Friday, March 13, 2020

Corona Pandemic Hysteria = Global Psychological Operation??

Think “War of the Worlds’ On a global scale.  Alien invasion switched out to viral invaders.

 War of the Worlds Broadcast Spreads Hysteria Through Out the US
 Was there an alien invasion? Of course there wasn't.
Yet, people were so filled with fear...
How the US Flooded the World With Psyops

But wounds to your mind can always be opened up again
Let's talk rationally so we don't titillate our amygdala any more then has already been done.
There is nothing about the Corona virus that is worthy of the level of hysteria it has generated- Nothing.

It’s a virus. It’s been labeled as a “novel” virus in order to create  the perception in your mind of it being unusual/different or new.
It is not novel, new, different or particularly lethal.

What is novel, different and lethal for you and me is the drama being created around it. The mass hysteria. Mass manipulation. Mass fear. 

What about this new meme "self-quarantining"? That sounds so scary, right? 
But, it's really just staying home. Ya know, as has been done all along? When you are sick- stay home! So why the rebrand? 

" Novel Virus" "Self Quarantine" "Pandemic"


1- The name "coronavirus" is derived from Latin corona, meaning "crown" or "wreath", itself a borrowing from Greek κορώνη kor nē, "garland, wreath".

2- “Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals and birds. In humans, coronaviruses cause respiratory tract infections that are typically mild, much as some cases of the common cold “

In rare cases, like any other virus it can cause death.

3- “Coronaviruses were first discovered in the 1960s”

Quite obviously  Coronavirises have caused previous illness which did not result in hysteria. 

4-  Coronavirus is NOT causing an exceptionally large rate of death.
See the John Hopkins map in the side bar- The rate of death is just under 4% making it on par with seasonal flu in some years and some locales.

Citing this additional information from the US Death rates vary from 1.5 percent to 4.9 percent

This "pandemic" has felt very much like a “hard sell”.  In fact it didn't exist as a "pandemic" until it was named to be one by WHO. Had they not labeled it a "pandemic" would you have thought it one?
Yes, we do have to realize how much 'reality' is simply spoken into existence.
  Speaking reality into existence. Presenting in a “hard sell” fashion. These ideas have been discussed here on more then one occasion regarding more then one topic.  It's like the hysteria generated around "human caused global warming" along with the requisite fear mongering.  All the while ignoring the real world and inconvenient truths.

Don’t Panic It Makes You Stupid 
The amygdala, known as the fear center, one of the most primitive brain regions, overrides the prefrontal cortex, which handles working memory and executive function. "When those deep brain areas are active, they shanghai your cortical neurons," says psychiatrist Edward Hallowell, author of CrazyBusy. "Your IQ plummets. Your creativity, your sense of humor — all of that disappears. You're stupid."
Which begs the question of why through the extensive heavy handed use of fear , the governments of the world in unison with the UN (detestable bureaucracy) are  working so hard to make YOU stupid, dumb and docile

I have serious concerns about where this is going. Apparently, so do others
Fear makes people act irrational, and then they are easier controlled, willingly giving up freedom, rights, etc. It activates the reptilian brain of pure physical survival instinct.

It’s easier to mind control people when they are in a state of fear. People then also start to police each other and keep each other in check. They can even become afraid of each other because of fear of getting infected. They turn into authoritarian followers to the extreme, following all orders, laws, and rules without questioning driven by fear (most people anyway).
They may also want to trigger a social/economic “meltdown”, “shortage”, and travel restrictions to keep “people in check” and then appear as the “saviors” to bring the “cure” (i.e. vaccine), create new systems, regulations, and laws they’ve been waiting to implement anyway but needed a “reason” to do so.
Why is this hysteria being intentionally generated? And, yes, it is being intentionally & willfully, generated. The media, as they always have done, is playing the role of propagator (spreading and promoting  ideas and thoughts) 

That about sums up my feeling/thoughts on this situation. 

 Flashback 2010 : Using Stress to dumb you down and control population?

Or how about the WHO and their global pandemic scenario? Fear 24/7 for months on end.
H1N1, H5N1, Sars etc., something is going to get you!
If not terrorists, then viruses.

A reactionary infantile mind is easier to control, easier to distract, easier to confuse, then a mind that is capable of some rational, creative thought processes.


  1. Very spot on... And does indeed back up what I and others have been saying about this 'outbreak' all along.. They are purposely generating the "hysteria" to have us all turn into mutton headed morons that will accept anything they throw our way as their "cure" including their poisonous vaccines.

    1. I've done some editing of the report- Had to run this morning, so, it had to wait- I'm tired of the fear mongering.

      Glad you liked it

  2. "Don't panic it makes you stupid." Help, I can't stop laffing.

    But it's TRUE!

