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Russia, Iran, Turkey & Penny: Talkin' up the STILL IN FORCE Adana Accord. Yup The ADANA Accord!!

 Update @ 4:02 pm October 16/19

Hafez el-Assad signed this accord
Hubby was looking on Wikipedia to see if the Adana Accord/Agreement was mentioned. It doesn't exist on the North American version of Wiki
HOWEVER the Adana Accord is available in French. Francais  (France) Accord d'Adana

L'accord d'Adana (en turc : Adana Anlaşması ; en anglais : Adana Agreement) est un accord signé le 20 octobre 1998 à Adana entre la Syrie et la Turquie. Il engage les autorités syriennes à lutter contre le Parti des travailleurs du Kurdistan (PKK) sur leur territoire. Il s'agit de l'un des textes précurseurs de la normalisation des relations entre les deux pays.
 Iran signed on to this later.
 Now I understand the complete ignorance of the English speaking audience!
hattip to my hubby
I've got my big Adana stick out and am beatin' you all over the head with it yet again! ;) 
Hating to sound like a broken record, but, sometimes it's gotta be done. 

In order to catapult the truth and cut through the propaganda

The fact that Russia, Turkey and Iran talk up Adana is highly suggestive to me there is no agreement between Damascus and the SDF/PKK/YPG. There can’t be any such agreement. 
 Unless Damascus is blatantly ignoring the agreement it signed with it’s neighbours, Turkey and Iran, decades ago and is desirous of yet more trouble. That seems highly unlikely.  
In fact it's a downright absurd contention.  Yet it is one that others insist on making.
All spin aside this claim of an agreement between Damascus and SDF only serves the propaganda machine of Usrael. Anyone who spouts this is in my opinion promoting Usrael perception management. That’s my assessment of this situation.  
 There is still seen no verifiable proof of such an agreement. Other then the original claim that came out of/originated with, the SDF/YPG/PKK camp.  Damascus has not made any statement on the so called SDF/Damascus agreement. Neither Russia or Iran are verifying an agreement between Damascus & theSDF/YPG/PKK was made.
 Eventually some of the Kurds will come on board, but, it’s highly doubtful there will be autonomy. Autonomy, like absorbing the SDF into the SAA will be the end of Syria.  

The end of Syria in a different manner, certainly, but no less the end.

I'd hate to see Syria meet the same fate as Iraq. 

However it seems certain Usrael would like Syria to end up like Iraq. As was planned in the remake the region agenda.

Quoting Lavrov from previous report (re-linked below)
"We will be pressing for the beginning of a dialogue between Turkey and Syria. There are reasons to believe that this will meet the interests of both countries. Also, we will be promoting contacts between Damascus and Kurdish organizations that renounce extremism and terrorist methods of activity," Lavrov said.

Here is Lavrov talking Adana yet again.
Turkey-Syria cooperation must be based on cross-border Adana accord
Russia said on Wednesday that Syrian and Turkish military forces should work out how to cooperate in northern Syria based on the Adana accord, a 1998 security pact, the RIA news agency reported.

Moscow would be prepared to help with that cooperation, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in the southern Russian city of Sochi.

In 1998, Syria and Turkey signed an agreement in Turkey’s southern city of Adana aimed at easing Ankara’s concerns regarding the PKK terrorist group.

Terrorist training camps were closed in Syria, and terrorist elements were refused service by Syrian banks.

Turkey and Syria also worked in tandem to clear mines from the border areas, allowing it to be used for agricultural purposes.
Lavrov and Putin both discussed this agreement at the beginning of this year

"The Adana agreement of 1998 was concluded between Turkey and Syria, its essence is to eliminate Turkey's concerns about its security," said Lavrov.
The Syrian regime "entered into this agreement, assuming certain obligations, and we proceed from the assumption that this agreement remains in force. As I understand, so do the state parties to the agreement," he added.
Iran Leadership Talking Adana

This is, in my opinion, the best resolution. It's the resolution I've both hoped for and wrote about at this blog. For years now.

Going back to 2016: When the cooperation between Turkey and Russia was reported on enabling Syria to take back Aleppo- that was a cooperative effort. 

 Go back to the multitude of article covering Adana here at the blog.
Previously discussed has been this idea of the Adana Agreement being in play, present time, in Syria. I've read claims that allege Turkey is sending slews of fighters to block SAA in the Hama/Idlib area. That seems not likely for a number of reasons already mentioned. 
 If we also consider the possibility that Turkey is 'poised to expand' eastward, which would be Adana in action, then it's not likely Turkey is behind any mass movement of fighters towards the region that SAA is retaking.  

 Hattip over to Scott @ Nomadiceveryman

The answer is: Turkey.

Let's all face the fact- The real fact of the matter- Turkey is helping to do what Damascus and Russia could not do together.   The situation changed years ago.  And this is the result of that change. Three nations  partnered up, assisted by Iran, enforcing ADANA and we may just be looking at some type of resolution. Let's hope Usrael gives up on it's expansionist goal.


  1. There are reports today that "syria's kurds" are heading for Iraq- why would they do that if they had a deal with damascus?

    Fleeing Turkish bombs and Damascus' conscription, Syrian Kurds head to Iraq

    Interestingly it mentions that many Kurdish people already present in this camp had fled from the YPG years ago- I do recall that news as well


  2. some good, some contradictory reporting

    " Yet Damascus is likely to be the biggest — perhaps the only — beneficiary of Turkey’s major military operation in northeast Syria, which was launched last week against Kurdish forces."

