Friday, March 27, 2020

Greeda, the Globalist, Thunberg Claims "Extremely Likely" She Had Coronavirus

Who, other then a total attention seeking, self promoting, ego maniac  would make a completely unsubstantiated claim in order to get attention and keep her BRAND at the forefront?

Undoubtedly she's still desirous of that Nobel Prize!
Greeda Globalist Thunberg

"Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old Swedish climate activist, announced on Tuesday that she and her father, Svante, had symptoms of Covid-19 and that while hers were mild, it was “extremely likely” that she had contracted the virus"
 Greeda, the globalist, Thunberg can make any bizarre claim she wants. Of course she has. And it's entirely meaningless.
 I was under the weather at the start of the New Year... As was my husband. We're both fine. That said it would never occur to either of us to make such a wild claim. But then wild claims and Greeda walk hand in hand.

Where was Globalist Greeda when she claimed such nonsense? 
At an EU lawmakers meeting in Brussels, of course! Just like us regular folk, right?

Globalist Greeda's Words To Live By
"Ms. Thunberg spoke to European Union lawmakers at a meeting in Brussels in early March.
In an effort to protect her mother and her sister at home in Stockholm, Ms. Thunberg said she and her father, who accompanies her on her travels, had isolated themselves in a separate apartment."

 Wow, how fortuitous for Greeda that her and Daddy could "isolate" themselves in a separate apartment!  How f'n elitist is that? Certainly the masses cannot afford such luxuries.  Nor can they afford first class travel on trains and yachts...

Hubby and I are  presently in "quarantine" together.  Or should I use the term "lock down" like the prisoners we've all been turned into?!

  Greeda is outrageous. Her spin is outrageous. Her absurd utterances are insults to everyone.
And her followers? Those that "believe" in her proclamations are clearly dimwits.
If that insults you or your feelings are hurt, too bad!

Disgusted, truly.  

Would you consider it too shocking to call her an "attention whore"?
It certainly entered my mind.
By definition, the label  does fit:
 a person who behaves in a provocative, outrageous, or reprehensible manner in order to attract attention.

hattip to Martin and Gwen: I will call Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna both attention whores! Go away all of you



  1. I want to be charitable and speculate that Greta is being taken advantage of. She doesn't look too psychologically healthy.
    Imagine if we could all isolate ourselves in luxurious villas for three months, smoking Dominican cigars, slouching in hot tubs, eating French takeout and being accompanied by pet donkeys and goats like certain figures. How splendid it would be. But that's not the reality. If the commenters on the Buzzfeed article about those hypocritcal artists' privilege with regard to their "social distancing" video, aren't paid influencers, then boy, are they eager to be slaves:

  2. Martin, surely you didn't miss the lecture from the milky bath with rose petals did you?? She's getting plenty of negativity too.

    1. Martin and Gwen:
      I've labelled Arnie and Madonna as attention whores and gave you both credit for bringing the two clowns to my attention.

      The deserve their label, completely.
      But they didn't go as far as Greeda in claiming they had the virus- at least not yet

  3. How much you wanna bet Trump won't get it. But of course Boris has been quarantined, and Charles. Somebody has to take the leadership in this shutdown of the people, and the "stars" are ready to do their part to prove it's necessary. If they've got it, then it must be real, eh? People have to realize they are ALL actors, politicians the most consummate actors of all.

    I don't blame you at all for being fed up and expressing it, Penny, especially considering the direct affect on you and your husband.

    1. I don't even think Trudeau had it. And have serious doubts about his wife as well.

      He declined to be tested, as was reported. And it really feels like his wife allegedly having it was claimed so the drama of Trudeau coming out of self isolation to engage with Canadians, was done to have us believe .. he's with us all at this trying time (rubbish)
      It's too psyopish.

    2. Absolutely! No argument here.

  4. O gawd, a spelling error. should be "Effect", not "affect" As if it really matters.

  5. They've changed the format of the Gov't of Canada updates page! They've removed the table that showed the number of deaths. Too embarrassed because there are so few? Or because they can't say definitely what caused the death, the illness they had before they caught C-19 or the C-19 itself?

  6. Found it! The U of Sask has a table! That must be why they're no longer reporting deaths on the Gov't page -the Sask. table may be more accurate.

    1. hey yaya
      I went and looked first thing at the site and noticed immediately they changed it!
      And what's the first visual- the number of cases in Canada!
      You have to use the drop down bar to get the death count
      I'd call that sensationalizing the situation.

      The death count is at 55 as of today's date and time.

      The date this killer virus was first identified in Canada was Jan. 15/20

      Yes, I've been trackin' the data.

      So that's 55 deaths in 73 days from/with coronavirus (allegedly)

      According to Canada's official count at stats can from 2018

      The number of deaths on a daily basis is just over 777.
      To be specific it is 777.2767 (as of 2018)

      Normally in 73 days on average Canada would lose 56741.19 people- (though if you look at the StatsCan figures, you can see that during flu season the numbers are higher)

      55 deaths in the same number of days attributed to a virus,an alleged pandemic is a blip and barely so

      The percentage loss attributed to corona virus is less then one tenth of one percent.

      Are those the numbers of a pandemic? Really?

    2. Nope. Not to me, they ain't.

  7. Penny, you've got to see this youtube. Someone in our neighborhood sent it around trying to be "helpful". Look at the views - over 17,000,000 - and look at the fawning, "thank you for your service" and variations in the comments. Words simply escape me.

  8. I'm listening. I can see the guy is stressed and it's not a surprise because my sister is in the health care industry and her stress levels are extreme.

    But why, really?
    Thanks to the fear that's been created.
    People crying. In terror.
    She can't take it.

    Additionally the doctors were never provided with necessary gloves and masks- unlike during the so called 'swine flu' pandemic when the offices were all prepared in advance for the pandemic that never came.

    I believe that this was done intentionally. to ramp up the fear.

    That fear would explain the fawning commentary.

    It's being reported here that public health is considering not reporting coronavirus deaths?
    Why would that be?
    Because we've had one individual that died with coronavirus in this entire region. There are nearly half million people in this area.

    It's all ridiculous. Local parks are locked down!!
    I can't believe my eyes. I really can't

  9. The same person who sent around that video also sent a notice from the city that they will be sending around inspectors to certain businesses that people have complained about. Apparently these informers think that these particular businesses are not following the precautions.

    It is astounding to me how so many people seem as though they would be happy to have martial law or some form of total lockdown. You would think that history would have taught everyone something, but apparently not. Fear is an incredible manipulator.

    But I'm right there with you. I really cannot believe this. I have to keep it at 6' distance because it makes me angry and distressed and that's not where I want to be, so I keep house is getting a spring cleaning :)

    1. Gwen: ". I have to keep it at 6' distance because it makes me angry and distressed and that's not where I want to be, so I keep house is getting a spring cleaning :)"

      I know exactly what you mean- anything we have to do that is annoying, we do first to get out of the way and then we destress (in nature)

  10. I came home yesterday afternoon to see three elderly women sitting together on an outside bench. I told them they were breaking the law, and they laughed. Went inside, and in the lobby was the wheelchair crowd, defying the "you are not permitted to congregate" order, and a 95 year old who'd been out and hadn't been able to find any place to mail a letter. The Old Age Home next door has a mailbox but access to any part of that building is blocked.

    It's amazing how they keep their spirits up despite the insanity and disrespect.