    I've been saying since the beginning that it's the FLU for pete's sake. Every year people whose health is compromised in some other way die from the flu, but nobody got upset about it. This is a deliberate attempt to distract us from ... something. Economic warfare, I suspect. They've spent billions on all that nuclear stuff but are too scared to use it, so they're trying general disruption.

    America's economic nose is seriously out of joint due to China's amazing advances.There are a ton of videos on YouTube about China's leap forward in manufacturing:

    John Pilger's "The Coming War on China" might be a good place to begin:

    1. It is true and I'm hoping people understand that when they read this post. It's the reality being created for them.

      And yes the economics are out of whack-
      Then you got the oil wars
      The insanely low interest rates creating a housing bubble that when it bursts, OMG.
      The debt people are in
      We've always lived modestly and kept ourselves out of trouble- that said we've saved and are watching our retirement savings disappearing- that hurts.

      I'll have a look at the videos- thanks yaya :)

    2. You said on my site that it feels as if Biden is going to get the nomination so that Trump will win again. That was insightful, and I've just now seen the 2019 movie: Death by China, with Martin Sheen as the narrator, that makes Obama look very bad in that he welcomed China into the WTO and began the disappearance of local American production and jobs.

      The movie seems designed to encourage people see Trump as the answer to the China problem (though he's mentioned at all).

      It won't be long before Canadians are in the same boat with production locations moving into the East where labour is cheaper. See the Business Council of Canada's page on "Canada in the Pacific Century".
      More and more of our politicians seem to come out of the Munk School which has already influenced offshore corporate activity:

  3. LOL! Penny...

    Let's talk rationally so we don't titillate our amygdala any more then has already been done.

    That sounds pornographic!! :)

    1. I was going for a bit of risque humour- admittedly :))

  4. I'll speculate: I think this might be over pretty soon and what will happen is they'll say, "See? Quarantines and shutdowns work, we've conquered this outbreak!" Then next time they come up with something (and they will), they'll push even harder for whatever authoritarian/draconian plans they have planned because what they've used this time "worked".

    1. Gwen- that's how I'm seeing this experiment as well

      I suspect by the end of March (give or take) that's exactly the claims that will be made and the next "pandemic" will result in as you've said "whatever authoritarian/draconian plans they have planned because what they've used this time "worked".

      we are on the same page

  5. Propaganda Press Monitor- I'd leave this comment at your place but no can do- you did a good job on your last post

  6. If the virus is all " hype " then it seems all the major players of the world are in on it i.e Russia, China, Italy, Iran, etc ... Which also nullifies any reason to be concerned about the situation in Syria, or anywhere else, as it is all theater. However, if it is real, then it was intentionally released and engineered as the virus appeared at the most opportune time for the elites. Here's an audio link which purports to have Italian doctors describing the dire situation in Italy. Everyone reach your own conclusion.

    1. Not saying it's all hype.

      I'm saying the situation is being hyped.. blown out of proportion.

      I can look at the figures from Italy and everywhere else anytime from the map that is linked in the sidebar.

      The fact that it's being overhyped doesn't imply the whole world is in on anything- since the 5/6 eyes control most of the media- it makes the rest moot.

  7. " The fact that it's being overhyped doesn't imply the whole world is in on anything- since the 5/6 eyes control most of the media- it makes the rest moot. "

    Did Russia not close its borders with China ? Did China not quarantine whole cities ? Are they also controlled by the 5 eyes ? Lets assume those countries are not part of the " cabal ", and their reactions were genuine. That implies they are aware of something which we are probably not. In that case, how can this situation be " overhyped " ?

  8. Mieszko I

    Read what I'm writing, not what you think I might be writing.

    There is a virus. It's making people sick.

    The same scenario plays out every year. Year after year after year and is not greeted with such hysteria.

    It's been the hype via the media that has generated the responses. globally.

    I used the war of the worlds psyop as an example
    there was not one alien- no invasion and yet people panicked-

    Reactions become "genuine" because people, all people, become filled with fear.

    Which is why fear is such a terrific motivator- It's hardwired into our brains (survival fight or flight)

    I think were talking from two different starting points?

  9. Do readers here recall the swine flu pandemic of 2010?
    I do. Having covered it extensively, check the label swine flu

    The WHO Gave a Pandemic and It Was a Fail

    "The WHO estimates world-wide deaths from seasonal flu range from 250,000 to 500,000

    But this past flu season saw 18,000 deaths world wide, allegedly all of them from H1N1.

    Of course, public health officials will tell you, it was only through their quick actions that the death count was not higher.
    And they would be lying."

    Coronavirus has thus far resulted in 5,539 fatalities as of the time of the response-
    These figures speak volumes about the reality year after year..

    Reactions, like I sad are "genuine" because fear begets more fear..

