Wednesday, March 25, 2020

MUST LISTEN THC Interview: David Crowe Coronovirus/Covid19- The Risks, Testing and Treatment

My opinion? This is an excellent, informative interview.

Thanks to Greg Carlwood @ Higher Side Chats, for presenting this guest

Below is David Crowe's publicly available pdf:

Is the 2019 Corona virus really A Pandemic?

Find the interview at this link  

Coming in at just over an hour and a half. Give it a listen and share some thoughts?

For Canadians, David is Canadian, he talks about the SARS outbreak in Toronto. As it relates to this latest 'pandemic" 

Yes, I remember SARS well. It was going to kill us all!

Below is York U pdf discussing "saturation media coverage" during the SARS outbreak- There was no social media at that time. And yet, the terror spread via the main stream media was real and palpable.



  1. Speaking of 'catapulting the propaganda' via repetition is anyone else finding it weird that New York is "ground zero" for the pandemic just like 9/11?

    "Ground Zero is generally defined as the site of the former World Trade Center and areas surrounding it. "


    Trinidad PM concerned about daughter stuck in New York’s COVID-19 Ground Zero


    "New York, "ground zero" for the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, is taking the lead on drug testing, with trials beginning this week on three drugs believed to have potential for treatment."


    "New York State has become ground zero for COVID-19 in the United States, and Governor Cuomo is calling for additional efforts to combat the spread and treat those infected by the virus.

    "New York is ground zero for the coronavirus in the U.S. with more than 25,000 positive cases and its spreading fast."

    makes it easy enough to relive the fear of 9/11. Psychological scars can be reopened so easily.

  2. WOW!!! Sure glad I listened to this tonight. Thanks for the saving public service. This interview should go.... VIRAL.

    1. Hi Rick
      Pun intended of course

      Share the interview, I'm sure David Crowe would be pleased as would the interviewer Greg Carlwood and heck it would make me happy as well knowing the interview and some sanity is being spread..

  3. FYI: Swiss Doctor on Covoid- to the right- has been updated to today's date- always check out the interesting information available there

  4. Hi Penny: I downloaded and read the PDF a week or so ago, but couldn't quote him because I didn't know who he was and the source didn't say. (I worked 10 years for a fed. prosecutor with the same name, and I knew it couldn't have been him.) It's good to have more info about him, and I will watch the video.Thanks.

  5. Closest I've been able to come to the actual book by Alessandro Tadino is the following report by Robert Fletcher M.D. (Harvard U/Johns Hopkins U./Google)

  6. Okay,sorry, but I'm going to be odd man out, here. In my opinion, the guy should stick to the field in which he is educated: telecommunications.

    He doesn't understand what the word "Purge" means (laxatives, emetics to produce vomiting, defecation); he says that defenestration is an Italian term when it's actually French and came into use before the plague he talks about; and he says flat out that famine is a result of economics, forgetting that weather (drought) generally has caused it in the past.

    He's entitled to his opinions, but that's all they are, and we all have those. He may even be right, but to me he's not convincing as an expert. Many sorries. I'd rather listen to someone trained in medicine and contagious diseases who refutes the "plague" aspect of Covid-16.

    1. Hey Yaya;
      He's been around since the '70's
      Check the link here for his writings since that time

      I think he's got quite a bit of knowledge on health and science topics. (Actually thought he was younger till he mentioned his 90 year old mother)

      Just my opinion.

  7. Penny, the length of time he's been putting himself forward has no bearing on my assessment of his credentials. He's involved himself in the AIDS epidemic and has alienated the very people he purports to care about, for instance the Australian group has disassociated itself from him.

    His theories and methods have been criticized by others sincerely involved in the AIDS issue:

    But, even not knowing any of that, the reasons I mentioned earlier are sufficient for me to take what he says with a grain of salt.

    1. Understood. Everyone else can decide for themselves as you have.

  8. Annuleren

    Martin Ramirez
    1 seconde geleden

    In addition to the CIA now admitting it weaponised the phrase "conspiracy theory", another reason why progressive liberals and the centre-left have been so effectively innoculated against actually evaluating the merits of conspiracy theories on a case-by-case basis, is the "bumbling empire" trope consistently used in supposedly serious journalism. You distract those audiences with George Bush's poor grammar ("our children isn't learning") and nepotism, or Donald Trump's crass attitudes, while deceiving them into believing they're truly "resisting", meanwhile redirecting their attention from the private lobbyists, corrupt investors and business management, propagandist journalists or so-called think tank "scholars", and intelligence spooks who are definitely educated, qualified professionals, and definitely using their knowledge and skills for ill-intentioned purposes. "Donald Trump eats overcooked steak and drinks Coca-Cola insttead of wine! How could he possibly be planning Uyghur Salafism in China?" and so on.
    I must also mention that the real-life Agent Smiths are hard at work in online communities, planting the canard that if you don't want to be paralysed and boxed-in like the main characters from the British animated film Chicken Run over a handful of Covid19 deaths internationally, then "you are complicit in spreading the disease" or "you are sacrificing your own health and safety for the capitalists by going out to work, shopping or socialising". They are driving me up a wall. The prospect of never interacting with people outside my home nor meeting a lover because of one stupid illness in history that hasn't even propagated itself like wildfire, is extremely dreary and depressing for me. We need to outsmart the "bankocracy" and its handmaidens.
    Minder weergeven


    (Copy-pasted from commenting on Scott and BB's videos.)

    Addendum: Did you see the clip Arnold Schwarzenegger telling Californians to "stay home" from the comfort of the jacuzzi in his multimillion-dollar Spanish-style villa which probably has a wine cellar, a billiards table, a home office, a respectable proprietary library, a garden, a panic room and an 8k movie projector? Accompanied by pet goats and donkeys? I've never seen such smug, blatantly self-indulgent preening. This is some Marie Antoinette-level crap.

    1. I didn't see Arnie, but, have been finding all the celebrity mouthpieces to be offensive and wish no one would give them a second of their time,energy or attention.
      It's a gift none of them deserve.