    Yah, it's a given Damascus will eventually benefit from this all because ADANA

    but here's a direct contradiction to earlier claims made by the SDF

    "The agreement entails regime protection in exchange for the Kurds handing over control of key cities and towns."

    Whereas the SDF claimed the agreement was strictly military and they were going to remain autonomous. Recall my stating that was absurd to the nth degree?

    From Monday's report

    "Aldar Khalil, Syrian Kurdish Politician, Executive Committee member of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) made it clear that the deal with Damascus was only for military affairs to ward off the Turkish offensive, and that it does not include the administration of these border areas"

    I called bullbiscuits on that for the reasons below:

    (a) Should we believe that at a time when Damascus is holding all the cards they make a deal that doesn't require the administrative return of these areas to the central Syrian government? Does that make sense to you?

    (b) Keeping in mind that on September 16/19 Damascus labelled the SDF a terrorist organization in a letter sent by them to the UN.

    "Syria’s foreign ministry labeled the Syrian Democratic Forces as “separatist terrorist militias” in a letter to United Nations Secretary-General.

    The letter accuses the SDF of operating in line with “schemes” by the United States and Israel and says the Syrian government will “liberate” territories captured by the militias, state news agency SANA reported on Sunday, September 15, ahead of a Monday meeting of the presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey to discuss Syria"

    (c) By the way, that type of deal would be in direct contradiction & conflict with the existing Adana Agreement Syria has with Turkey and Iran. The same Adana that the Astana Trio has been discussing, repeatedly.

  3. Propaganda going over the top Penny. From MoA to South Front to almost every alt media I've read so far completely either leaves Turkey out of the equation or accuses Turkey as being part of the problem. Disgusting doesn't remotely describe the lie bombs operating in Tel Aviv whore houses. I'm actually glad they are being exposed for what they are. Thanks for having the staying power it's paying off and for posting Scot's video for more clarity. The sad truth is there are a lot of people who don't want to see a free Syria by perpetuating and believing these blatant lies. Just wow.

    1. Hey wallflower- I've seen the disinfo literally across the board.

      And yah we have to face the fact that without Turkey's aid this awful time for Syria may not be nearing a solid turning point- and I'm the most optimistic I've been in years-- I doubt Usrael will give up entirely but for now they'll run to Iraq and this should give Turkey, Iran, Syria time to realign their interests and get stronger.


    1. I'm going to post this article tomorrow- got to read a bit before the phone rang and this got my attention

      "Prima facie, Damascus is challenging the Turkish offensive — as it should — and, in principle, a confrontation can ensue. But things are never really quite what they appear on the surface in Syria.

      A clash between the Turkish and Syrian forces is simply out of the question. That is not how the game is being played. A Turkish Defence Ministry statement on Monday disclosed that the military chief Gen. Yasar Guler and his Russian counterpart Gen. Valery Gerasimov were in contact on the phone and discussed the “security situation in Syria and recent developments.”

      I mentioned this to Greencrow previously, where you have the respective leaders of each nation, playing to the audience... We get it here in Canada so it's shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that it goes on in Turkey and Syria.
      I'd expect them to talk tough and look leaderlike.

      It's been long obvious to me anyway that Damascus is in the queue when it comes to the Iran, Turkey, Russia talks.
      They know, are aware and fully in the loop. Which is why immediately before the last Astana meeting Damascus came out and labelled the SDF/PKK a terrorist group in a scathing letter to the UN.

      back to September 16 report ( I know Scott's talked this point up as well)

      "The Ministry said in a letter directed to Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the Security Council that separatist terrorist militias of the so-called “QASAD” continue their terrorist and criminal exercises against the Syrians in the provinces in Hasaka, Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and Aleppo –backed by the USA and forces of “International Coalition”, which provide them with military, logistic, financial and political support.

      “That goes in line with schemes being implemented by some states agents to the USA and plotted by authorities of the Israeli occupation, neglecting UNSC resolutions that stress sovereignty and territorial unity of Syria and unity of its people,” it added.

      The Ministry continued to say that “QASAD” militias not only took part in committing crimes of the “International Coalition” against the Syrian people but also moved to another stage,i.e. kidnapping torturing, killing and displacing civilians. They also illegitimately recruit the youth with the aim of imposing a new status quo that serves the US and Israeli schemes in the region and prolongs the war of terror in Syria."

      An explicitly damning statement against YPG/PKK ignored completely by the 5 eyes alt and msm.
      The writing was on the wall. It only had to be read

    Erdogan asks Arab League: ‘How many Syrians did you accept?’
    Oct 16, 2019

    1. thanks, I will look at that as well
      thanks- and thanks for such great info and comments :)

  6. They talk up the ADANA Accord because Turkey is most likely of the members to breach the agreement.

  7. Is that why they talk it up? And you would know that how?

    When one considers the entire reason for the existence of the Adana Accord is due to Syrian leadership- Bashar's father giving succor to the PKK- allowing them to attack Turkey from Syrian territory- one would wonder why Turkey would breach an agreement that they benefit from? Doesn't make sense.

    Perhaps and what seems entirely realistic to me, since it's been explicitly stated by Lavrov, Putin, Rouhani and Zarif is that this existing agreement is the mechanism to settle the issue between the two nations.