billionaire founder of Apollo Global Management, the private-equity behemoth.
While we await subpoenas and depositions—if they ever come remains to be seen—there is a road map of sorts in the form of Epstein’s so-called “little black book,” 92 pages of names, emails, and phone numbers of people Epstein knew, or wanted to know, but in any event had detailed information about. Wall Street people comprise a significant amount of the entries. “He was a kind of wholesale collector of people, including people he didn’t know,” one of the Wall Street guys in the black book tells me.I guarantee you that 90% of the people whose names are in his book, he’s not in their book. Many of these people don’t even know him.”

“He was a wholesale collector of people. including people he didn’t know”  Claims anonymous Wall Street guy who is also named in Epstein’s book. Of course unnamed claimant is speculating. Although he claims to be able to “guarantee” that 90% of the people whose names are in the book are unknown to them. How would he guarantee this? 
 Why is unnamed Wall Street guy presenting this type of narrative?  Is he being employed to create a distance between Epstein and the named individuals? In order to preserve reputations, etc?  
 Personally speaking, no one is in my “black book” unless I’ve had some contact with them. Which makes it very hard to believe that Epstein’s black book was filled, 90%, with people he had no contact with.
"What the book tells us is that Epstein knew, or aspired to know, some of the biggest names on Wall Street and in Washington. Sure there are the Trumps—Donald, Ivana, and Ivanka—and Bill Clinton’s surrogate Doug Band in the book. But once you get past their names, there is the horde of Wall Street executives.

The Wall Street names in the book range from the highly prominent to the obscure, and, for some unknown reason, a disproportionate number of names of bankers in it worked once upon a time at Lazard, my old firm. The prominent are easy to identify, but why were their names in the book? Why would the late David Rockefeller’s name be in there? He was, of course, the textbook definition of moral rectitude before he died two years ago, at the age of 101. (Was he? ) Also in the Epstein book are deceased financiers, such as Lord Hanson, the British industrialist; John Gutfreund, the onetime “King of Wall Street,” who presided over a major Treasury market scandal when he was the leader of Salomon Brothers; Paul Allen, the cofounder of Microsoft; Edmond Safra, a billionaire banker who perished in a fire in his apartment in Monaco in 1999; and Al Taubman, the billionaire Detroit real-estate tycoon who was caught up in a scandal involving Sotheby’s. (Taubman’s son Bobby is also in Epstein’s book).

Edmond and Lily Safra
Digression and a darn good one to boot!

Edmond Safra... now that name rings a bell- He died under some very weird circumstances..

Officially asphyxiation, but, he was reported to have had two bullets in him!

His wife, Lily,  was very much the social climber... who became an even wealthier women when two of her husbands died in such unusual circumstances.

The Billionaires Widow
 “Safra is also seen as having shrewdly positioned herself to inherit millions from the two very rich men she married, both of whose deaths have been investigated for a variety of strange circumstances.

 In 1988, the Safras purchased a huge villa in the south of France, and Safra spent $2 million in decorator fees on her bedroom alone. In 1996, the couple moved into a 10,000-sq.-foot apartment in Monaco, a mini-fortress over which Mossad-trained guards stood watch.”

Curiously Edmond Safra, whose mini fortress was guarded over by Mossad trained guards, died of smoke inhalation as fire alarms rang through the home...

The man charged in the incident maintains his innocence to this day and has written a book on the incident

We will revisit Jeffrey Epstein’s contact Edmond Safra because he ties to the Mossad, banker Bill Browder, Oligarch Boris Berezovsky and Russia- Weaving the web, as they say, weaving the web.  Funny how it is we just can't get away from Browder his global bully Magnitsky act and intelligence agencies..

