Wednesday, July 10, 2019

U.S Forces Staying in Northern Syria INDEFINITELY

Can't say I'm shocked. Cause that would be a LIE.

Al Monitor
Jeffrey made several things clear, none of which will please Turkey. For one, he stated, albeit elliptically, that US forces in northeastern Syria are staying indefinitely. Touching on Trump’s shock announcement in December that he had ordered the withdrawal of all troops from Syria, Jeffrey said, "It’s been reversed in the sense that, while the president is continuing with the withdrawal, his plan is to keep for an indeterminate time, a residual force in the northeast.” 
"Second, Jeffrey, a former US ambassador to Turkey who long aired sympathy for Ankara’s gripes about the US-backed Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) being “the same thing” as the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighting Turkish troops in Turkey, struck a coolly neutral tone about this issue. He acknowledged Turkish concerns about the group, “given its ties to the PKK.” But he seemed to suggest that this was really Ankara’s problem. “We have certain obligations to the people who fought with us,” Jeffrey said"
 Safe zone is all about protecting the PKK in Syria.  US backed terrorists in Turkey and Syria. Again, not a shocker.
From December 04 /18 post- 5 Indicators the US will escalate in Syria and beyond
 First: The announcement of US outposts along the Syrian/Turkish border.
   This US move was a direct amping up of the war. to increase the power or force of (something)    Despite the US claims of assisting Turkey and securing them from terrorism. They are not.  The US is protecting their proxy forces and prepping for future moves against Turkey.  And Iran. The US is NOT protecting Turkey.
In other words the US will do as they've done always and protect their terrorists.
" In other words, Jeffrey was confirming what Turkey has claimed all along, that the safe zone as envisaged by the United States, would essentially be to protect Kurds from Turkish attacks rather than the other way around"

Exactly as I'd reported so, so long ago... 
UK and France to Deploy Yet more troops to Syria

Officials from Washington welcomed the move and explained that the two European countries would contribute 10% to 15% more elite soldiers, as reported by The Guardian.

Both countries have a limited number of special forces on the ground in Syria, and will commit to a troop increase of between 10 and 15 percent ( the US is staying to occupy- period)

See yesterday's post concerning the US bill to remake the Eastern Mediterranean

Will U.S. Bill Create a NEW ORDER/REMAKE in Eastern Mediterranean?


  1. Syria will never reclaim all its territory unless it is willing to spill a lot more of its military's blood. In the final analysis, it will come down to the landlord [physically] kicking out the squatter.

  2. ...American blood being a lot more (((precious))) than Syrian blood...this bloodbath will end up being a victory for Syria.

    1. I don't know that the Syrian military can spill more blood..

  3. " Syria will never reclaim all its territory unless it is willing to spill a lot more of its military's blood. "

    Syria alone has absolutely no chance of pushing the ZioAmericans out. In fact, if it tries that might actually mean the occupation of the remainder of unoccupied Syria. This is Russia's fault for its inaction early on in the conflict.

    1. Hi Mieszko I :

      Rather then fault Russia, I'm going to fault Usrael/UK/France the entirety of this was initiated by those players to remake the region/inc the eastern mediterranean

    2. Well, that's a given, but I think you know what I meant Penny.

    3. Hi Mieszko I: Yes,I know what you meant...

      But I'm striking at the root. And the root is Usrael and company.

      the region will never be the same- that ship sailed way back when the US attacked Afghanistan and then Iraq after the 9/11 false flag- That's how long this has been going on

  4. Syria is and always has been Eretz Israel in the making.

    There is no victory for Syria in any context whatsoever.

  5. Bman:
    "Syria is and always has been Eretz Israel in the making."

    Sad, but true.