Saturday, March 7, 2020

Turkish Russian Ceasefire Results in Alt Media Disdain- In Line With Aspirations of the Empire: Birth Pangs

 In 2018 I'd posted a series of reports that explained how it was, hopefully, Idlib, would be returned to Syria.  Perhaps not entirely, initially, but most of it will be retaken by Damascus.  As explained by Firas Tlass, coming to fruition in the Idlib agreement of 2018. 
 This required the removal of the US/UK/French/Israeli terror crowd and the cooperation of Syria, Turkey and Russia.  The Usrael Kurd/coalition occupation force are of course the wild cards
 This agreement formed the parameters for the process- it was not etched in stone with fixed dates and the like.

Apparently only a handful of people bothered to read the actual agreements or there would have been lots less flotsam  resulting in clearer waters Much has been ongoing in that Syrian province. But it appears that diplomacy has been working, more or less. Who would want to prevent this from being the case? I'd say parties that undertake actions of the type reported below. Parties that plot against the Russian/Turkish cooperation. Veto ceasefire agreements and work toward encouraging war to for their own foreign policy benefit.

I'd have thought the ceasefire agreement would have been better received by the "alt media" but, no, the dogmatic alt media (Alt-Media: Debunking The Dogma) treated the news much as the empire did. With disdain. The similarity is very noticeable.

hattip to Scott at nomadiceveryman for another great video


  1. Scott mentions the love affair the media has with Haftar

    which is bizarre to say the very least..
    Assad and Haftar's henchmen making a deal for consular exchange was questionable

    Haftar's CIA provenance has been covered here more then once

    I wrote about Haftar at the time Libya was destroyed by NATO..
    How this wolf is now passed off as sheep is beyond me

    From a previous comment

    PennyMarch 1, 2020 at 5:55 PM

    I'd say this is a pretty good indication that Syria may just have cut a deal with the US

    As they exchange missions with Libya’s Haftar government in Benghazi

    Haftar is the CIA friend of Israel

    "The Syrian government and parallel Libyan authorities opposed to UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), agreed on Sunday to exchange diplomatic missions and confront Turkish “interference,” state media said.

    A delegation representing Khalifa Haftar - the eastern commander whose Libyan National Army (LNA) forces have been fighting troops of the GNA - met Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in Damascus, state news agency SANA said.

    “A memorandum of understanding was signed... for the reopening of diplomatic and consular missions,” SANA said."

  2. Left this comment at Sakers thank goodness for some, a few, interesting commenters there.

    Hi Ali:

    Now that's an interesting thought.

    "This statement has been prepared by the orientalists who populate Langely and who have been speaking for the criminals that they recruit, train, weaponize, and transport from all over the Muslim world to Syria....."

    It really does come off like a sales pitch for an idea long implanted in the minds of gullible westerners. Who do look to be the intended target of this message. It very nearly reads like a Hollyweird movie script.

    And it hits all the right propaganda type notes- It tosses a carrot to Turkey. Ala the carrot and stick treatment dealt out by the US quite regularly. Paying lip service to with meaningless words. While reinforcing certain perceptions.. And chastizes Russia- Because the US is extremely annoyed that Turkey has made nice with Russia for all these years now.

    The US vetoed the Russian/Turkish ceasefire agreement at the UN. Their toadies stepped in line, of course.
    Now why doesn't the US want the ceasefire since they have oh so many humanitarian concerns. Would they desire that Turkey gets stuck in a quagmire in Syria. A costly quagmire? I'd say so.

    Great comment!

  3. "I would have expected HTS would be very unhappy that Turkey accepted surrender "

    Yes, one would reasonably expect that they would be displeased and yet according this statement that's not the case..

    "The fact that HTS had to (in official communication at least) swallow its anger and thanks Turkey is a sign that they are left alone, they must manage Turkey because it is their last support."

    Or you're supposed to believe that it the case, but, really the fact that Turkey agreed to the ceasefire, in fact not just agreeing to it but desiring it makes very clear Turkey is not their support.

    Neither of these comments have appeared at "sakers" and saker is heavy with it's moderation, as should be expected at the dogmatic alt media

  4. If the comments do appear I'll give notice here

    1. the two above comments have been allowed

  5. Larchmonter 445: "The Saker’s Vineyard is elite graduate study level at times."

    Rarely. Most often is ad hominem heaven.

    "Their offensive can regroup, rearm, rest and reposition at no risk. Big advantage to Syria.'

    Except that would be a breach of the ceasefire- same as for Turkey

    As for Russia being "lukewarm" this last time round- I'd posit they were no where to be found.

    There was so many reports from a variety of sources that made that very clear. Easy enough to find them.

    Prior to the recent moves by the Assad government, Putin visited Damascus and asked that they allow Turkey to remove their troops, this information was included in an article that can be found at NeoJournal and I'm quoting

    " It was this political disagreement that was at the heart of Putin’s visits to Damascus and Istanbul in the end of January 2020. As the reports suggest, the Russians had ‘strongly advised’ the Syrian army to halt their offensive and allow Turkey to relocate its troops"

    SAA did not take that advice. Instead targeting Turkish troops they knew to be present in the area.
    Russia was clearly hands off after that because Damascus put them in a bad spot.
    Russia and Turkey have been working out their differences through diplomacy for some years now and Damascus "flipped them the bird"

    "I have a rule that serves me well. I comment only on things I know for certain."

    If that was the case I'd expect you'd be a much quieter commenter then you often are.

    Turkey and Russia will be meeting again this week as they continue to discuss the parameters of the ceasefire agreement- thank goodnes

    Because if it was up to the US, who veto'd approving the ceasefire agreement at the UN- this ceasefire wouldn't exist at all- Think about that FACT.

  6. vot tak:

    "Regardless of how one spins it, the info provided by saker contradicts what the Russian government has stated about the Syrian air attack that killed those Turk soldiers. Does the source of this contradictory info have more credibility than the Russian government?"

    No they don't. Since the Russian government would be considered a primary source for information and unsubstantiated claims are just gossip, really.

  7. ISIS was born in Iraq, with American funding. They came straight out of Mosul and entered Syria via Iraq into the north eastern corner that had their Kurdish pals safely ensconsced within. The US "accidentally" air dropped tons of weapons to ISIS on more then one occasion.
    Anything else is utter deitritus. Only when it became politically expedient to rewrite history did silly articles such as the one you've linked to began to appear.

    ISIS US Created Stay Behind Army Using Iraq's Plundered Wealth

    AQ and Awakening Councils = ISIS

    The formation of ISIS in Iraq is acknowledged by place such as the CFR

    " - The roots of ISIS go back to Oct. 15, 2006, when what is known as the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) was established.

    -The group emerged in the ashes of the U.S.-led invasion to oust Saddam Hussein as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)

  8. all these comments were allowed
    and if your wondering what the above comment was about

    It had everything to do with the most rubbish article at Mint Press.
    and of course it was an older piece of shite from Zero Hedge

    See above and read all outbound links including to the CFR and many many others

    Before the spin became "in" all real information pointed to Iraq for the most obvious reasons