    I've seen this before. The WHO called something a "pandemic" and it wasn't this time their making sure their meme is advancing

    1. Here is the thing though. The entire Media was downplaying the Corona-Virus from the start. WHO said it was unnecessary to put in travel restrictions to/from china. WHO also praised china for it swift action after it got out of hand. while the same china, barred journalists and medical staff about reporting this virus and that it has to be taken care off. China, like always tried to cover this up. I mean China is the main reason this got out of hand.

      Now other countries suffered because of the WHO. And here is another thing. This virus isin't maybe as deadly as other virus-ses, but its highly infectious which is the problematic part. Have you heard about Iran, those guys are going trough hell right now.

      There are either 2 things going on here.
      - Create a Good Crises and make use of it, because Never let a good Crises to waste.

      - Or as always, and I quote Einstein on this

      “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

  10. Anonymous: Covid-19 is not as infectious (or lethal) as regular influenza. Look at the CDC's report:Influenza activity in the United States ... CDC estimates that influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season. This burden was similar to estimated burden during the 2012–2013 influenza season.

    1. So far I know, the infection rate(R0) of Corona is between 2 and 4. The seasonal flu's its R0 is 1.3. Quite a difference in infection rate(Taking this article in consideration

      But sure if it isin't that bad, that it ain't that bad. But if it isin't than what. I live my life as happy-go-lucky, so what happens, happens.

    2. Anonymous: First of all I personally would not trust a quote from the New York Times, so that part of the Live Science article leaves me a bit cold. The word "suggests" does not make a fact, either.

      Fear itself can kill a person, so congrats on your "what happens happens" philosophy; it will probably protect you, has probably protected you from a lot of things.

      I see the hype as a feature of the economic war between the US and China -- and also distracts from what the US is doing in the Middle East, so we're lucky to have Penny keeping us updated on that.

  11. I tend to agree with Penny on this one, more or less. The hype is way out of proportin to what may actually be going on.

    But that said, I also know the bible says there will be plagues in the last days, judgment from God on ungodly nations. And we know that whenever something is distracting us at this level, there is something else being implemented behind the scenes: and the bible warns about the mark of the beast, without which no man may buy or sell... While the entire world is "self-quarantining", will they bring out the cashless society? Once everyone's supplies are at an all-time low, will they announce the mark?

    1. Hey Canadian Wildlower!!

      I've been thinking about those two ideas
      going cashless for tracking
      and implanting chips - for tracking of your health - because "they care"

      I see you are still blogging too- good for you :)

  12. I read today from 2 very different sources (a German virologist and some alternative new site) that the reason that Italy has this massive outbreak is due to the inappropriate handling. Italy was one of the first countries to test specifically for the Covid-19 virus. The thing is, if you test a lot, you get a lot of results. The virologist said that around 15% of flu cases are always due to corona viruses, you will always get a number of corona positive tests if you test a population. The error Italy made was to send all these cases, even young people into the hospitals where they infected the already weakened residents. Which quickly succumbed to that flu. The death rate in Italy is of 90% death are over 70.
    The problem is again, like with a lot of other illnesses, is its circular definition and reliance of the test.

    1. Hey Gallier2
      thanks for the information!
      So in other words, it seems Italy attempt to do the right thing ended up being wrong.

      It's interesting that 15 percent of flu cases are due to corona virus.. I mean that would make sense.

      If you find anything else or want to leave the links for what you did read- that would be great!
      I can translate them, anyway.

      PS: Hope all is ok with you and your's in this regard?

      The surrealism of this situation is... indescribable
      I said to another blogger it's like being in some dystopic nightmare right now.

      Strange days indeed!

      PS: Can't ever forget Gallier The Elder. Hope he is good too!
      Hello to you if you are about. And that everyone is okay!

    2. One of the sources. Fortunate someone translated what he says.

      as for Gallier The Elder, he's ok. At home as he's retired now. He had some health issues a couple of years ago so he must be very careful to avoid the flu but he's well.
      He doesn't comment often as he considers his english not good enough, which I think is not the right approach. Look at me, I like to delight you with my clunky prose ;-)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Here the other link with the Italian case
      It's in english. That's a normal link, so no restriction to publish.

    5. Oh, and btw. I read in several mainstream media that they use AIDS antiviral medication for Corona patients. This is bad as few people know that these drugs are lethal. Most AIDS deaths are due to the treatment, not the virus.
      So, the lethality of corona is going up a notch, modern medicine doing what it does best: killing their patients with the best intentions.

    6. gallier2:
      glad you caught that! I'd thought that had been unchecked and it wasn't till you deleted that I realized my error.
      Apologies again. Lots on my mind at this time
      sorry :(

  13. Hey Gallier2

    I've deleted the double response and message received regarding your other comments.

    Thanks for the additional info. I'll get to reading it later today- Working on tax returns!

  14. Neither you or Gallier the Elder subject me to clunky prose.
    I'm delighted to no end when either or both of you contribute :)

    Stay well Gallier the Elder . stay well.