Sunday, March 1, 2020

"Is Erdogan Fighting to Preserve Territory of Turkey After Assad Cut a Deal with Russia and US?"

 Previously it was stated here : " And if they do this problem should be addressed or they, Syria, are stepping into their own grave. For Syria, there is everything to lose. "

See the bolded portion of an earlier response
You may understand "trespass" but you clearly don't understand the fact that Russia and Turkey made specific agreements.

There was no intent to belittle you or anyone and I really can't understand why you would feel that way?

Turkey and Russia made those agreements and those are simple facts...

"Why is he making the success of liberating Syria a fight? "

If Syria being liberated was successful, as you suggest, then why isn't Damascus taking on the US and taking back the one third of their country and it's resources being held by Kurdish proxies?? That would be a far greater indication of success.
Perhaps the answer to the question:  Why isn't Damascus taking on the US and taking back the  one third of their country and it's resources? Is because Syria has already accepted their losses ? Sure looked as if they had their foot in their own grave yesterday.  After the incident in Idlib, which couldn't have been accidental, Nomadic Everyman has asked a very valid question. And has presented a very solid argument as to why he is asking=  If Erdogan is Fighting to Preserve Territory After Assad Cut a Deal With Russia & US?
It's a good question, isn't it?
Yes, Scott, it is a very good question! 
- Do pay attention to the maps and you will see the PKK/SDF held territory where the Tel Rifat airport is located. As mentioned by Laika. Just look at the maps.
Thanks Scott

Thanks, Penny. You're one of the very few reliable sources, and the expert on Syria. (I learned a lot from you)
PressTV, SANA, RT, Sputnik - the latter two most certainly in the hands of the NWO's 5th column within Russia (ask Scott Humor) - won't talk about the PKK NWO terrorists, or even promote(d) them.

Apart from east of the Euphrates, there's even an Israel 2.0 enclave still right in the middle of Aleppo, and these CIA terrorists seem to have an airport at Tell Rifaat (supplies for CIA mercenaries in Idlib?) in another Israel 2.0 enclave north of Aleppo which (at least until recently) also bordered on the Idlib de-escalation area.


  1. Left this for Scott

    PennyMarch 1, 2020 at 4:47 PM

    Hi Scott:
    I've posted the video at my place. I do appreciate the mention a great deal- I can NO longer believe that the ignorance to the regional remake is anything but intentional. It's never been hidden. It's all occurred in plain sight. It's just lying by omission.

  2. I'd say this is a pretty good indication that Syria may just have cut a deal with the US

    As they exchange missions with Libya’s Haftar government in Benghazi

    Haftar is the CIA friend of Israel

    "The Syrian government and parallel Libyan authorities opposed to UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), agreed on Sunday to exchange diplomatic missions and confront Turkish “interference,” state media said.

    A delegation representing Khalifa Haftar - the eastern commander whose Libyan National Army (LNA) forces have been fighting troops of the GNA - met Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in Damascus, state news agency SANA said.

    “A memorandum of understanding was signed... for the reopening of diplomatic and consular missions,” SANA said."

  3. Think about the FACT that Syria is willing to deal with the illegitimate government of Libya- this is not the internationally recognized UN government this is the CIA/Saudi/Israel/Egyptian backed thugs in Libya.

    I guess it's fair game for others to question the legitimacy of the leadership in Damascus then?

    1. Hello Penny!
      Hope all is well. I am still coming over to your blog everyday to read some rational information, not some gibberish.
      I am really confused about this bombing of Turkish troops because I finally thought that Turks and Syrians were on the same page. People are suggesting that Turkey is an invader or tresspasser on Syrian territory-well, so are the Israelis and Israel has not only been murdering Syrians but has actually stolen Syrian territory! Yet I do not see Damascus bombing Israeli forces or even batting an eyelid! Why?! Who is the real invader here? Has Turkey been annexing Syrian territory? No! Turkey has legitimate interests in Syria and your followers should bear in mind that it is Turkey that has suffered the most after Syria in this war because the Turks have had to deal with 5 million Syrians flooding into the country. Therefore, there is no reason for the Turks to support terrorism or cause trouble in Syria because they have the most to lose.
      Then there's the Kurds who have been annexing a 1/3 of Syria and again, the Syrians are not bombing them at all. The Arabs are a divided people.
      At first I thought that these were rogue military commanders-infiltrators like the Gulenists in the Turkish military. I am hoping that that is what it is but I am not so sure now.
      Do you think that the Damascus government is a US puppet? Why would they accept defeat when they have never been in a more advantageous position?

    2. Hi Ally

      I try to keep this a gibberish free zone.

      Welcome to the confusion club Ally, I don't think Syria and Turkey were 100 percent on the same page, but, it did appear they were cooperative.

      This idea of Turkey being an invader is a half truth.
      It's clear they made deals with Russia to enter the territory.
      Russia had to have the okay of Damascus to make those deals, or one would have to conclude Russia was itself acting like an invader- think of the PKK allowing for the presence of another party- think of the US.

