Monday, July 1, 2019

As Israel Struck Syria “Something” exploded in North Cyprus?

But what? And to whom did it belong?
North Cyprus is the location of the Turkish enclave on Cyprus
Not certain what specifically to call this area?

Remember Cyprus is divided between Greek/Turkish and British influence, claims and interests. 
Bear in mind this locale ties into the Eastern Mediterranean Gas situation written about most recently... Gas Heats the Eastern Mediterranean and  Mediterranean Hot Zone- Danger Abounds
Clip from video available at RT

 An unidentified object crashed and exploded in Northern Cyprus at the same time as Israeli jets were carrying out overnight strikes on Syria. Local authorities believe it could have been a misfired missile or a downed combat jet.

A massive explosion rocked the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on Sunday night, causing a large fire early on Monday. The blast occurred in the Tashkent area, some 20km from Nicosia, and was heard for many miles around.

Footage from the scene shows an intense blaze and much debris scattered throughout the area. Local authorities immediately started investigating the crash but ruled out that the wreckage was that of a Northern Cypriot aircraft.
As the day progressed, government officials “hinted at not something stemming from our soil.” It could have been caused by “one of the bad sides of the war in the region falling into our country,”said Mustafa Akinci, the Turkish Cypriot leader.
Kudret Ozersay, the foreign minister, was more specific with his guesses. Initial findings indicate the object that caused the explosion was either an aircraft carrying explosives or a direct explosive [missile],” he wrote on Twitter. 
#UPDATE: Reported video of large fires and debris seen at location of crash site near Kibris in northern Cyprus
— ELINT News (@ELINTNews) July 1, 2019
Notably, local residents told Cypriot media that they had witnessed a light in the sky, followed by three loud explosions.
The incident happened shortly after Syrian air defenses were activated to repel an air raid that Damascus blamed on Israel. According to state media, at least three soldiers were killed and seven others were wounded in two consecutive attacks on the Damascus and eastern Quneitra countryside, even though the Syrian air defenses reportedly managed to intercept most of the Israeli projectiles.
Social media users immediately rushed to analyze the blurry videos and pictures, coming up with various explanations and wild guesses.

View of object that has fallen in Northern Cyprus
Haven't a clue what happened and at this time, there is not enough information to make any intelligent speculations..

Although the Guardian is reporting.. Missile from Syria-Israel clash lands in Cyprus

Surveying the area

A missile has landed on the side of a mountain in Cyprus in what officials say could be a spillover of an Israeli strike on Syria and a counter response.
The impact occurred at about 1am (10pm GMT) in the area of Taşkent, also known as Vouno, 12 miles (20km) north-east of Nicosia, with the explosion setting hills ablaze and being heard for miles around. There were no casualties.
An Israeli airstrike was under way against Syria at the time. Syrian state media said the country’s air defences had fired in response to the attack.
 Cyprus is west of Syria. Israeli warplanes fired missiles targeting Syrian military positions in Homs – about 193 miles from Nicosia – and the Damascus outskirts overnight in an attack that killed at least four civilians and wounded another 21.
 More at the Guardian link


  1. The post has been updated.

  2. Looking at the social media images
    and reading various reports
    then looking into the size of the f-16 fighter jet..
    compared to the S-200 missiles..
    Has me asking this question?

    Could an s-200 missile have struck an Israeli flown f-16 fighter jet, mid air, and all the debris crashed onto Cyprus?

    "Kudret Özersay said he thought the explosion occurred before impact because of the lack of craters on the ground. “The pieces that fell to several different points prove that the missile exploded in the air before it crashed,...."

    Which appears to be an out of context quote.
    But if everything exploded in the air, with a big debris field why couldn't we have parts of a plane and parts of a missile?
    Is it possible that debris from an s-200 missile which did strike an Israeli f-16 mid is what fell over the mountainous area in Cyprus?

    This could explain why some debris does resemble and f-16 while some pieces with Russian writing were found as well.

    Share some thoughts, please?!

    Was Israel using the British base on Cyprus?
    Or a space of their own?

