Saturday, July 13, 2019

Turkey's S-400 purchase: Syrian Escalation and Worsening of the Eastern Mediterranean Situation

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Everensel Daily 
Earlier delivery then end of July...
 Following the Ministry of National Defence’s announcement, “Delivery has commenced today of the first set of equipment of the S-400 system to Mürted Air Base,” the Presidential Defence Industry Department said, “The first stage of the delivery of the S-400 system commenced today with the first plane to land in Ankara.”
Commenting on the arrival of the first group of materials of the S-400 missile defence system, Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar said, “Today three planes were planned. The planned planes came in full and today’s activities have been completed. This process will continue in the days to come.”


The first Russian-owned plane brought the first equipment of the S-400 Long-Range Regional Air and Missile Defence System this morning to Mürted Air Base located in Ankara’s Kahramankazan sub-province. Following the departure of the first plane to land at Mürted Air Base in the morning hours, two more Russian-owned planes landed in succession at the same air base. The materials in the planes were unloaded and taken delivery of. The equipment forming part of the defence system was taken to hangers at the Mürted Air Base, formerly known as the Akıncı Air Base.


Abant İzzet Baysal University International Relations Department Faculty Member Fatih Yaşlı noted that the US took an instant decision on economic and political sanctions over Turkey’s purchase of the S-400s. Yaşlı said, “The first of the sanctions will be Turkey’s removal from the F-35 programme. And there are also twelve sanction items under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. These sanctions are passing through Congress and Trump needs to approve them. These sanctions will be implemented rapidly.”
Noting that the first-time purchase by a NATO member and traditional US ally of the air defence system from Russia was a major breaking point, Yaşlı said this would be considered as setting a bad precedent by the US. Pointing out that other countries like India were also lining up to buy the air defence system from Russia, Yaşlı noted that for this reason the US would want to stop Turkey being a bad example for other countries.


Pointing out with reference to where the S-400s would be installed that several addresses in Turkey were being discussed, Yaşlı said there was talk of employing the air defence system on the southern coasts and Syrian border in view of Turkey’s geopolitically important locations of Ankara, Istanbul and the Eastern Mediterranean.
Yaşlı said, “Were there a genuine antiimperialist, independence-orientated administration in Turkey, we could consider the purchasing of an air defence system from a country to be a strengthening in international relations. However, given the AKP’s practice of seventeen-years and under conditions of economic crisis, this process will open Turkey up further to the imperialists’ playing field.  While on the one hand wishing to remain part of the Western bloc on the premise of managing the US and Russia at the same time, on the other hand the simultaneous bringing of Russian missiles to Turkey may lead to Turkey landing in the middle of the fight for domination between the US and Russia. The parties may wish to square accounts with one another at Turkey’s expense. We may see both larger crises being experienced in the economy and an increase in tension in Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean as this unfolds.”
I'm of the mind that we're already witnessing, present day, as well as in several years past, an increase in tensions in Syria and the Eastern Mediterranean-The Turkish economy could definitely come under increasing pressure as well.

Any way one looks at this situation it all appears to be escalating as the regional remake and resource grab becomes more heated.


  1. The biggest blow will, IMO, be felt by the US F-35 program itself. The companies are already under pressure re flaws with the plane and now the parts supposed to be provided by Turkey will no longer be available and will have to be made by the company(s). Talk about SELF-sanctioning!

  2. Hey GC: yes Turkey was involved in the manufacture of the F-35 as well as having invested around 1 billion dollars in the f-35 program-

    "Ankara has invested over one billion dollars in the F-35 program. It was supposed to receive 100 planes, as well as produce components for the fighter."


    no training


    She also added that currently Turkish industries produce approximately 937 parts for the F-35 jet, most of which are related to aircraft landing gear.

  3. USrael was always screwing Turkey over the offer to send military hardware...promises, promises. For years they squabbled over the Patriot missiles. Now Turkey has found another supplier and it's the end of the world [hopefully not literally].

  4. Great op-ed from Omer Ozkizilcik at TRT World that explains Turkey may now be able to attack the US YPG-led proxies in Syria under the cover of the S-400s if the US sanctions for receiving said weapons. Truly, the Eastern Mediterrean.


  5. Looks like the EU is on the US-led anti-Turkish plan for the Eastern Med. The EU has now cut negotiations off with Turkish high officials over the Comprehensive Air Transport Agreement and cut funding to Turkey, all because Turkey is drilling natural gas on behalf of the Turkish Cypriot government. Lets see what else comes of this.


  6. Thanks for leaving that info here. I'd seen the news and hope to address it in an upcoming post
    Much appreciated :)