Monday, March 2, 2020

Birth Pangs of the New Middle East Sitrep: Russia, Syria, Turkey, US, EU etc.,

So, the regional remake is being rebranded Birth Pangs ala Condoleeza Rice during the Bush Administration and I'm going to create a new label as well.

1 : The US Will NOT Assist Turkey in undertaking any type of retaliatory strikes
Not a surprise. And yes, I'm tired of the bogus claims that the US and Turkey are working together in the context this is commonly presented in.
The US administration has ruled out retaliatory airstrikes in Syria after at least 34 Turkish troops were killed in an attack last week, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said today.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, the US military’s top officer, said today that the United States "doesn't have clear, unambiguous intelligence on who was flying which planes."
Esper and Milley’s comments appeared to further steer the US administration away from a possible military response in Syria
Current and former administration officials said there was little likelihood of such a no-fly zone, which would require the Pentagon to take out aircraft and airfields. “That would be impossible unless we were willing to shoot down Russian or Turkish jets,” a former senior administration official told Al-Monitor.
Sometime down the road, like when the Usrael Kurds attempt an advance this might change, but, for now.... Alternatively, if the US and friends can succeed in another coup attempt they might create some type of no fly zone to aid their Kurdish cronies. Turkey has been betrayed by it's erstwhile allies.

This next paragraph demonstrates the hypocrisy of the US
Legal barriers to such a proposal could also prove prohibitive, US officials have said. A senior aide to Jeffrey said at a closed-door event in Washington last week that the United States lacks legal avenues to ground Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s air force or shoot down his warplanes
Legal barriers sure as heck have never stopped the US previously!

2: Turkey actively pursuing a ceasefire: Meeting set for March 5/20
 Moscow (dpa) – Turkey wants Russia to agree to a new ceasefire for Syria’s Idlib region, near the Turkish border, as Europe braces for another wave of refugees from war-torn Syria.

“I will travel to Moscow on Thursday and will again assess developments [in Idlib] with Mr Putin,” Erdogan said in Ankara.
“I hope that a ceasefire or other steps to be taken there will be decided, which will quickly bring a result,” Erdogan said.
Gee, that doesn't sound like a desire for conflict to me..
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that neither Russia nor Iran are his country’s targets in Syria.

"Turkey does not take aim at either Russia or Iran in Syria. We are only destroying the elements of the [Assad] regime," he said on Monday. Erdogan’s remarks were broadcast by NTV television.

The Turkish leader noted though that he "expects [other countries] to show respect" for Ankara’s stance, adding that the participation in combat operations in Syria was the will of the people rather than the leadership’s personal choice.

"I appeal to Russia and Iran once again. Turkey has no problems with these countries in Syria. We do not set sights on Syria’s territory. Nor do we have plans to gain a foothold there," he added.
Nope, not getting a desire for war vibe.

4: The situation on Greece-Turkey border escalates: Fake news on a Syrian migrant VIDEO
“Video showing fatality on Greek-Turkish border is fake news. We call upon everyone to use caution when reporting news that furthers Turkish propaganda,” government spokesman Stelios Petsas tweeted.
The news was originally published by Reuters, citing its sources.
Making it Reuter's FAKE news, if it was "fake news" at all.

5:  Entertaining the Idea of Russia intermingling with the Anti- Turkish GCC (save for Qatar) 
Anton Mardasov is a military affairs expert and journalist focusing on Syria, Iraq and extremist organizations. He is also a non-resident expert at the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). On Twitter: @anton_mardasov
Russian International Affairs Council expert Anton Mardasov believes that Moscow has the resources for rebalancing forces, but it has to change the rules of the game in Syria. "First, it was important for the Kremlin to galvanize Turkey’s efforts in Idlib. There was no other means of forcing it to interfere rather than to raise the stakes. Second, Moscow is interested in weakening Syria’s opposition and even more wants Damascus to acknowledge the boundaries of its capabilities: Assad’s units are powerless without Russia’s direct support," the analyst said. This means that Russia could use this situation to get greater loyalty from President Bashar Assad, Mardasov noted. "Third, distancing itself from Turkey over Idlib allows Russia to take into account the opinion of Arab monarchies, which seek to contain both Iran and Turkey," he pointed out.
Perhaps? I've no doubt that Putin is playing to the advantage of Russian interests.
"According to military expert Yuri Netkachev, Ankara has no reason to quarrel with Moscow over Idlib. "First, the Turkish military’s active participation in the Syrian war and their losses have already come under criticism of the country’s politicians and its society." Besides, the Turks have a major economic interest in Russia as far as agricultural trade, tourism, energy projects and military and technical cooperation go. "All this finally encourages them to search for a compromise."
Scott used this article in his latest video as well. Available here 

6 : Merkel speaks with a fork tongue- Cause it’s okay when refugees are weaponized against Turkey but not the other way around- Hypocrite!   
    “I understand that Turkey is facing a very big challenge regarding Idlib,” Merkel told reporters on Tuesday.

“Still, for me it's unacceptable that he – President Erdogan and his government – are not expressing this dissatisfaction in a dialogue with us as the European Union, but rather on the back of the refugees. For me, that's not the way to go forward.”
 Hey, Merkel, have dialogue with Turkey and bus the refugees into Germany!  But that's not what you want. You and the other double speak EU nations want Turkey to shoulder the burden because it is a destabilizing factor. As in it's good when refugees are weaponized against Turkey.

  Much like the US claiming they have no authority only legal barriers to getting involved in Syria. If my readers recall the US had previously launched missile strikes on Syria.. without concern for "legal" authority. Bombing Libya to the stone age, without legal authority. Etc.,
Good god, the hypocrisy is astounding!                                   

7: Excerpting a comment from Laika
Hi Penny

As for Syria run by the Alawite Assad regime; there's no doubt it was (and is?) weak, not sovereign (rather pro-Western, secular, fake-leftist), incompetent, sectarian, and corrupt.

I still think Putin's "Eurasian sovereignists," along with China, Iran's principlists, and Erdogan's rising Anatolia are the most formidable opponents of Israel's NWO.

It seems to me the corrupt, incompetent Assad regime went rogue on Putin, and by doing so is is playing right into the hands of the enemy (Israel's NWO).
Controversial statement, but, most likely true. Go back to  

Idlib Updates: Strawmen, Ridicule and Blood Lust Not Included.

"2 -This kind of action puts you and your ally ( Russia) in a very unflattering spotlight & perception does matter"
It sure seemed to me that the attack on the Turkish forces put Putin in a very bad light. After all it was Putin and Erdogan that made numerous previous agreements. It was Putin that green lighted Turkey's entrance into Syria more then one time.  And Damascus flips the bird to Russia when they attacked the Turkish forces!

This situation is not as simple as commonly perceived. 

8-Read Ally's comment

 "Yet I do not see Damascus bombing Israeli forces or even batting an eyelid! Why?! Who is the real invader here? Has Turkey been annexing Syrian territory? No! Turkey has legitimate interests in Syria and your followers should bear in mind that it is Turkey that has suffered the most after Syria in this war because the Turks have had to deal with 5 million Syrians flooding into the country. Therefore, there is no reason for the Turks to support terrorism or cause trouble in Syria because they have the most to lose"


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  2. Sometimes you reach certain random things on the internet which makes you think... Are you serious.

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    This almost happened towards the buildup of WW1.

    Most People are motivated by stupid things, and this unfortunately is one of them. I wouldn't be surprised if this is going on :/

    1. I know, it might be/ probably is stupid and false. But too many stupid stuff is happening these days so why not.