 For now back to Epstein’s other contacts as mentioned in the Vanity Fair article
There is the multi-billionaire philanthropist and staunch conservative David Koch; Mike Bloomberg, the multi-billionaire former mayor of New York City and erstwhile presidential candidate; and there is Eddie Lampert, the billionaire hedge fund manager now presiding over the bankruptcy of Sears. There are the Forbes brothers—Steve, a onetime presidential candidate, and Chris, known as “Kip”—whose father was Malcolm Forbes and who may have at one point been billionaires. There are also the billionaires Ron Burkle, the onetime supermarket buyout impresario (and great friend of Bill Clinton), and Edgar Bronfman Jr., the spirits scion who took the family’s fortune and went Hollywood, with mixed success.
Recall that the Bronfman name, specifically Clare, has a connection to the NXIVM Cult?
 Nxivm cult, based in New York State (near Albany), was peddling women for sexual blackmail.
Any connections to Epstein?
"Also among the billionaires are Conrad Black, the Canadian media tycoon turned prominent historian and convicted felon, and Nicolas Berggruen, the fabulous and fabulously itinerant art collector and the founder of the annual $1 million Berggruen Prize that is given to a “thinker” who helps to shape “human self-understanding” and to “advance humankind.” There is also Henry Kravis, the billionaire cofounder of KKR, the onetime buyout king. How did Kravis, who is usually oh so careful about such things, get into Epstein’s book? I am not the least bit surprised to see billionaire Ron Perelman’s name in the book, especially since he lives blocks from Epstein’s East 71st mansion.
But the real fun of Epstein’s tome comes in wondering about the names of the less well-known bankers, and why Epstein would be in touch with them. Jes Staley, a former senior executive at JPMorgan Chase and now the CEO of Barclays Plc, the big British bank, was, as the New York Times reported, Epstein’s conduit to JPMorgan Chase back in the day. Epstein introduced Staley to the billionaire hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin. Dubin, who did not respond to a request for comment, met Epstein through his wife, Eva Andersson, a former Miss Sweden, and of course they are both in the book. When JPMorgan Chase bought a majority stake in Dubin’s Highbridge Capital Management in 2004 (and the rest five years later), Epstein got a fee. (Staley did not respond to a request for comment.)
Bill Berkman, the wealthy investor whose secretary once sued him about being forced to look at pornographic pictures of women in emails (the suit was dismissed with prejudice in 2015), is in the Epstein book, as are the hedge fund managers Boykin Curry and Adam Dell, the brother of Michael Dell, the multi-billionaire founder of Dell Computer. There is Alan Patricof, the prominent New York venture capitalist John Paulson, the billionaire hedge fund manager who made a fortune betting against the mortgage market in the years leading up to the 2008 financial crisis; and Michael Ovitz, the onetime Hollywood super-agent and Disney executive.
A former Goldman Sachs vice chairman and director—Robert Hurst—makes an appearance in Epstein’s book, as does Tony Dub, a former senior banker at First Boston back in the day. Lew Ranieri, the billionaire creator of the Wall Street securitization market when he was at Salomon Brothers—which eventually led us down the rabbit hole of mortgage-backed securities—is in the book. And, not surprisingly given that Epstein worked there briefly, two of the former leaders of Bear Stearns—Jimmy Cayne, the former CEO, and Warren Spector, the former president of the firm—are included.

But it is the former employees of Lazard—the prominent but relatively small M&A and investment management firm—that are disproportionately showing up in the book. There is Roger Barnett, who was a former colleague of mine, and is now the CEO of Shaklee, the Japanese nutrition and green cleaning-products company. (Barnett is married to Sloan Lindemann, the daughter of the late billionaire George Lindemann, whose name is also in the book.)"
The author just can’t figure out why Lazard employees are in the book- though he cites Les Wexner as a Lazard client? That connection alone is highly suggestive to me of why Lazard employees would be in the Epstein black book. Given the connections between Epstein and Wexner- However it appears to be a headscratcher to ex Lazard employee and author of the Vanity Fair article
"There is Eva Lorenzotti, a former junior banker at Lazard and New York socialite who is now affiliated with the Raine Group (started by two former Lazard bankers); there is Todd Meister, also a former junior banker at Lazard when I was there, whose father Robert “Bob” Meister (also in the book), a vice chairman of Aon Group, the insurance brokerage, introduced Epstein to Les Wexner, the billionaire founder of the Limited (who of course was in the book.) Robert Meister and Jeffrey Epstein were said to have had a falling out long ago but Wexner did help Todd Meister get his hedge fund off the ground with an investment of many millions of dollars. (Todd Meister was once briefly married to Nicky Hilton Rothschild, the sister of Paris Hilton.)