    " In 2013 Israel is expecting to receive approval from the Cypriot government to station military jets at the Andreas Papandreou airbase in the city of Paphos, creating the first Israeli military station outside the Israel."

    Israel and Cyprus have a very cozy relationship

  3. Israel simply cannot stop attacking its neighbours. That's the sum and total of it.

    1. Israel will always attack their neighbours- that's why their in the region.

  4. IMO an AntiAircraft missile (S200) doesnt have a much big warhead, so the blow in end course(no more propellant) is inconsistent with the powerful explosion(s) and hot blaze impact observed. Either a downed aircraft with its bombs load or an errant cruise missile from the sea toward syria.

    1. Thanks anonymous- Perhaps an F-35 crash then?

  5. Just a coincidence?....


    The operational activity of the fifth generation F-35 fighter jets, from the British Base RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus to Syria and Iraq, was formally confirmed yesterday by the British Defence minister, Penny Mordaunt. As part of her official visit to the island, Mordaunt visited the Base Akrotiri yesterday, where she was informed of the successful participation of the F-35s, from 16 June, in fourteen in total missions over Syria and Iraq.

    As indicated in the media briefing, the new fighter planes have not used their weapons but are involved in identification/support missions. It is reminded that the six F-35s of the 617th platoon at RAF Marham, Norfolk, have been located since May 21- and for the first time out of the UK- at the Akrotiri Base, while it had originally been said that their presence would be limited to the participation in an overseas exercise “Lightning Dawn” and the training of pilots and ground staff.

    The F-35s are important
    The F-35 has shown during this time how amazing they are and this is why last week, we moved them into operations over Syria and Iraq, said the British minister in her statements for KYPE and RIK. She has confirmed that the F-35s have not used their weapons systems and that their role is limited to identification/supportive missions, but stressed that they are ready to do so, if necessary.

    “The operation (against the Islamic state) is moving along well,” she said, and noticed that there is no longer the same tension in these missions in the area, compared to a few years ago. When asked if the F-35s will remain at the Akrotiti Air Base, Ms. Mordaunt replied negatively, saying that within the year they will be deployed onto the British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, in order to participate in other missions around the world.

    Hi Penny
    I was over there last week... tensions with the Turks as high as ever, nothing new there, been like that for the past 20 years over anything that happens (this time its gas drilling) as I recall! What I did notice was that the UK Defensive lady minister, Penny Mordaunt, was there too! hint hint!

  6. Marie:
    thanks for stopping by :)

    Tensions between Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots is going worsen.. I'm sad to say it.
    It seems to me, that by now, without outside interference Cyprus would be a much more peaceful island. But Cyprus is cursed with a strategic location.
    It's that double edged sword/knife circumstance

    That all said... VERY INTERESTING the UK defense lady was on Cyprus just last week..

    "The operational activity of the fifth generation F-35 fighter jets, from the British Base RAF Akrotiri on Cyprus to Syria and Iraq, was formally confirmed yesterday by the British Defence minister, Penny Mordaunt. As part of her official visit to the island, Mordaunt visited the Base Akrotiri yesterday, where she was informed of the successful participation of the F-35s, from 16 June, in fourteen in total missions over Syria and Iraq."

    There have been many issues with the F-35. Could one have simply exploded and crashed?

    "But the majority of these problems have not been publicly disclosed, exposing a lack of transparency about the limitations of the Defense Department’s most expensive and high-profile weapons system.

    These problems impact far more operators than the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy customer base. Eleven countries — Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and the United Kingdom — have all selected the aircraft as their future fighter of choice, and nine partner nations have contributed funds to the development of the F-35."

    1. "Taken together, these documents provide evidence that the F-35 program is still grappling with serious technical problems, even as it finds itself in a key transitional moment.

      And the clock is ticking. By the end of 2019, Defense Department leaders are set to make a critical decision on whether to shut the door on the F-35’s development stage and move forward with full-rate production. During this period, the yearly production rate will skyrocket from the 91 jets manufactured by Lockheed Martin in 2018 to upward of 160 by 2023."