Monday, March 30, 2020

Canadian Households Vulnerable to Income Interruption- Two Crisis Unfold: Corona and Consumer Debt Bubble Bursting

Continuing on the financial theme:
This fear is very real as the COVID-19 pandemic has many losing their income overnight. While delinquencies in the past have been low, we know some Canadians are living paycheque-to-paycheque, with little wiggle in household budgets for this sort of major income disruption.
And my fear is it’s only going to get worse.
“Our results underscore how vulnerable Canadian households are to income interruption. Over the next few months we’ll likely see an unfolding of two crises: the global pandemic and the bursting of the Canadian consumer debt bubble,” said MNP President Grant Bazian in a release.
This is a very scary time and sadly there is not a quick fix. If you can avoid it, don't resort to high-cost payday loans or high-interest credit cards.
Instead, consider the following:
  • Pay the minimum for now on outstanding debt
  • Pay the most expensive debt first
  • Cut back on everything but necessities. Don't panic buy.
  • Consolidate your debt. You may even consider financing your mortgage or explore a consolidation loan.
  • Consider speaking with a credit counsellor. There are programs and options available that the government has now put into place to assist you through a challenging financial situation. 
But the most important step is acknowledging you might be in over your head and you can’t do it alone. There’s no shame in that. It takes courage and strength to get through this difficult time.


  1. That's the point of the whole shebang. Bankrupt the plebs and wreck the small business world. Gives free reign to big corporation and nwo actors.

    Here what C.F.von Weizsäcker had to say even before the fall of the soviet union.

    In order to secure their rule, these elites will create the total surveillance state at an early stage and introduce a worldwide dictatorship.
    The devoted henchmen of this “money nobility” are corrupt politicians.
    The capital world is promoting an unprecedented nationalism (fascism) as always, as a guarantee against a communism that may be gaining strength again.
    For the purpose of maintaining power, the world's population will be reduced to a minimum. This is done using artificially created diseases. Here, organic weapons are declared as epidemics, but also through targeted famines and wars. The reason is the realization that most people can no longer finance their own food, now the rich would be forced to take aid measures, otherwise they would have a huge, dangerous potential for conflict.
    Great powers will wage wars with nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in order to preserve raw materials and maintain power.
    After the fall of communism, mankind will experience the most unscrupulous and most inhuman system, as mankind has never experienced before, their “Armageddon” (“final struggle”).
    The system responsible for these crimes is called "uncontrolled capitalism".

    C. F. von Weizsäcker said in 1983 (25 years ago) that his book, which he described as his last “great work”, would certainly not be understood by the population and that things would take their course!

    1. Hey Gallier2!
      How is your brother in law doing?

      C. F. von Weizsäcker- which book are you referencing?
      I looked his name up- not much comes up in English.
      But do see he had written a few books-
      And if possible can you leave any more relevant info?

      "That's the point of the whole shebang. Bankrupt the plebs and wreck the small business world. Gives free reign to big corporation and nwo actors."

      Yes, I'd agree. In fact the very reason the above article is here has to do with this being a topic of discussion in our house- The financial fall out of this was going to wreak havoc on many more then the Covid will.

      People will lose homes- the bones thrown to keep the masses quiet will do nothing to stop their financial fall

    2. Hi,

      not dead yet, but his status worsened. They put him in controlled coma. Not likely to be wakened up again.

      As for Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, he was a nuclear physicist and was one of the leaders of the nuclear research in Germany during WWII (David Irving's book on the German nuclear research during WWII is very interesting).
      The excerpt is from his book "Der bedrohte Frieden"

      One of his sons was president of the federal state.

    3. Gallier2

      I'm sorry to read that news and will put the article through translate tomorrow- As well as put up a new report

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  3. **** Please watch this one!!! It talks about fake virus deaths, with family members saying it was NOT the virus and that it was other health issues!!!

    REALIST NEWS – More empty testing facilities and fake deaths

    Okay, this one is worth going through, empty testing center, *** at 2 min, news article about dead 69- yr old retired Milwaukee police office, with family member saying the media and govt are LYING and that his/her father did not die of the virus and had other health issues. At 2:47, a family member saying grandmother did NOT die of the virus, and that it was Alzheimers, a case of aspiration pneumonia that worsened. At 3:26 Gene Della Salla surprised FL announced he’s dead from virus when still alive!!! “reports of my death have been exaggerated.” At 4:03, Miranda Matilda saying dead family member was on hospice at nursing home and already dying (it was NOT the virus)

  4. Also—more on how they are playing with the numbers:

    Comment from

    Adr- I have an update. The husband of one of my mom’s friends who died of heart failure on Wednesday, he was 75 and already dying, didn’t actually die of Covid-19. They had given him a test that had returned a positive result. Even though he was already dying of heart failure, they marked his cause of death as Covid-19 and added him to the state total. Since none of his close contacts tested positive, they retested his body for Covid. The test came back negative. Cause of death is now listed as heart failure. The state has not reduced the Covid death stat by one as of right now. That wouldn’t look good. Nor would a story of doctors being so very wrong. I wonder how many deaths have followed that same pattern?

    Below is what I’ve been thinking they have been doing to increase the numbers of deaths from corona (claiming that elderly who died of old age died of corona) (Yes, I’m saying they are LYING)


    Geocentrist- Was speaking with a guy yesterday. He was telling me his wife knew two people who each had one of their grandparents pass away recently. Both had been “on the edge” and infirmed for quite a while. Covid-19 was automatically listed as their cause of death, in fact, he said the family of one of them actually called them out on listing it as the cause of death, since they had basically no contact with anyone, apparently it caused a bit of furor. Sounds like they are creating numbers.

    More screwing with the numbers, calling everything the scary virus…

    Comment from

    adr- So the morbidly obese spouse of someone my wife works with has been home from the hospital for four days now. She was on a telepresence call for the school district.
    She went to the hospital early this month for breathing problems and they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. After they couldn’t diagnose her, they decided to diagnose her with Covid-19. This was because she had direct contact with someone who was at the Biogen conference in Boston. She was put in isolation at the hospital.

    So people have spent the past three weeks thinking she had Covid. On the call this afternoon, she said that when she was actually tested for Covid, the test came back negative, but she is glad to be recovering and back at home. So she was basically in the hospital for complications of just being morbidly obese. Another Covid story bites the dust.

    Comment from

    schroedingersrat -During a real pandemic like the “the Justinian Plague” 5000 people died in Constantinople a day alone. It indiscriminately killed toddlers, children, healthy adults and elderly. Very different to Corona who only kills old sick people already on palliative care!

    1. Thanks for all the updates Amanda- will check out the links tomorrow


    Forgive me if this has already been posted 'the coronavirus conspiracy' by Nathan Rich, interesting watch.

    Hope everyone stays safe and well in these troubling times x

  6. Amazing and frightening is this false flag is adopted across different and on surface unfriendly states (usa vs RF).
    Who is really pulling the strings in this satanic play?!