Wexner was also a longtime Lazard client. Former Lazard CEO William Loomis was once on the Limited’s board of directors. (Loomis’s name is not in the Epstein book.) Nina Griscom, a New York socialite and the stepdaughter of longtime Lazard honcho Felix Rohatyn, is in the book, as is Raymond McKenzie, who also worked at Lazard around the time I was there too. (“When it rains it pours,” McKenzie emailed me when I inquired why he was in the book.) And there is Jeffrey Leeds, a longtime friend, who left Lazard in the 1990s and started his own private-equity firm focused on the education sector. (Lazard did not respond to a request for comment.)
Two other entries caught my eye. One is for Tom Barrack, the founder of hedge fund Colony Capital and a longtime friend of Donald Trump. Barrack was head of Trump’s inauguration committee; he has agreed to cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee’s ongoing investigation into Trump. But Barrack, like Ron Burkle, lives mostly in California so that complicates somewhat being in Epstein’s social circle, ameliorated for sure by private jet travel. The most bizarre entry of all is that of Anton “Tony” Valukas, a former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and a senior partner at the prominent Chicago law firm, Jenner & Block. Valukas’s biggest claim to fame was probably as being the acclaimed author of the 2010 nine-volume report examining the causes of the biggest bankruptcy in American history—the 2008 liquidation of Lehman Brothers Why in the world would Epstein and Valukas want to have anything to do with each other? Valukas did not respond to an email request for comment"
I come away from reading the Vanity Fair article with the sense that it’s an exercise in damage control... Ya know don’t look at these contacts because according to the author they just don’t make any sense. And, yet...................

From earlier today:

Israeli Airstrikes Hit Syria- Back to Square One in Daraa

Military bus hit Daraa

I've not been able to gather up a whole lot of information on these latest Israeli  strikes. Though I suspect they did occur. Daraa has had problems as of late. Bombings etc. ( Daraa is where the Syrian destabiliziation kicked off in 2011)  

It's being reported today that Israel struck Syria overnight:
image from article
Various areas in southern Syria were subjected to an Israeli bombardment, inflicting human and material losses.

Regime media said that air defense missiles in southern Syria (Quneitra, the western Daraa countryside) at 01:00 A.M. on Wednesday, engaged an Israeli bombardment that targeted Tel al-Hara and Tel al-Ahmar and Nabaa al-Sakhr, as well as positions southwest of Damascus, and that the losses resulting from the Israeli attack were limited to material losses.  

The targeted positions included bases of the regime, Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Local sources said that the bombardment of military points in Nabaa al-Sakhr and Tel Ahmar in Quneitra, adjacent to Tel al-Hara in Daraa, left dead and wounded, who were transferred to the Mamdouh Abaza hospital in Quneitra. 

The Masyaf area in the western Hama countryside was hit by an Israeli attack on Sunday, as part of the continued airstrikes carried out by Israel

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Turkey's Defacto NATO Exit & The Response from Erstwhile Allies

Following up on yesterday's interview:
Being on the same page:
  • Defacto: being such in effect though not formally recognized 
  • Erstwhile: former; previous

Including the definitions so readers know how the words are being employed. 

1- EU and U.S. Punish Turkey (in the same week) For Two Separate Violations
After months of uncertainty and controversy, both the European Union and the United States decided to punish Turkey in the same week for two different violations.

The Associated Press reported on July 16 that the EU foreign ministers “approved sanctions against Turkey over its drilling for gas in waters where EU member Cyprus has exclusive economic rights. They said they were suspending talks on an air transport agreement, as well as high-level Turkey-EU dialogues, and would call on the European Investment Bank to review its lending” to Turkey.

  President Trump finally decided to prohibit Turkey from purchasing U.S. advanced stealth F-35 fighter jets, even though Turkey had already paid a billion dollars for the 116 jets it planned to buy and had participated in the program to manufacture parts of the aircraft, which after cancellation would result in the loss of around $10 billion for Turkey’s defense industry.
As reported here July 17/2019:  US Officially Removes Turkey from the F-35 Program

 A correlation, not a coincidence.

2- Trump Talks Turkey Sanctions with Congress- Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Digression Alert: Recall the Foundation for Defense of Democracies figuring large, very large in the  Conjured Sanctions/Evasion Scheme regarding Turkey/Halkbank? It is the very pro- Israel 'think tank' that provided "evidence" to the justice department. Weird, eh?
"At FDD, we’d spent considerable time digging into Zarrab’s activities. Our think tank already had an established track record of identifying and exposing Iran’s malign activities. We had also just launched a new program to explore Turkey’s recent drift into Islamist authoritarianism. The more we investigated, the more we realized that Zarrab’s schemes, which could have helped Iran pocket more than $100 billion, rank among the largest sanctions evasion episode in modern history."
FDD: "President Donald Trump will meet with Republican senators today to discuss Ankara’s purchase of the S-400 air defense system from Moscow. Turkey’s $2.5 billion deal violates U.S. law, specifically the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), which mandates penalties on those who make sizable purchases of Russian arms.

