Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Assad's Rhetoric Change In Advance Of Turkish/ Russian Meeting?

UPDATE: According to RT this interview will be shown Thursday- so interesting timing again.

 "The interview, which Rossiya-24 channel will show in full on Thursday"
Darn, I'll have to wait!

Why the change in tone? At this time?
 Assad: "What hostile action - big or small - did the Syrian people commit against the Turkish people? There is no such thing."
Perhaps between the people there hasn't been hostility- Recalling when Tozz was a commenter here at the blog years ago. He was a resident of Aleppo City at that time. A typical Syrian. Sunni. Arab. Because, yes, in fact,  that is largely what constitutes the Syrian population. 

 Tozz definitely spoke of brotherly relations between the Turks and Syrians. Particularly in Aleppo City. Including the trade deal that I'd mentioned more then once. But between the governments? Not always brotherly.

Especially when Syria kept PKK leader Ocalan safe... Turkey and Syria nearly came to blows at that time. This was settled diplomatically resulting in the Adana Accord 
 Covered here & ignored everywhere else long before Putin started talking about it publicly a couple of years back
  Assad...."There are Syrian-Turkish marriages, there are families, there are vital common interests. This mutual cultural interaction is historically determined, it is illogical that we have some serious disagreement between our countries"Assad told the Russia-24 TV channel in an interview.
 Assad...:"Of course, we're speaking about the Turkish people as a brotherly nation. I'm asking the Turkish people, what's your problem with Syria? What's the problem that Turkish citizens should die for?" Assad asked."
It's a bit disingenuous, all things considered but surely it will play well to the targeted audience. Yet, Assad surely understands the US/Kurdish occupation is a huge problem for Turkey. 

Interesting acknowledgement from the sputnik article:
"The Turkish military was given permission to establish a dozen observation posts in the militant-controlled Idlib region under the 2018 Sochi accords"
Very rare to see that acknowledged. The recent bombing of the Turkish forces in an area of Syria they are known and allowed to be in was provocative, to say the least

It doesn't appear Russia was on board with this move. As the last few days of activity in Idlib make very clear!
Of course this is not the entire interview, just a few small quotes. So why mention it at all ?

Well, it's the day before Erdogan and Putin meet in Russia and I'm wondering if we can take away anything from the tone of those statements? Thoughts?  

From earlier:

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  1. Globe and Mail:

    Can Putin and Erdogan end the fighting in Idlib? Only if one of them backs down

    WRONG! They can both compromise (give and take) to reach an agreement amenable to both.

    I'm already imaginingthe rhetoric that will spread through the alt media ..

    Erdogan tricks Putin - Oh that Erdogan was so wily and he's manipulated/used/fooled Putin (as if Putin is some waif?)

    Alternatively- Putin really pulled one over on that duplicitous Erdogan- Yup, him and his 5 d chess really got one over on Erdogan

    Rolls eyes- how about just diplomacy? Pragmatism? Resolve to work something out in the interests of both parties as much as possible?

    Perhaps that's not Hollywood enough?

    1. You're completely right. And so many trolls will believe the propaganda.

    2. I'm waiting to see the outcome of the meeting- going by the earliest reports I'm expecting some type of settlement
      there were three days of meetings in Ankara- phone calls etc.

      But, we'll see

    3. Me too. It is so interesting for me in the UK but not for those who are actually in the Middle East and experiencing all of this.
      What are your thoughts so far?
      First case of CV confirmed in the UK.

    4. Hey Ally

      I think it must be terrible. Really. People always suffer in war. As does the environment. I'm still keeping an eyes on news as it is reported (between, cleaning my attic, running to the goodwill, grocery store and cooking_
      And still getting the idea there is going to be some sort of agreement/ceasefire/ something?
      I'm just not sure how it's going to be worked out, and really how could I be?

      All parties are pressuring for a cessation of fighting and a return to de escalation-

      As for coronavirus- we have had confirmed cases here
      none in the region we reside in, but, not so far away from here.. Toronto, London (Ontario)

      If you look to the right at the top of the sidebar I have the coronavirus map from John Hopkins (hattip to Yaya for leaving it) It's quite interesting to view