Friday, March 6, 2020

US Doesn't Want Turkey to Partner With Russia, Sees Benefit in Idlib Getting Out of Control

Well that's a "no shit sherlock" statement. And yet, amazingly, a very few seem to grasp this.
Why is that? No, really, why is that? Because I absolutely don't get how so many fail to grasp the obviousness of this statement?


The political analyst highlights that the main outcome of the talks between Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan is "compromise". Turkey and Russia "both got what they needed and that's a ceasefire", Erim notes.
"Once again Moscow and Ankara have reached an important agreement on Syria with Washington and Brussels staring from the sidelines", he stresses.
Tulin Daloglu, a publisher and expert on US-Turkey relations, opines that the "Americans would not wish Turkey to continue having a good standing with Russia, and could even see benefit if the situation gets out of control in Idlib"


  1. Hi Penny

    Thank you for (and gallier2 for referring us to) the excellent article by Andrew Korybko published at Oriental Review, by the way. He's a very good geopolitical analyst, and knows what he's talking about as far as Russia's foreign policy is concerned.

    One almost has to be an expert (like you and Korybko) and pay very close attention at that, in order to grasp these deceptively treacherous NWO schemes. Otherwise you're bound to fall headlong into their traps (such as the by a bunch of judaic charlatans led dogmatic alt media).

    The problem with the dogmatic alt media is also their Shia bias. There's nothing wrong with relatively small Shia Islam, on the contrary, but the Empire doesn't see them as much of a threat (not Iran, nor Hezbollah's rhetoric, let alone Saint Assad [Saint Mossad], in spite of the dogmatic alt media's wishful thinking), but rather as an opportunity to divide and control.

    Traditional Sunni Islam (e.g. Mahathir Mohamad, Ramzan Kadyrov, Erdogan) is the Empire's most formidable opponent, and the ones they're really afraid of.
    That's why they tried to hijack ("protestantize") traditional Sunni Islam with ZioWahhabism, tried to infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood, waged war on Sunni countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and why Turkey is their main target.

    1. Hi Laika,

      Yes, Oriental Review, lots to read there.
      I've added it to the sidebar (right)

      I appreciate your describing me in that manner- it's a super nice compliment, but, to me I'm more of an always learning person- though after writing this blog since 08, mainly on the MENA, I'd say my understanding is much better then average.

      I hadn't thought of the Shia being used as a wedge, but, I can see it. Though they may not be aware of it.

      After I made my comment about the Catholics yesterday and the incessant targeting of despite the sins of so very many.. was saying to hubby- partly why they were so heavily infiltrated was due to their not being protestants (protesters) The protestants were much more amenable to the creation of Israel and general zionist tendencies from their inception. The Catholics not so much.

      So it is the same with the Wahhabi sect. Despite there language- really they are all very friendly to Israel and the general ideas of zionist aka judaic superiority

      That all said with the 'black pope' in charge of the Catholic church, and his constant sjw/Israel appeasing tendencies perhaps the focus will be on other wrong doers and doings? Though really once you've an established scape goat you just keep on working that angle.

      To understand the 'black pope' reference read

      "Indeed, behind that "Jesuit" label lies a centuries-old history and a unique brand of spiritual formation that go a long way toward understanding who Francis is and where he is taking the church.

      From his passion for social justice and his missionary zeal to his focus on engaging the wider world and his preference for collaboration over peremptory action, Francis is a Jesuit through and through. And as the first Jesuit pope, he brings sharply etched memories of being part of a community that's been viewed with deep suspicion by Rome, most recently by his own predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

      Jesuit priests are explicitly discouraged from becoming bishops, much less pope, and that outsider's sensibility helps to explain Francis' almost breezy willingness to dispense with centuries of closely guarded and cherished tradition.

      "We never imagined that a Jesuit could become pope. It was an impossible thing," said Fr. Antonio Spadaro, a Jesuit who conducted a book-length interview with the pope and knows him well. "It sent me into a crisis, in a sense, when he was elected. We Jesuits are supposed to be at the service of the pope, not to be a pope."

      Despite their simple beginnings, the Jesuits quickly became (and remain) the largest order in the Catholic church. Its leader was called "the Black Pope" for his distinctive, austere black cassock as well as his perceived power. It's little wonder the cardinals never wanted to elect a Jesuit as the actual pope -- and no wonder the society wound up a target of the church it was called serve."

      And yet there he is. So anomalous.
      He appears very much to be protesting (protestant) the Church itself- It's very Wahhabi like