Turkey’s S-400 deal also triggers sanctions under CAATSA. The 2017 law, which passed with votes in the House and Senate of 419-3 and 98-2, respectively, bars individuals and entities from engaging in significant transactions with the Russian defense and intelligence sectors. Turkey’s multi-billion dollar deal is squarely within the target set of transactions Congress hoped to ban. Thus, the law requires the president and secretary of state to impose five out of twelve possible punitive measures on Turkey. These measures range from the denial of international loans to bans on utilizing U.S. financial institutions, denial of visas to Turkish executives, cutting off access to the U.S. dollar, and bans on exports to Turkey"
We can see the banks working in tandem in both the EU and US sanctions. 

3- How the US Lost It's Game of Chicken With Turkey 

 Excerpted below- worth reading entirely.
 Now that Turkey has taken delivery of the first part of its new Russian-made S-400 air defense system, we can say that the United States has lost the game of “chicken” it was playing with Ankara.

Turkey has now become the first NATO country to procure a strategic weapons platform from Russia, despite intense U.S. objections. Many U.S. institutions, including the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and Congress, spent more than two years trying to dissuade Turkey from purchasing the system. While NATO treats Russia as a strategic threat, Turkey, a NATO member, has made a deal with Russia to satisfy its national security interests. For Russia the benefits are twofold: it has now entered NATO’s defense market and precipitated a rupture in the transatlantic alliance.
In addition to geopolitical concerns, Turkey must maintain a good working relationship with Russia because of Turkey’s objectives in Syria. Two issues in Syria are critical for Turkey: the fight against the Kurdish YPG militia—which is linked with Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Syria and the Turkish military presence in Syria’s Idlib province. Turkey is not dependent on Russia in Syria, but it does need to manage its relationships with both Russia and the U.S. in order to facilitate its operations there.
Strategic U.S. Miscalculations
These are not miscalculations. The US moves have long appeared to be calculated and executed with the intention of undermining Turkey's security in the region.
1-" The U.S. effort to counter ISIS created many tactical, operational, and long-term strategic challenges for Turkey’s national security and regional policies, particularly due to the U.S. alliance with the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which has strong ties with Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Turkey had to counter the PKK’s urban insurgency in Turkey while the U.S. was supporting the PKK’s Syrian affiliate. This eventually undermined Turkey’s national security interests across the region"
 I'm truly, truly hoping there is no one reading here, or elsewhere for that matter, that is 'believing' the big lie that SDF is not the PKK. They are one and the same!
2-"Following Turkey’s July 2016 military coup attempt, Ankara’s perception of U.S. foreign policy changed. Not only was the U.S. was supporting the YPG, which has ties to the PKK, but it also did not support Ankara either by condemning the coup plotters or cooperating in the extradition of Fethullah Gulen, the man Turkish authorities believe planned the coup"
Undermining Turkey's national security interests, again! I'm confident the coup was not faked by Turkey- Despite there being recent EU claims along this line. Despite such claims in the 5/6 eyes media. Alt or otherwise.
Blogger Penny said...GC: saw this not too long ago- earlier this year (spring)


"The new evidence recently came in the form of a document written by a Turkish prosecutor on 16 July 2016, and obtained by an investigative journalist, Ahmet Donmez, who lives in exile in Sweden.
I've written previously about a suspiciously, spooky, NGO, the Stockholm Center for Freedom, that coincidentally publishes all sorts of articles castigating Turkey. As soon as I saw the "news" from the EU observer... and the mention of an  "exiled journalist who lives in Sweden" my mind went immediately to the aforementioned NGO
3- "U.S. miscalculation was making a false analogy between Turkey’s attitude in 2015 regarding its attempted purchase of China’s FD 2000 (HQ) air defense missile system and its decision to purchase the S-400 in 2017. Washington believed that Turkey would cancel the S-400 deal as it did in the case of the Chinese system, because of the interoperability problem and NATO’s possible reaction. However, Turkey canceled the FD 2000 long-range missile defense system contract in order to launch its own national air defense missile project"
4- The third U.S. miscalculation was the belief that there was some disparity among Turkish state institutions regarding the S-400 acquisition. However, this belief was not correct. Even though the Turkish security establishment had some concerns over the potential geopolitical rift between Ankara and Moscow vis-à-vis different foreign policy issues, these worries were not perceived as a strategic challenge as compared to the harm that U.S. policies were doing to Turkish national security.
Interesting times, indeed!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Chossudovsky: NATO, the Middle East and the "defacto exit from NATO" of Turkey