      So they are not "invaders" in the way the US is an invader. That's just perception management at play.

      Israel has bombed Syria by it's own admissions hundreds and hundreds of times, likely more then a thousand times from 2011 to now.

      Syria just takes it. They don't fight back.

      Same deal with the PKK forces ensconced stealing oil in eastern Syria.. Syrian Army is not attacking them. Along with better then 1/3 of the nation they've also stolen precious water and hydro generating resources and yet, Damascus does nothing.

      Do I think Damascus has become a US puppet?
      I'm not 100 percent convinced as of yet, but, the consular exchange is not a good sign- Shaking hands with the Saudis and free pass back into the Arab league would likely seal the deal for me.

      I'm expecting the Iraqi situation to go from bad to worse
      Recalling the vote for independence the Kurds took, it will sooner rather then later be recognized. First Kirkuk has to be stolen. One can see it's a very tenuous situation in Iraq present time

      And finally, I hope you watched Scott's video.
      It was very good.

    3. Israel has hit Golan in Syria- and no response from Damascus

      they hit a civilian vehicle likely killing all the occupants

    4. Hi!
      Thanks Laika! I liked your comment too. I am still unsure whether Russia is dependable at this point.

      Penny: Yes, I have watched Scott's video and he is very good at analysing this whole situation (and funny). It amazes me to see just how much hate people can receive online just for pointing out facts. I agree with Scott that right now, only Erdogan is talking sense. Erdogan probably wants to start using the refugees against Europe to get them to stop supporting terrorism in Syria.
      The Turks seem very alert and united at this point. They are very nationalistic and ready to defend their country whatever happens so I have faith that Turkey is dependable and will resist these evil plans. When it comes to defending your country, Turks are all united behind their leader and flag. The Western world is trying to infest Turkey with this sick ideology called 'feminism' and some people are falling for it but the majority are not. Then there's the LGBT nonsense...

    5. Another point is that it seems like the majority of Syrians in Turkey are anti-Assad and Assad doesn't want them back?

  4. Hmm, interesting and at the same time confusing for me...
    I also came across this article from Andre Vltchek and he has a different perspective...

    1. Andre Vltchek, and he's one of the best, is also disgustingly going along with Usrael's (i.e. the Israel 2.0) narrative. They all do. They have to "think about their career," I guess.

    2. One of the best at disinfo?

      Because his article was horrid.

      The guy can't even get the date correct on when Aleppo city was liberated with the help of turkey,btw, many years ago?

      That's bad.

  5. Hi anonymous... An article with a headline like "the latest outburst of anakara's temper..." set's a tone for the rest of the article. indicating a bias, of course.

    So, let's go to read this piece and who do I spot
    so called "Turkish intellectual, Erkin Oncan"
    Is this man an "intellectual"? based on what parameters?

    Erkin Oncan is interesting. Did some homework on him previously
    He doesn't call himself an intellectual, rather he calls himself a journalist. Why is Vltchek labeling him as an 'intellectual"?

    I also understand from 21st Century wire he lives in self imposed exile- Like Gulen

    And not so curiously he was a journalist at Gulen news outlets

    These things bother me. they give me an indication of a bias.

    "Erdogan has been playing it both ways"

    As has Russia. and many others..

    "On 16 February 2020, Aleppo, the largest Syrian city, was finally liberated by the Syrian government forces."

    Not exactly. Aleppo city was cleared and declared liberated some years ago.. late 2016 to be exact

    the time frame is way off

    Reading through I see Henningsen, who I don't have an iota of respect for- don't link to his work at all.

    I'll pass, thanks anyway

  6. Hi Penny

    "I hope you watched Scott's video. It was very good." (well, I did watch Scott's video) You're right, Penny. Scott's video is awesome.

    About Scott's video:
    Russia is a very corrupt country. Its leadership was taken over by [Israel's] NWO agents in 1953 [ i.e. murder of Stalin and Beria] and they were completely in charge until 2000, when the Russians with Putin (not unlike Turkish patriots and Erdogan in Turkey) finally stood up to them, and began to gradually liberate their country(s).
    But it is very hard to peacefully reform such a corrupted system, which was entirely, and is still to a great extent in the hands of the enemy.
    Therefore Russia is still a rather weak, corrupt, divided, only half-sovereign country, and these NWO agents are still very influential (e.g. Russia's media) and constantly pressuring Putin.

    As for Syria run by the Alawite Assad regime; there's no doubt it was (and is?) weak, not sovereign (rather pro-Western, secular, fake-leftist), incompetent, sectarian, and corrupt.

    I still think Putin's "Eurasian sovereignists," along with China, Iran's principlists, and Erdogan's rising Anatolia are the most formidable opponents of Israel's NWO.

    It seems to me the corrupt, incompetent Assad regime went rogue on Putin, and by doing so is is playing right into the hands of the enemy (Israel's NWO).