"Michel Chossudovsky discusses the recent US/Iran clash in the Persian Gulf; Iran’s capability as a military power; the breakup of the Gulf Cooperation Council; the Al-Udeid military base in Qatar the largest US base in the Middle East, and Qatar an ally of Iran; the flop of the proposed Middle East Strategic Alliance, also known as the Arab NATO; the July 2016 failed coup d’etat against Turkish President Erdogan; the US/Israel/Turkey “triple alliance” now a Turkey/Iran/Russia “triple entente”; Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 missile defense shield constitutes its de facto exit from NATO; the geopolitical realignment of the Middle East and its repercussions on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization"
One item of importance that has been failing to get coverage in the 5/6 eyes media, alt and otherwise, has been this fallout of NATO allies. And the potential repercussions in the region. As well as for the NATO alliance. The shortfall in this interview is there is no mention of the shift in allies the US has made from Turkey to the PKK as a huge reason for the defacto exit from NATO of Turkey. Though that was a major reason for the fall out. Qatar is discussed. Also just last week I'd wrote about the Israeli concerns and plans made years ago, for Israel to attack Iran. This attack would have needed a friendly Turkey, without S-400's

  Saker featured an article written by Eric Zuesse claiming that there were no Kurdish forces backed by the US in Manbij. (they had withdrawn) Eric Zuesse was mistaken in his claim and I'm not sure how he could have gotten such a significant bit of information so wrong? (I'm not sold on the work of Eric Zuesse and have said as much previously here at the blog) Considering the latest news had a Saudi minister visiting the PKK forces in Manbij, alongside the Americans. (What is al-Sabhan doing in  Manbij? ) To my mind the reporting of  the still occupying PKK  Kurds as having withdrawn from Manbij is like claiming American forces have withdrawn from Syria as well ( U.S Forces Staying in Northern Syria INDEFINITELY, That sure hasn't happened!

The interview is about an hour long- give it a listen and share some thoughts

Monday, July 22, 2019

Turkey To Talk Refugee Return with Damascus? Possible Turkish Operation in Syria’s East?

Basically Turkey wants the Usrael/France backed PKK/YPG away from their border. Or Cavusoglu is saying that Turkey is ‘determined to carry out an operation east of the Euphrates.....” 

For all intents and purposes, per the Astana agreement, there is a buffer zone existing in Idlib- agreed to between Turkey, Iran and Russia. There are the areas along the Syrian border held by Turkey, enabled by Russia, in the area of Afrin as well as al Bab.
The Turkish top diplomat also pointed out that Washington "still hasn’t taken certain steps under a roadmap on Syria’s Manbij."
The US never fulfilled it’s Manbij promise- this is going back to the Obama administration-

2016: Tukey: US to Keep Manbij Promise? 3 Step Road Map: Assad Stays. Cooperating with Iran & More  
Çavusoglu said: "The U.S. and the President Barack Obama personally promised that PYD members in the SDF would be withdrawn to the east of the Euphrates River. Now the U.S. must keep its promise, and we expect them to. We are maintaining our communications regarding this matter."
 So, it’s difficult for me to understand why Turkey would expect the US to agree to getting the Kurdish proxies away from the Turkish/Syrian border east of the Euphrates and keeping them away.

"Ankara is ready to carry out another military operation in Syria if necessary, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told the TGRT TV channel on Monday. 
"We are determined to carry out an operation east of the Euphrates River if efforts to set up a security zone in Syria fail and we continue to face various threats," he said.

At the same time, Cavusoglu was hopeful that progress in the establishment of a security zone in northern Syria would be achieved during talks with a US delegation that had arrived to Turkey. The delegation is led by US Special Representative on Syria James Jeffrey.

The Turkish top diplomat also pointed out that Washington "still hasn’t taken certain steps under a roadmap on Syria’s Manbij."

Discussions about setting up a buffer zone in Syria began back in 2013. At the time, the possibility of declaring a no fly zone was under consideration, as well as plans to set up a security zone where refugees could take shelter. Ankara keeps bringing the matter up but each time these plans fail to get implemented for various reasons."
Turkey to Engage With Syrian Leadership on Refugee Issue
An adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Yasin Aktay, said that the Turkish government would hold consultations and negotiations with the Syrian leadership in the city of Istanbul to find a solution to the refugee crisis.
This comes at a time when Istanbul is witnessing the expulsion of Syrian refugees to Syria who held temporary protection cards from other states, as well as some figures holding cards issued in Istanbul.
In statements carried by Anadolu agency on Sunday, Aktay said that, “the opposition party in every country on earth considered a leftist party always stands with refugee rights—but in Turkey, the opposition parties are against refugees and have incited people in a populist manner against them. In the end, we are a democratic country that complies with the will of its people.”
 Yup, AKP is under pressure from the 'leftist' opposition that won the election in Istanbul who have been playing the divisive identity politics card.  Sowing the seeds of discontent. Perfect for destabilization.

Recall my writing about the opposition in Istanbul that looks to have some serious western backing?
"Erdogan has said that his government will take new measures with Syrians in Turkey that cover three issues—encouraging return, deporting criminals, and deducting taxes in the hospitals.
He added in a meeting of the ruling Justice and Development Party on Jul. 13, 2019, that, “we will have new steps in this respect: We will take the necessary steps to encourage return, we will expel those who have committed crimes, and we will take taxes for medical treatment which they receive.”
 The displaced Syrians have been in Turkey for many years now.  While there has been some tension, it has not been as bad as what has been ongoing since the so called "leftist" party won Istanbul. And for those who haven't been paying attention the leftist government is very PKK friendly. 

Left vs Right is all in your/our mind.
It's just an elite created, wrongly held, false belief that came to be through mass perception management.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

US To Expand & Upgrade Runways of Old Cold War Base in Iceland

Defence Blog
The U.S. government is planning to expand runways and platforms of old Cold War base in Iceland so the base can handle heavy aircraft up to and including a C-5, according to a U.S. government’s main contracting website notice issued earlier this month.
beautiful world.com
In a notice posted on the Federal website, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Atlantic (NAVFAC LANT) intends to issue a request for proposal for expand and upgrade runways located at Keflavik base in Iceland.
Naval Air Station Keflavik is a U.S. Navy base located at Keflavík International Airport in Iceland. It is located on the Reykjanes peninsula on the south-west portion of the island.
Built during World War II by the United States Army, it served to ferry personnel, equipment, and supplies to Europe.
The U.S. Armed Forces operated the Naval Air Station in Keflavík as a NATO base from 1951 to 2006. Its location was considered to be of great importance during the Cold War. Once an air station home to U.S. Airmen, the permanent military presence at Keflavik ended in 2006, but the basic infrastructure needed to patrol the skies remains.
In 2017 the United States announced its intention to modify the largest hangar on the airbase in order to house the new Boeing P-8 Poseidon ASW aircraft being introduced.
And now, the U.S. government has plans to boost the facilities at Keflavik so that one squadron of aerial refueling tankers can be stationed there and wider effort to boost the US presence in key maritime passageways into the high north.
Expected that will construct a full-depth concrete pavement/subbase aircraft parking apron expansion that supports powered on and off operations for a squadron of US Air Force or North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) aerial refueler equivalent aircraft.
Also will construct a 40,000 square meter graveled area consisting of a full-depth aggregate base course with crushed stone drainage course enclosed by a perimeter security fence.
Dangerous Cargo Pad will construct full-depth concrete pavement/subbase dangerous cargo pad (DCP) with paved asphalt shoulders sized for aircraft up to and including a C-5 Galaxy. A full-depth asphalt pavement/subbase taxiway will be provided for access from the primary taxiway to the DCP.
According to Breaking Defense report, the new work adds to a growing list of US-funded projects at Keflavik, where the Navy has already spent about $36 million over the past several years to renovate hangars to accommodate American P-8 surveillance planes, which have started using the base more frequently for short rotations. It is also regularly used by both the US and NATO fighter aircraft patrolling the far north.